Top 25 Destination Weddings in Savannah, Georgia, USA

List of Destination Weddings in Savannah, Georgia, USA

Savannah, Georgia, USA, is a great place for weddings. It’s a really beautiful southern city. You can get married at fancy historic homes with big gardens. Or cozy little chapels. Even modern hotels by the river. There are tons of different styles to choose from.

You could have your wedding outside with flowers and trees around. Or in a big, fancy ballroom. You could even get married on a boat on the river! You’ll find so many unique and beautiful options for destination weddings in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Savannah is just a really romantic, dreamy place for a wedding.

Let’s look at 25 of the top destination wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Whether you want something small and intimate or big and fancy, you can find it in Savannah.

List of the best Destination Wedding Venues in Savannah, Georgia, USA

Here is our rundown of the best wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Take a look…

1. The Mackey House

This place is really nice and pretty. It has big, beautiful gardens all around an old house. It would be an awesome spot to get married outside, surrounded by flowers, trees, and nature. Very peaceful and relaxing vibes.

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2. The Olde Pink House

You can’t miss this bright pink historic building. The inside rooms are decorated really nicely in an old-fashioned style. But it also has a cozy little courtyard area outside, which would be perfect for a smaller, intimate wedding celebration. Cute and romantic feel.

Image Source – Savannahmagazine

3. Forsyth Park

Right in the heart of downtown Savannah, this park is seriously pretty. That big fountain in the middle is super iconic. If you got married here, you’d have lush green trees and gardens all around you. A very classy, elegant setting with a timeless Southern charm.

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4. Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

For a laid-back beach wedding, you could go to this cute little chapel over on Tybee Island. It’s got major coastal vibes, and you can hear the ocean nearby. It seems like the perfect relaxing place to say “I do” with the shore as your backdrop.

Image Source – Tybee Island

5. The Gingerbread House

This place is very unique. It’s an actual old Victorian house. It looks just like it came from a fairy tale. It has decorative gingerbread trim all over. The architecture is really whimsical. If you’re a fun, quirky couple, this could be an awesome venue.

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6. Savannah Station

How cool is getting married in an old restored train station? This place has these grand ballrooms that used to be waiting areas back in the day. But they fixed it all up while keeping that vintage, old-timey vibe. If you’re into that classic Southern charm, this could be a really neat spot for your wedding.

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7. Wormsloe Historic Site

This place feels like stepping back in time. It is filled with a lot of history. There are incredible old oak trees that form natural archways. It would be like having your own private garden cathedral. A very unique and picturesque outdoor setting.

Image Source – Georgia State Parks

8. The Landings Club

If you want an extremely fancy and high-end wedding, check out The Landings. It’s a luxurious club right on the waterfront with amazing views. They have all the upscale amenities and luxuries. It would be perfect for a glamorous, lavish wedding weekend celebration.

Image Source – LINKS Magazine

9. The DeSoto Savannah

Right in downtown Savannah is this classic hotel venue called The DeSoto. They have elegant ballrooms and event spaces. But the spaces still have that classic Southern charm. The staff also adds personal, memorable touches for your wedding day.

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10. Whitefield Chapel

For a smaller, more romantic wedding, consider this little chapel. It’s tucked away on the Bethesda Academy campus grounds. The whole place has an old, historic Southern feel and lots of charm.

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11. Whitefield Chapel

This cute little chapel is hidden on the Bethesda Academy grounds. It has charming Southern touches. Like rustic wood and stained glass. Can you picture having your closest loved ones gathered there as you and your partner tie the knot? The whole place feels romantic and timeless.

12. The Westin Savannah Harbor Resort

If you want a big, grand wedding, this resort could be perfect. Imagine saying your vows with the Savannah River behind you. It would look so pretty and picturesque! Plus, the resort has luxurious amenities. So you can make it a whole weekend celebration.

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13. Vic’s on the River

This waterfront restaurant would be an awesome spot to host your reception dinner. The views overlooking the river are just gorgeous at sunset. And the food gets rave reviews, so your guests will be in for a treat!

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14. Harper Fowlkes House

For an intimate affair with Southern sophistication, check out this Greek Revival-style mansion. The lush gardens create such a romantic setting for an outdoor ceremony. And the elegant interior spaces are perfect for a cozy seated dinner.

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15. The Brice Hotel

Right in Savannah’s historic district, this boutique hotel has a modern yet luxe feel. Their event spaces are super chic and stylish—great for a contemporary couple. But you still get all that classic Southern hospitality during your stay.

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16. Telfair Museums

It would be really cool to get married in a museum. The Telfair Museums have several different historic buildings. Each one has its own unique style and feel. You can choose a grand, elegant venue. Or a more intimate, artsy kind of space. They have lots of different options.

Image Source – Conde Nast Traveler

17. The Gastonian

If you want a romantic bed and breakfast experience, check this place out. The Gastonian has the most charming little gardens. They would be perfect for a small, intimate outdoor ceremony. Your guests can stay right there at the bed and breakfast. It has such a cozy, inviting atmosphere. With true Southern hospitality and charm.

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18. Savannah Riverboat Cruises

How fun would it be to have a riverboat wedding? You can literally get married while sailing on the river. The views of the skyline would be amazing. It would be such a unique, special experience.

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19. The Kehoe House

This luxurious, historic inn has an elegant, classic style. It really captures the true Southern hospitality and charm. An intimate wedding here would be so special. With all the personalized, thoughtful touches. From the excellent service to the beautifully restored details.

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20. The Mansion on Forsyth Park

If you want an extremely luxurious and lavish wedding, this is the place. The mansion has grand, huge ballrooms. It also has beautiful, lush courtyards outside. The backdrop is so fancy and upscale. You would feel like true Southern royalty getting married here.

Image Source – Travel Agent Central

21. Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

This is such a unique venue for a wedding in Savannah, Georgia, USA. It’s a maritime museum with nautical artifacts and ship histories. But it also has gorgeous, lush gardens on site. Can you imagine getting married outdoors in those gardens? Surrounded by greenery and old ship relics as the backdrop. It would be an offbeat, one-of-a-kind setting.

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22. Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

For nature lovers, these botanical gardens could be a dream. There are vibrant, colorful flowers blooming everywhere. Plus, serene, peaceful little ponds throughout. An outdoor ceremony here would feel like a fairytale forest. With lush, green surroundings as far as you can see.

Image Source – Explore Georgia

23. Savannah Yacht Club

Okay, a yacht wedding? How posh and fabulous does that sound? Talking about a maritime dream wedding! You can literally set sail and get hitched out on the water, taking in those coastal views as you say, “I do.” Or they have this elegant ballroom at the club if you prefer a land celebration, but you’d still get those incredible waterfront vibes.

Image Source – Savannah Yacht Club

24. The Cotton Sail Hotel

This chic hotel right along the Savannah River could be such a cool venue for a modern, stylish couple. Their event spaces are super contemporary and sleek, with incredible rooftop views of the city skyline. Can’t you just picture getting all those epic photos with the river and skyline as your backdrop? Major wow factor.

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25. The Whitman Savannah

They just renovated this place, so it’s like brand new but still captures that timeless Savannah elegance. The event spaces have such a sophisticated yet warm vibe going on. But really, it’s those breathtaking views that would make it such a dreamy wedding location. Your guests would be in awe from the moment they arrived.

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Putting it all together…

We covered a lot of great wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia. Hope this list of destination wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia, USA helps you choose the one of your dreams. Savannah has so many beautiful and unique options. You can have a fancy, grand wedding. Or a small, intimate one. If you want the most romantic, unforgettable wedding, I’d really recommend Savannah. This southern city is ready to help you and your partner start your happily ever after. Start planning your Savannah wedding today!

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊