Ideal Gifts for Couples at Engagement Party

Ideal gifts for couples at Engagement party

Besides what to wear on your friend’s or cousin’s engagement party, another very important question that comes is what to gift the couple? And that happens every time whenever you have to attend any engagement party. If your friend or cousin is also getting engaged, then it is the time to show your support and excitement. Bringing a thoughtful gift is a simple way to express how much the couple means to you.

The best part is, an engagement party gift doesn’t need to be flashy. A simple gift with a personalized story or reason behind it will be the most thoughtful and impressive gift. Here is a list of ideal gift for couples at engagement party! The list has everything from kitchen accessories to wall decor, you can choose according to the taste and liking of the couple! Here we go…

1. Flute Wine Glass for Parties – Set of 2

Flute Wine Glass for Parties - Set of 2

For the couple who loves to get cozy with each other, who just really enjoy the time together, this is one of those gifts for couples who love everything about life. These wine glasses are silver plated, looks antique. This is a great gift for couples who love wine. It makes for a beautiful gift for the couple on their engagement. Available online!

2. Sangria Kit

Sangria kit make for a wonderful gift item on an engagement. All you have to do is take a large pitcher or serving jar keep all the essentials: red wine, fruits, and a stir spoon in the pitcher. Decorate the jar a little may be with a jute rope just make a beautiful knot. Pitcher can be used by couple even after Sangria essentials are over.. ☺ ☺

3. A Show Piece

Show pieces for home décor is another beautiful gift option for the couples as they will definitely decorate their new home after their wedding. There are several show pieces available online and offline too. These show pieces can range from a few hundred to thousands, depending on your budget you can buy one.

4. Fresh Flower Bouquets

Fresh Flower Bouquets

You can DIY or buy a bouquet from the market. Take beautiful fresh flowers DIY it yourself or get a beautiful bouquet ready from the market.

5. Custom Seasoned Chopping Board

Useful gift for Mr. and Mrs. To be. Kitchen appliances like this are always a good idea when it comes to engagement gifts. You can get a cutting board online in really good prices and will make a good gift for the engagement.

6. Magazine Holder

A magazine holder again makes for a perfect engagement gift. The happy couple will definitely need a spot to store all of their wedding brochures and magazines. You can do it at home, simply spray paint an organizer bin in a vibrant tone and decorate a bit!!

7. Assorted Cookies In A Jar

Assorted Cookies In A Jar

DIY is in trend, you can create beautiful gift items at your home only. One is this, all you need to do is stir up a batch of the couple’s favorite cookies, and layer them in a mason jar, decorate the jar and that’s all! They’ll surely love snacking on these treats when they’re in the midst of their wedding planning.

8. Cookie Mix In A Jar

This is another beautiful gift item, choose a nice recipe, and take all the ingredients of cookie. Now layer cookie mix in a mason jar, close the lid, and label the baking instructions on the lid. Decorate the jar a bit. That’s all!!

9. DIY Candle

Candles make for a perfect engagement gift. If you know how to make candles at home in a mason jar, then you don’t need to bother anymore. All you have to do is make a beautiful candle in a mason jar, decorate the jar and gift it!! Your gift will surely bring smile on couple’s face ☺ ☺

10. A Jewelry Box

A Jewelry Box

Bride to be will surely get many jewels on her engagement. You have an opportunity to gift her a jewelry box. That will help her keep all her jewels in one place! You know an organized gift for an organized life… ☺ ☺

11. A Customized Couple Photo

If you know the couple very well, this is a wonderful gift idea. Take their best picture and get it customized. The gift will make for a great keepsake for them.

12. Luxurious Necessities Heavy Duty 4 Litre Beverage Dispenser

This is another wonderful gift idea for friends. This beverage dispenser makes for easy refills with a cap-like lid. Heavy duty and robust construction with decent feel, wide mouth, and so it is easy to clean and refill. It has removable ice cooling chamber and extra wide base for great stability which keeps drinks, ice cold and easy to refill. It makes a nice gift.

13. Homemade Liquor

Homemade Liquor

A homemade liquor is another wonderful gift idea for couples on their engagement. Try making your own peach liqueur, limoncello, or amaretto. Couple will be glad to receive this one!!

14. Jewel Cartel Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with Chain

If you love your best friend becoming bride and you want to gift her something that she will cherish all her life than gifting her Jewel Cartel Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with Chain will be a perfect gift idea for the occasion. A beautiful chain with a heart pendant in it.

15. A Wall Art

A wall art is another wonderful gift item that the couple can use to décor their bedroom wall or maybe living room wall. You can create a beautiful wall art at home!! Try out… Or you can youtube something, there you can find various designs.

16. Nyassa Set of 9 Soap Gift Set Combo Set

Nyassa Set of 9 Soap Gift Set Combo Set

A beautiful soap gift set which you can purchase online. An eclectic assortment of 9 exquisite soaps for someone you love. These are handmade soaps that will serve as an excellent gift. These soaps are enriched with natural extracts.

17. A Wood Wall Art

A dark wood art along with letters or numbers will make for a perfect engagement party gift ideas. This is something which the couple will enjoy for years to come. You can customize the wood wall art with a monogram or the couple’s wedding date.

18. Terracotta Hand painted Home Decorative Bedside Terracotta Flower Vase

Exclusive lane combo of terracotta hand painted home decorative bedside terracotta flower vase will make a perfect gift for the couple. They will appreciate the idea. The present will add to their décor in all. Can be kept in any area of home from the bedroom to living room. The vivid and vibrant colors will look even more beautiful if with light juxtaposition.

19. Pallet Heart

Pallet Heart

Engagement and marriage is all about love and bond. A wooden pallet can be re-purposed into a heart-shaped wall decor. Paint it in a neutral color then add a word like ‘home’ or some phrase that goes well with the personality of the couple. Couple will always admire your gift!!

20. Pressed Glass Photo Frame

Simply go beyond a standard picture frame with these modern and minimal pressed glass versions. You can easily choose between three sizes and finishes from brass, nickel, or copper, then order a few of the favorite pictures of the bride and groom to personalize the gift. It will look beautiful and they will love it.

21. Bar Set

Bar Set

A cool engagement gift for the groom to-be. Groom t-be will love your gift always. This is something which will be used in almost all the special occasions in a couple’s lives. It will have all the bar accessories, which groom can use for cocktails, mocktails, drinks, crafting etc. The gift will make a fantastic addition to the groom’s personal bar.

22. Wine Tote

Grab the couple’s favorite wine – whether it’s red or white, wrap it in a custom wine tote. They will really love the idea for sure!!

23. Homemade BBQ Rub

A perfect gift for extra busy couples, as it makes cooking and grilling extra easy for them. All you need to do is to blend delicious spices like cayenne, red pepper flakes and paprika and that’s all!!

24. Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs Gift

Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs Gift

Elegant handmade Mug’s set with a unique pattern which symbolizes the unique love! A romantic gift for the couples made up of high quality ceramic, gold and marble design! Dishwasher safe. One of the most ROMANTIC GIFTS! One of the top gift for couples with a neat design and cute font that will make both bride and groom happy.

25. Metallic Glassware

Metallic glassware are an excellent addition to any kitchen. These drinkware and wine glasses with metallic patterns will make for a perfect gift idea. They’ll love having them on their shelves.

26. Customized Herbs and Spices

This is a great idea to fill the spice cabinet of the newly engaged couple. Blend special mixes for roasting veggies or seasoning meat. Pack them in decorative containers with some fun labels. They will love it!!

27. A Fruit Stand

Fruit Stand

A fruit stand will be a great gift idea for couples, as it will allow them to store their apples, oranges and lemons with ease. If you want you can create one at home.

28. Homemade Flower Vase

You can create a beautiful flower vase at home. And there are several ways to do so, but one is to make with clay and then color it with beautiful colors of your choice. The couple will surely love your efforts!

29. A Handmade Painting

If you think you are into painting and art, then a beautiful handmade painting will make for a perfect engagement gift.

30. A Bottle of Champagne

Bottle of Champagne

A bottle of Champagne on your best friend’s engagement will make for a classy gift idea. Just buy a bottle of Champagne and head to the party!

31. A Beautiful Table Décor piece

Table decors are also a nice gift ideas. There are plenty of table décor items available online or in the market. You can choose the one which suits the couple choice.

32. A Table Plant

Small plants on table looks stunning. This is also a great gift option for the couple. They will surely use the table plant.

33. Ubtan Soap Free Body Cleanser

Ubtan Soap Free Body Cleanser

An invigorating body cleanser packed with essential herbs and minerals so as to promote healthy and fresh skin. Bride to-be will surely love this and regular use is guaranteed!! This one is from KAMA, it’s a great combination of finely powdered herbs, cereals, pulses and nuts with no harmful lauryl sulphates, this formula softens and smoothes while effectively cleansing and exfoliating.

34. DIY Trinket Boxes

You will enjoy making this for your best friend on her engagement. Take small boxes, attach animal figurines to the boxes, and then paint the boxes in some beautiful colors. You bestie will have enough to store in these trinket boxes, such as; earrings, rings and knick knacks.

35. Genius Recipes

With a name like Genius Recipes, the newlyweds are guaranteed a completely ingenious and practical addition to their kitchen repertoire. With over 100 recipes from culinary experts, including Julia Child, you can rest assured that this New York Times bestseller will leave them in good hands. Bon appétit!

36. Sweet Home Collage Wall Hanging Photo Frame

Sweet Home Collage Wall Hanging Photo Frame

Matte finished photo frame will make a wonderful gift in your budget. Couple will like it. Plus, they will notice it every day when it will be hanging in their bedroom, the gift will always remind them of you. Don’t think too much, this is a perfect gift. To make it personalize take some of their wonderful photos and place them in the frame before presenting them. They will love the idea.

37. DIY Moisturizer

Yeah, you read it right… You can make moisturizer at home and gift it to your friend on her engagement. Make moisturizer at home adding all the flavors which your friend like the most and gift it in a beautifully decorated mason jar.

38. Set of Essential Oils

A complete set of essential oils which you can get online will also make for a wonderful gift item for your friend’s engagement. Of course wedding planning journey is a stress full time, and she will definitely need them for aromatherapy while going through stressful times. Essential oils will be in use for sure.

39. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser is also a great gift idea. You can buy it online or you can DIY it at home, anything is possible. You friend will like the gift of pure relaxation with an essential oil reed diffuser. Round out the diffuser by adding a handful of essential oils.

40. Blue Ceramic Pearl Nesting Serving Dishes

A beautiful set of 2 ceramic nesting pieces to serve starters and snacks. These nesting sets glazed in rich black tones with speckles of blue will be a stunning addition to not only your friend’s kitchen, but also to her home decor collection.

41. Wood Coasters

Wooden coaster in square shape with Madhubani art work on them will be a wonderful gift item for your friend on her engagement. These will be welcomed addition to her living room, dining room or home office.

42. Storage Baskets

Everybody needs an additional storage, and baskets are the best option for that. You can weave your own baskets or can get them online or maybe at a second-hand store. Then paint them in some classy color and head to the party!!

43. Woven Wall Hanging

Woven Wall Hanging

You can do it at home. Create a beautiful wall are by re-purposing a simple, white bath mat. Paint it in some classy color and add tassels to the bottom. Now hang the art work with a dowel or a wooden slab. That’s all!!

44. Fiber Cotton Macrame Plant Hanger

You can either make it on your own or buy online. These plant hangers made of rope looks really beautiful and a perfect gift item for your friend on her engagement. Your friend will love her wall décor with these plant hangers.

46. A Bohemian Styled Jute & Cotton Carpet

Who doesn’t like bohemian style home décor ideas…… Everybody does!! You can either make it at home or buy online. These just and cotton carpets really look wonderful. Your friend can happy use it in her living room or terrace garden. It’s a wonderful gift item.

47. Handmade Flowers with Vase

Handmade Flowers with Vase

DIY it at home, your friend will love you for your efforts. You can craft colorful blooms out of tissue paper. It’s easy to create an easy flower design like poppies or roses at home. Place them in a vase and your gift is ready!!

48. Potted Succulents

Green is the most wonderful color of all. You can also add some green to the couple’s home decor. By giving them a potted succulents. Paint small mason jars and then plant succulents inside. These beautiful gifts can rest on a windowsill or near a reading nook of your friend’s room.

49. Brownies In A Jar

Sweet gift for the ones who have sweet tooth. Treat the couple with some sweet. Take a mason jar, layer the ingredients for brownies in a mason jar. Now add some special toppings like walnuts and chocolate chips. And take a jute rope, tie it in a bow shape outside the jar, just for décor purpose. That’s all, you are done!!

50. Decorative Mugs

Decorative Mugs

This is for the couple who love to have their coffees together. Just take solid-colored coffee mugs, enhance them with polka dots, hearts or geometric patterns. Pack them nicely and let the couple enjoy their coffee together.

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51. A Jewelry Plate

Buy it online or DIY it… Take a jewelry dish dip it into metallic paint. The couple will have their new rings or other special items like watches and bracelets to store in a jewelry plate. It’s a great gift idea for the couple. You can try!!

To pan out…

It’s an honor to celebrate an engagement with family and friends. Whether it’s a wedding or an engagement, a gift should always be thoughtful. You can always choose a gift that’s extra special and personalized. Besides, these gift ideas mentioned above you can gift something which will make their wedding day a special occasion for them. The idea is just to make the couple feel special on their engagement and something which they can preserve and appreciate all their lives.

Happy Gifting….. & DIYing ☺ ☺