Indications That Your Marriage Won’t Last According to Wedding Photographers

Indications that your marriage won’t last according to wedding photographers

‘Your marriage won’t last’ will be the last thing that any couple would want to think of while getting hitched. But, believe it or not, according to wedding photographers there are some signs or indications that your marriage won’t last. The question is why only according to wedding photographers – Because they spend a lot of time with the new couples on the day of their wedding. And in the process they notice a lot of things. According to them, these 26 pointers are the indications/signs that your relationship won’t last as long as you’d hoped.

Here are the indications…

1. The couple isn’t on the same page

First things first, when you two are not on the same page while planning your wedding. If you two have differences of opinion about everything related to your wedding and otherwise also, then this is the biggest sign that your marriage won’t last. Being on the same page do not at all means to have the same choices and preferences. It simply means that you two are respecting each other’s choices and in case of any difference you are able to sort that out and find a midway. If that’s not there, then it’s a problem.

2. When couples don’t respond well to conflicts while wedding planning

Disagreements and disputes are an inevitable part of a wedding planning journey. They will surely exist during the course of wedding planning and organizing. But, how you two react or respond to the situation that matters the most. Of course, when you will meet your wedding vendor your tone and body language will tell more about you rather you telling anything.

3. If one of you tend to make one-sided decisions

There are some couples who do not communicate while planning their wedding. One of them choose to decide everything for the wedding, without having to bother about the partner, which is not a good sign of course. For a wedding, it is crucial that you two communicate and discuss things with each other. Making one-sided or unilateral decisions and not discussing them with each other is not a great sign for a successful marriage.

4. Lack of interest

Believe it or not, if you lack chemistry and emotional connection in your relationship then there is no point getting married. If you do not have an interest in your partner, or if you don’t share bond, love, and emotional connect then believe you me, your wedding won’t last. And your wedding photographers are quick to judge that while they capture your wedding photographs. If the love between you to do not flow naturally, then surely that’s a sign that your marriage won’t last.

First things first, hire your photographer wisely. This is the first step to not looking awkward in your wedding photos or in engagement photos. There are many engagement photographer and wedding photographers out there; hire the one who befits your requirements.

5. Inclination towards outside world

If any of you are more inclined towards the outside world and do things to flaunt them over social media then that’s a sign that there is no depth in that relationship. Well, mostly couples want to get great pictures in order to flaunt them in social media and that’s all. People live less in real and more in reel, which is not a great sign.

Some couples even choose to host an expensive wedding so that they can show off to others and make others feel jealous. And inside there is chaos, no bond, no connection, which is required to lead a happy life.

6. If parents are dominating

If your parents (whether groom or bride’s) are bossy and dominating then there is a problem. Usually couples ask for their help and opinions, out of respect and because they possess more experience than them. But if your mom or dad take over everything and become in charge of your wedding, then understand that it is the sign of separation.

7. When one is over-influenced by other people

If any of you are more influenced by others, be it your friends or family or relatives, it’s not a great sign for a relationship. For instance, the groom is more influenced by his sister and he does everything according to her advice and never bothers to listen to the bride to-be, then definitely this marriage won’t last long. Each bride wants to be heard and understood and not ignored, how long a person can go unheard and ignored.

8. When one of the partners is downright uninterested in photographs

Being shy and being uninterested are two different things. However, there are many people who do not show interest in photography. But for wedding photographs even if someone is not interested in getting clicked they do it for their partners. They coordinate because they understand the importance of their wedding pictures. But refusing to get clicked at your wedding without bothering about everything else is a sign that your marriage won’t last. Because it’s not about your pictures only, it’s about your nature!

9. If you’re more happy with your friends than your partner

If you are more happy with your friends than your partner then that’s a red flag for your relationship.

10. If you are too fussy

It’s natural to get angry or mad when something happens that’s unexpected or not the way you want it to happen. But if it is your nature to react or get fussy even about trivial things then it’s an indication that your wedding will be affected drastically due to it.

11. If you spend more time with guests at the reception

If you spend the entire reception with your friends and not bothered about your partner even on your reception then it’s an indication of an unhealthy relationship. After the wedding ceremony, mostly couples are excited about their reception. Wedding reception is the way to conclude the big day and have a lot of fun. Usually, couples are busy greeting guests at the reception, dancing at the reception, and celebrating their new marital status. But if the couple separates to talk to friends or other wedding guests or one leaves the other alone on the dance floor for hours, it’s a matter of concern.

12. You don’t compromise

You must have heard this many times before that a successful marriage is based on lots of compromises and if you tend to not compromise, then believe you me you are setting for an absolutely unhealthy grounds for your life ahead. For instance, if you are not ready to compromise while wedding planning, it simply means later there will be issues with compromises.

13. When you are not involved in wedding planning

If you or your partner do not care about the wedding plans or doesn’t want to be involved in the wedding planning, then it’s a sign that the person is not interested as much as you are. Wedding planning is a stressful task and it requires both the couples’ involvement. But any one of the couples are not interested then it’s going to be a problem later as well.

14. When one of you is extravagant

If you tend to spend lavishly or you spend beyond your budget at your wedding then it could be a potential indication for the future of your relationship. If you will over spend on your wedding today, tomorrow things may backfire. You may face financial issues which can give rise to fights and disputes later.

15. If you make sarcastic comments about each other

If you tend to bicker or fight with each other, then it’s a signal that it’s going to be very tough later. People who tend to pass sarcastic comments and keep bickering about things have a hard time together. Such habits only lead to split or end of wedding. If you two have certain issues it is advised to sort them out before the wedding itself rather to keep passing sarcastic comments at each other. So, mind what and when do you say to your partner to-be.

16. Lack of commitment

You might be thinking how come lack of commitment came in the picture when you two are getting married. Well, if any of you have already had many relationships in the past, it simply means that there is a lack of commitment in your behavior. And your wedding has nothing to do with the commitment. If any of you has a history of breakups and relationships then you need to think wisely before you say “I DO”.

17. If you’re still in your past

If any of you getting married for the sake of family or society and you still live in your past relationship, then it’s going to be very tough to sustain this relationship. When any of the couple had a break up but he/she is still in love with the same person, then surely this marriage will never last for long.

18. If the relationship is built on physical attraction alone

If your so-called relationship is built on physical attraction alone, then definitely it is going to end. Because physical attractions are not long lasting, they come with a limited period or warranty. If both of you or even one of you are attracted towards each other physically only and there is no love and emotional connection, then it is the greatest sign that your wedding won’t last long. No marriage without emotional connect and bond could ever work. And if it’s the case in your marriage too, then think before you finally choose to say “I DO”.

19. If you have more than 20 percent rejection on your RSVPs.

There is no problem if about 10% to 15% of your wedding guests are not able to make for your wedding. More often than not, people love to attend a wedding because they want to witness the big day and enjoy with their friends and family members. But if the rate of rejection on your RSVPs is more than 20% to 25% percent, then you need to look deeper. It could be a sign that your friends and family know that you two are not going to make it for longer. Or it could simply means that your family or friends won’t approve of the person. In such a situation you need to rethink and reconsider the relationship.

20. Conflicts among the bridal party

If there are conflicts among the bridal party, it’s a bad sign! The disputes and disagreements among the bridal parties can also lead to cancellation of wedding. Sometimes even at the last minute. So, choose your bridal party wisely and make sure that they go along well.

21. If you two are not on the same page about the wedding budget

Money plays an important role in a relationship and it matters the most is any marriage. Whether you are planning a low-key wedding or a big fat wedding, money plays a crucial role. And if you two are not on the same page ALWAYS, then it’s a sign that the wedding won’t last long. in all marriages and plays a vital role in a relationship. If the two can’t always be on the same page about their finances, they will often separate.

22. If you’re getting married just for the thrill of it

If you’re getting married for the sake of getting married or because of the desire to get wed-locked then also it is not going to work out. Sometimes, some couples, especially brides want to get married for the desire of getting married or for the thrill of it, this is just another reason for a quick separation. Because marriage is not something to be done for fun, with marriage comes lots of responsibilities and liabilities. If any one of your or both of you are not ready to take those responsibilities or face challenges then it will definitely lead to divorce.

23. If one of you is bossy or dominating

Being bossy or dominating is another reason for a divorce. A limited amount of bossiness or domination can be tolerated but if it is unbearable then it becomes difficult for the other person to live in such a relationship. If you love to dominate others, then understand not everybody will tolerate your dominance and surely tomorrow it will lead to divorce. For everybody needs breathing space and right to express.

24. When there are comparisons

If either you or your partner is tend to make comparisons and is never happy with what he/she has, then it is a sign that the relationship will end for sure. For instance, if you are comparing everything in your wedding with your friend’s or with somebody else’s wedding, it simply means that you tend to make complaints and are never happy person. Too much of comparisons only poisons the relationship and nothing else. Because, it means that it’s your nature to compare and you will continue doing it even after marriage, which nobody can tolerate for long for sure.

25. If jealousy takes over

Any relationship stands strong when two people maintain their own identity and individuality even being in relationship. And if any of you tend to have jealous about your partner or you do not your partner to-be talking with other people, his/her friends etc. then this is a sign that the marriage won’t last for long. For instance, a wedding photographer was capturing a couple and in between he was instructing both of them about expressions and poses. And the bride was just polite to the photographer, and the groom misunderstood things and started getting annoyed and all his expressions even in the pictures were disturbed. He simply spoiled the whole wedding photo session. And yeah, the couple was divorced in just a few years’ time.

26. If you are impatient with each other on your wedding day

Last but not least, that’s true that weddings are stressful, due to which, people tend to lose their temper. But, if you tend to treat each other disrespectfully under pressure, that’s not a great sign. It is seen that couples who don’t treat each other with kindness and patience, in times of need or adversities or whatever, then their marriage won’t last long.

Wrapping up…

These are some indications which are actually alerts initially that simply shows that the wedding is not going to work out at all. So, it is advised to choose your partner wisely and get married to the person who you feel comfortable and emotionally connected with. There is no point in getting married with a person for the sake of getting married or because you are in a relationship with him/her for the past four years or so. Understand that your wedding is a serious affair and not a time pass thing. It is crucial to have a nice married life and only those who are compatible should choose to get married. Rest should give it a thought one more time. There is no harm in breaking up from an unhealthy relationship rather to ruin everything by getting married, thinking that marriage will mend things. Nothing such sort of ever happens! Trust me!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺