List of Destination Weddings in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

List of Destination Weddings in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans, Louisiana: This sparkling city, with a combination of history and modern bustle, is ideal for couples searching for something special and charming but with a touch of Southern hospitality for their Weddings in New Orleans, Louisiana. Whether you prefer a location filled with charm, romance, and Southern hospitality, New Orleans has something special for you.

So come along as we take you through 19 tantalizing destinations where you can have the destination wedding of your dreams. This list of destination weddings in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, can help you find a perfect venue for your BIG DAY. So, without any further delay, let’s delve in…

Top 15+ Destination Wedding Venues in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Here is our rundown of some of the most beautiful destination wedding venues in New Orleans. Scroll down to read about them in detail.

1. The French Quarter

This area is known more popularly by the name Vieux Carré and is more famous as the French Quarter. This is one area where one can taste getting married in the old style, with a whole lot of charm still surrounding this area. Just imagine the “I dos” exchanged here, in this lovely courtyard of the Maison Dupuy Hotel, complete with the sweet scent of magnolia flowers and the soothing tinkle of gas lights.

The French Quarter
images Source : frenchquarterly

2. Jackson Square

Next on the list is Jackson Square – one of the best destination wedding venues in New Orleans. Nowhere would the magic be apparent more than when you say your vows at the Historic St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, easily among the most scenic places in New Orleans. Your ceremony might take place live, with the gorgeous Mississippi at your back and the lovely sounds of local street musicians welcoming in the magic.

Jackson Square
images Source : neworleans

3. City Park

You can get out of the noise, confusion, and commotion of a city and get lost in the natural beauty of City Park. You can make your vows beneath the ancient oaks of Pavilion Two Sisters, with abundant greenery and calm rivers around, which will make it a paradise for you on that day.

City Park
images Source : oliviayuenphoto

4. The Ritz-Carlton

In the heart lies The Ritz-Carlton, where dreams of the wedding truly take form. Say “I do” to the court garden, with serenading beauty everywhere. You can dance the night away in the grand ballroom, which is decorated with elegance and grace. It’ll be a day to cherish for life.

The Ritz-Carlton
images Source : singaporebrides

5. Audubon Park

Among the beautiful surroundings of Audubon Park, you’ll find comfort with romantic oak trees stretching majestically over tranquil lagoons on your wedding day. Under ancient oaks saying “I do” with sounds of nature playing orchestra by the shimmering waters behind you. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Audubon Park
images Source : gabriellehail

6. The Chicory

The Chicory is an event space inside a historic warehouse that has been transformed into a trendy setting right within the Warehouse District. Amidst exposed brick walls and soaring ceilings, you can exchange vows before celebrating with your loved ones in this modern yet timeless venue.

The Chicory
images Source : Pinterest

7. W New Orleans – French Quarter

You can experience the modern luxury of the French Quarter at the W New Orleans. Have your vows on its rooftop terrace overlooking the city skyline, then party in its uniquely designed event spaces.

W New Orleans - French Quarter
images Source : worldclassweddingvenues

8. The National WWII Museum

Honor love and history in the National WWII Museum’s artifacts and exhibitions. Take your wedding guests into the museum’s galleries after exchanging vows at their stunning atrium—this wedding will stick in their minds for a long time.

The National WWII Museum
images Source : nationalww2museum

9. The Cannery

The cannery is the best place to celebrate your love as you enjoy its rich history within Mid-City, located near a historic neighborhood. This venue is perfect for having an old, vintage-style wedding. It has everything you need to make it a unique and stylish wedding.

The Cannery
images Source : premierweddingvenuescny

10. Race & Religion

Race & Religious stand along the riverfront as one of those places you would think existed in 1800s times. They have chosen to take their vows in the romantic courtyard framed by ancient brick walls and lush greenery before they dance under the stars on a sprawling outdoor deck.

Race & Religion
images Source : raceandreligious

11. Mardi Gras World

Get into the Mardi Gras feeling at Mardi Gras World, where floats and costumes create an atmosphere for the most amazing celebration. Marry amidst the glittering splendor of Mardi Gras floats, then feast in a reception filled with carnival spirit.

Mardi Gras World
images Source : mardigrasworld

12. Audubon Park: Tree of Life

A visit to Audubon Park will bring you closer to the peace and tranquility found in the Tree of Life, which is a magnificent live oak tree. In this case, say your vows beneath its branches that sprawl wide, while the ancient trees symbolize strength, growth, and eternal love.

Audubon Park_ Tree of Life
images Source : The knot

13. The Carriage House

At The Carriage House, you can experience life in the countryside without leaving the New Orleans Garden District. Say ‘I do’ at their adorable courtyard, then celebrate it with a reception held at their beautifully refurbished carriage house, hence spending a wedding day full of southern manners and hospitality.

The Carriage House
images Source : premierbridewisconsin

14. The Pharmacy Museum

Step back in time at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum; a very old building that is full of charms from the past and many interesting exhibits. Take your vows amongst ancient apothecary bottles and ornate furniture, after which you will tour around with your guests to see some of the unusual things on display.

The Pharmacy Museum
images Source : pharmacymuseum

15. The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt New Orleans is a classic hotel that has remained in its original state over the years, where luxury is savored at its climax. Your marriage will be conducted in its luxurious ballroom before proceeding to a party drenched with gastronomy fit for monarchs.

The Roosevelt Hotel
images Source : jasonburnsphotography

16. The New Orleans Botanical Garden

City Park houses the New Orleans Botanical Garden, which takes you into nature’s beauty. Giggle while saying “I do” among blooming flowers and lush greenery, then explore the garden’s winding paths as well as serene pools together with all those who love you.

The New Orleans Botanical Garden
images Source : ashleybiltzphotography

17. The Cabildo Terrace

For a venue that is situated higher than the historic French Quarter, visit the Cabildo Terrace. You can get married with a city view background and dance under the stars during the reception to make it an unforgettable wedding day.

The Cabildo Terrace
images Source : facebook cabildoweddingsandmore

18. The Court of Two Sisters

One of the most ancient eateries in French Quarters is The Court of Two Sisters. Go ahead and exchange your vows in this garden before you savor Creole cuisine at the reception, only to climax with jazz music; this way, you will enjoy a southern-style wedding full of romance.

The Court of Two Sisters
images Source : hannahpickle

19. The Marigny Opera House

Last on our list is the Marigny Opera House. This is one of the most beautiful destination wedding venues in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It is a space rented out for creative work and performances, which is lively and versatile, in the Marigny neighborhood at 725 St. Ferdinand Street.

The Marigny Opera House
images Source : artedevie

So, these are the best venues that you can select for your destination wedding in New Orleans. Let’s now take a look at some important tips that you can follow to host a perfect wedding in this region. Here we go…

Tips To Host A Memorable Wedding In New Orleans

Here are some tips that can help you have a smooth and memorable celebration during your journey to plan your destination wedding in New Orleans:

☛ Get Services from a Local Wedding Planner

For instance, knowing vendors in the city, venues, and other unique offerings, a local wedding planner may be able to bring ideas in your mind into reality and handle any setbacks encountered along the way.

☛ Embrace Culture

Live jazz music, a second-line parade, or even a traditional Creole-inspired menu can be part of this affair to reflect the rich culture that comes along with being in New Orleans.

☛ Seasonal Concerns

When making plans for your nuptials, take into account that winters are mild, whereas summers tend to be hot and humid. Keeping in mind the season also helps one select indoor/outdoor sites depending on weather conditions.

☛ Plan for Accommodations

New Orleans offers some of the most unique accommodation options in the country. Block off a dozen rooms for your wedding events, or suggest a few favorites, allowing your guests to make their own room decisions.

☛ Local Flavors

Delight all your guests with local treasures that include gumbo, jambalaya, beignets, and po’boys on the menu.

☛ Capturing the Moment

Hiring the best photographers and videographers to be by your side as you capture every moment, be it the tearjerker exchange of vows or the fun party.

☛ Post-wedding fun

The party never has to stop or live it up in New Orleans, the city known for its 24/7 live music—it could be a farewell brunch, a snug bar crawl through the French Quarter, or a private experience that will take you everywhere from the river up to down. Always be flexible: remember to stay open when it comes to your plans and navigate life with a “don’t worry, be happy” attitude. Known for its spontaneity.

Wrapping it up…

To sum up, New Orleans, Louisiana, offers a perfect blend of history and culture for a wedding setting that combines history and culture. There are numerous options for couples dreaming of their big day, including places such as the French Quarter, which has a historic charm. In addition, City Park provides an array of natural beauty, while the Warehouse District boasts of its industrial chic setting; hence, New Orleans has something to offer each couple looking for a different kind of wedding experience.

A destination wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, is an experience to never be forgotten in itself. From historic landmarks to hidden gems, the city is in no short supply of a setting that perfectly matches any couple’s style and vision, from a ceremony adorned in fairy-tale romance in a courtyard to a ballroom where you could dance to your heart’s content or even a ceremony beneath the treetops. What matters is a celebration of love in New Orleans, filled with an equal level of happiness.

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊