How to Plan a Wedding in Paris for 2024

How to Plan a Wedding in Paris

Do you have dreams of saying your wedding vows in Paris? You’re thinking in the right direction! Paris is one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in the world. This city in France is popularly known as the City of Love. For many couples, the first place that comes to mind for a romantic wedding celebration is Paris. Planning a wedding in Paris may seem like challenging at the outset. However, with the right guide, it can be memorable. And this post is the best guide for hosting an unforgettable wedding in the city of love.

There are numerous reasons people opt for Paris as their wedding destination. Paris has breathtaking views, affordable wedding venues, plenty of hotels, and stunning architectural structures. The beauty of Paris is enough to make anyone fall in love with the city. When planning a destination wedding, especially in Paris, you need to do more research. And this post serves as a guide to hosting a stunning wedding in Paris. In this post, we have included all that you need to know to have an adventurous wedding experience in Paris. So, let’s get started…

First, let’s delve into a few things you should know before planning a wedding in Paris.

Why have a Wedding in Paris?

Here are a few reasons to consider having your wedding in Paris, the City of Love.

1. Stunning Ambiance

Paris is known to have a romantic ambiance, charming streets, and stunning picturesque views. What else would you need to make your wedding memorable? Numerous couples worldwide dream of exchanging vows in the historic venues of Paris. We’re sure you want the same for yourself.

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2. World-class Venues

Planning your wedding in Paris lets you choose the best venues for your big day! Paris has venues that suit every budget and wedding style. Whether you want a luxurious palace or an intimate garden for your wedding, you’ll find it in Paris. Paris has all it takes to make your big day memorable.

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3. Rich Culture

Paris offers couples opportunities to have a unique and meaningful wedding celebration. The city boasts a rich culture and history. Whatever your dream wedding might be, the city will make it a reality with all its charm and richness.

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4. Breathtaking Backdrops

The panoramic views of Paris are perfect for wedding photos. With these backdrops, your wedding photographer will be able to take some of the most stunning shots of your wedding, too, with no or just a few edits. Every corner of Paris has breathtaking backdrops that will make your day memorable.

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5. Professional Event Planners

The city of love is swamped with extremely experienced and seasoned wedding planners. The city is said to have some of the best event planners in the world who can make your dream wedding a reality. These professionals will help you achieve your wedding goals effortlessly. Moreover, they have their vendors, from florists to caterers and photographers, who can make your day even more memorable.

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6. Accessible

Last but not least, Paris is known for its easy accessibility. Yes, it is known as an international hub across the globe. For this reason, it’s very easy to access any part of the city, especially for guests. Paris has many airports, accommodations, and a good public transportation system. All these joined together to make it easy and convenient for couples to host an unforgettable wedding in Paris.

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Why Couples and Guests Love France Weddings?

Here are a few reasons why couples and guests love weddings in this city of France. Take a look…

1. Enchanting Honeymoon Destinations

Paris, a popular city in France, is known to have numerous romantic honeymoon destinations that couples can visit. Couples can choose to extend their visit to France or other parts of the country. Even your wedding guests will have the opportunity to visit the surrounding areas after attending the wedding. Couples or guests can continue their journey by visiting some of the luxurious resorts in France or historic sites.

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2. Exclusive Accommodations

There is a wide range of accommodation available for first-time visitors in France. Whether the visit is for a wedding or not, the accommodations are exclusive. Guests get to enjoy their stay in hotels there and often leave the country with sweet memories.

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3. Excellent Cuisine and Wine

France is renowned for its excellent cuisine and wines. Your guests will love to savor amazing French cuisine when attending your France wedding. In addition, the ones who love wine will have a great time in this country for sure. Some of the most popular French delicacies that your guests would love to savor include escargot, fresh seafood, food grass, and many more. France has varieties of wine that are the best in the world.

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4. Delightful Climate and Seasons

Climate is yet another reason most couples and their guests love French weddings. The country experiences different weather conditions throughout the year. The climate varies from one region to another. the region. The temperature levels differ for each region, from West to East, North to South, during sunny days and rainy days. Couples can choose their wedding season according to their unique needs.

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5. Unique French Traditions

Weddings in France come with different traditions that give a unique touch to celebration. Guests and couples will get the opportunity to enjoy the traditional French wedding customs like Croquembouche or the Champagne Tower. All in all, the customs of France will make every event memorable for both couples and guests.

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6. Fantastic Outdoor Wedding Settings

If you have always wanted an outdoor wedding, the country has some of the most beautiful outdoor settings to host a wedding. The outdoor settings of France are perfect for any ceremony. Both guests and couples can enjoy the views of rivers and towers that surround France. Dream weddings become a reality in France when you make the right plans.

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What Paris Wedding Vendors You’ll Need For Your Wedding Ceremony in Paris?

When it comes to weddings in Paris, you need to plan carefully. Here’s a compiled list of wedding vendors you’ll need for wedding ceremonies in Paris.

1. Wedding Planner

Hiring the services of a local wedding planner is crucial, especially when it comes to planning a wedding in another country. Being a French-speaking country, a planner with good communication skills in English and French will be perfect. A wedding planner will ease the entire stress of planning a destination wedding. They will provide you with the best vendors, venue, logistics management, and other services you might need for a smooth wedding in Paris.

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2. Paris Officiant

You need an officiant who will conduct your wedding ceremony in a religious place or court. Your wedding planner can get an officiant for you within the city.

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3. Event Caterer

Another vendor you’ll need for a successful wedding in Paris is a caterer. French cuisine is popular in the world. An experienced caterer can make your wedding even more memorable with the perfect French cuisine. Make sure you choose the right caterer for your wedding. They should be able to prepare gourmet meals for your wedding reception.

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4. Floral Designer

Make sure to choose an expert florist for your wedding. An expert florist in Paris will make your dream wedding look stunning and lively using beautiful flower arrangements. French floral designers are highly talented in creating beautiful floral designs. They will decorate your venue in a unique style keeping your wedding theme in mind. Some of the renowned Paris floral designers you can trust for your wedding are Sumptuous Events Paris, Le Jardin d’Audrey, and Floraison Paris. Be prepared to have a glamorous wedding in Paris with the right one!

Image Source – Flower Magazine

5. Photographer and Videographer

Photographers and videographers are an integral part of a wedding ceremony. Of course, you cannot avoid wedding photos at all. Choose an expert photographer and videographer who can capture beautiful moments of your wedding flawlessly. You can get help from your wedding planner in Paris. The city of love is known to have some of the best photographers and videographers who are skilled and experienced.

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6. Dress Designers

Wedding attire is an imperative part. You can buy your wedding attire in your hometown as well. However, if you have plans to buy your wedding dress in Paris, make sure to choose the right bridal boutique there. There are numerous local bridal boutiques with stunning dresses. Paris has the best designers and boutiques who can help you choose the right wedding dress along with accessories. You can book your dress days before your wedding ceremony. It will give your designer enough time to give your dress a unique touch that suits your style.

Dress Designers
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7. Beauty Artist

Brides are the center of attraction of the day, so you must look beautiful. Therefore, choosing a beauty artist and hair stylist is crucial. The hair stylists and makeup artists in Paris are skillful. They will give you a unique and flawless appearance that will last you throughout your wedding celebration.

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8. Musicians

For every event, music sets the platform ready for a ceremony. No matter whether you want a live band, DJ, or string quartet to play music on your wedding day, Paris is a place for all of them. You get plenty of options in Paris to choose from and incorporate the right entertainment into your wedding. They will make your wedding a worthwhile experience for all that too in budget. Make sure to choose the right ones. Expert musicians will provide you with the entertainment you need.

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9. Legal Services

You need the services of a legal expert who can help process all the paperwork and requirements needed. If you’re a non-French citizen who intends to get married in Paris, you need to have your legal documents done for a stress-free wedding. The legal experts in France ensure all your credentials are fit for a legally binding wedding ceremony.

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10. Baker

You can’t bring your wedding cake to Paris from your location. Can you? Of course not! In such a situation, it’s easy to rely on French bakers. You need a French patisserie that can bake beautiful and mouth-watering cakes. To give your guests a special treat at your wedding, you can ask the baker to make desserts like croquembouche. You can also discuss your preferences with the baker before placing your wedding cake order.

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11. Logistics and Accommodation

Logistics and accommodation are two important parts of any destination wedding. If you plan to host a wedding in Paris, it’s important to make arrangements for your guests’ accommodation and the logistics. Make sure your guests have booked accommodation where they can relax once they arrive in Paris. Their comfort should be your priority. Aside from that, make arrangements for cabs that can transport your wedding guests to the venue. Additionally, you will need to book a separate car for you two as well (bride and groom). Consider choosing a luxury or classic vintage car for yourself.

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Let’s now take a look at some of the best tips to follow to host a memorable wedding in Paris. Here we go…

How to Plan a Wedding in Paris

Here are some of the best tips you can follow to plan a mesmerizing wedding ceremony in the city of love. Take a look…

1. Determine your Budget

The first and foremost step in planning your wedding in Paris is to determine your budget. Budget assessment is a crucial aspect to consider when planning a wedding anywhere in the world. You should have a wedding budget set beforehand for everything, including your wedding venue, attire, photographer, caterer, makeup, and so on. Make sure you create your wedding budget before starting your wedding planning. In addition, consider the exchange rate of your currency to French currency as well (if you’re coming from some other country).

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2. Choose a Wedding Date & Season

Choose the best time of the year with perfect weather. This is because the weather varies greatly in different parts of the country. Hence, it is crucial to select the appropriate season and date for your wedding, keeping the weather conditions of the region in mind. Also, make sure the wedding venue and vendors are easily available during that time. You can consider fixing your wedding during the spring or fall season. These are the two most beautiful seasons when you can easily create the wedding of your dreams.

3. Select Your Venue

Paris has a wide range of venue options for you to choose from from luxurious hotels to historic chateaux, rooftops with the Eiffel Tower, and charming gardens. All the venues are perfect for a grand wedding celebration in Paris. You can choose the one that perfectly fits your vision and wedding theme. Also, it is crucial to visit your wedding venue in person. If that seems challenging, then ask the venue coordinators for a 360-degree view of the venue on Skype or any other online platform. You can also ask for a video of the venue with and without decoration. Also, it is crucial to find out about their availability and the number of guests it will accommodate for your reception. If you’re satisfied with the venue, book very well ahead of time. You can check out other clients’ reviews on the venue you wish to book for your wedding. That will help you make an informed decision.

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4. Handle Legal Requirements

To get married legally in France, it is necessary to live in the country for a minimum of 45 days. Once the designated number of days has passed, you will be able to proceed with your wedding. It is essential to have a lawyer who can assist you in obtaining all the necessary documentation for a legal wedding in France.
If you don’t want all this stress, opt for a symbolic ceremony in Paris. You can handle all the legal requirements in your home country and then enjoy the rest of your wedding ceremony in Paris. To meet up with the legal requirements, hire a lawyer or legal advisor who’s familiar with French wedding laws.

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5. Assemble Your Vendor Team

The moment you have finalized the venue, get the details of your vendor team. Allow your wedding planner in Paris to choose professional vendors for your event. They should all have experience in destination weddings. From the photographer and florist to caterer and beauty artist, and musician, every vendor should be experienced to make your big day more memorable!

6. Make Preparations for Emergency

Another important aspect of planning a wedding in Paris is preparation for emergencies and contingencies. In case something goes wrong during the celebration, a backup plan should be available. This will help you host a smooth wedding ceremony for all.

7. Welcome Bags & Wedding Favors

Then there are wedding favors that you will need to arrange for your wedding guests. It’s a unique way of saying thank you for coming to Paris to be a part of your celebration. You can also have welcome bags with a few items inside delivered to their hotel rooms once they arrive.

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To give your guests the feeling of Paris, include Evian water, French chocolate, a bottle of champagne, and fresh mints from Vichy. Give it a special touch by adding a warm welcome note to each bag with these items. They will feel special and welcomed.

8. Book Your Travel as a Group

To save your guests the stress of spending beyond budget to attend a destination wedding, book accommodation for everyone. Use a dedicated and trusted travel agency for group booking. When you know the number of guests traveling to Paris for your wedding, book for everyone once! It saves cost and also gives peace of mind.

Putting it all together…

So, these are the tips and tricks you can use to host a wonderful wedding in Paris. Weddings in Paris come with beautiful memories and special moments that you and your guests will cherish for a long time for sure. During your stay in Paris, you can tour the city of love and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. There are several beautiful places to visit while you’re still in Paris. Make the most of the moment and give your guests special

treats they won’t forget.

Happy Wedding in Paris…😊 😊