How to plan wedding after party? That Will Keep the Party Going

plan wedding after party

Wedding after-parties have gained immense popularity for the past few decades. And why not! After all, wedding after-parties are a great way to keep the celebration going on.

But, what is a wedding after-party?

A wedding after-party is a celebration that unfolds after the wedding reception to keep the excitement going all night long. Usually, it’s held somewhere other than the wedding venue and is intended to entertain your party size. An after-party need not be a costly affair. You can host a wedding after-party in your budget and let your guests have a lot of fun and enjoyment even after the completion of “main events.”

If you want to throw a spectacular wedding after-party, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the process of hosting a stunning after-party.

So, let’s get started…

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Top 9 Tips to Host a Stunning Wedding After-Party

Here are the 9 best tips to host a gorgeous wedding after-party that you and your guests will cherish even after the event is over.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time is crucial whether you plan to host your after-party at an open bar or in the nearest club. Planning a wedding after-party at random is not a great idea. If you aren’t changing locations, make sure your venue allows late parties and pay any additional fees that may apply.

If you move to a different location, call ahead – even if you’re confident the location won’t be crowded and will gladly cater to your party size. Whether you plan your party in the same venue or book another, plan your after-hours event in conjunction with your wedding planning.

2. Choose a location that is easily accessible.

Keep it close if you decide to travel a little to get to the after-party location. You may be eager to take your after-party guests to your favorite club across town, but you must consider everyone’s state of mind before choosing a distant location. Your guests will almost certainly have consumed alcohol, and a long car ride may be tiring and unsafe for them. Also, coordination will be a task if you will choose a farther location. It’s best to choose a location that is easily accessible.

And even if you choose a farthermost location, consider providing transport services to the after-party location so that guests aren’t compelled to drive themselves. Doing so will help you make the after-party enjoyable for everyone, including you and your new spouse! And if the budget is a constraint, opt for a ride-sharing service or a minibus.

3. It’s all about timing.

The timing of the after-party will usually be determined by the vendors you’re planning to hire, especially entertainers such as music bands, stand-up comedians, etc. Bands or entertainers offer services for a set period of time, such as four hours or so. And usually the wedding after-party begin once the entertainer finishes performing.

But if you wish to hire a music band or DJ for your after-party as well, then speak to them in advance. And if the DJ is the same for the reception and the after-party, make sure you have your music selections ready in advance.

4. Inform guests about specifics.

Once you’ve decided on a location, you can decide how to notify everyone. If the wedding reception seamlessly flows into the after-party, this won’t be an issue. The after-party invitations are much less formal. For example, you can notify your guests via Whatsapp or email. However, if a change in location is required, you must notify your guests with an additional insert to the invitation suite, or you can send an email or notify them via text.

5. Consider the wedding after-party decoration.

Your wedding after-party venue decor does not have to be extravagant. Fortunately, the implications for a post-wedding affair are low. In fact, at this point in the evening, décor is less critical. All your guests want to do at the after-party is socialize, eat, drink, and have a good time. For the after-party event, simple lighting with basic décor and furniture will suffice.

6. Consider food and beverages.

When it comes to the after-party, food and drinks are indispensable. Make sure you arrange for greasy food, such as pizza, fries, sliders, and chicken fingers. Greasy snack options are good for a late-night party, especially when your guests will have alcohol. You can even arrange for a variety of chips and dips for the event to help guests absorb the alcohol.

7. Consider Hiring A Professional Photographer.

After-party affairs make for some of the best shots of the day. And it is worth having a professional photographer at the event to capture the best memories of the event. Consider whether you want the videographer or photographer to document these aspects, and discuss your plans before establishing costs. Consider the fun, in-the-moment photos you’ll get from this part of your day.

And if the cost is a constraint, ask your friend (who is passionate about photography) to capture photos from the event.

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8. Make yourself at ease.

The best thing about an after-party is that there are no rules. You can ultimately be yourself and enjoy the event completely. Just relax, change into a comfortable gown or a jumpsuit to hit the party. If you want, you can even take off your high heels and put on a comfortable pair of flip-flops, take down your tucked hairstyle, and remove your makeup. The idea is to have fun with your friends and enjoy the final leg of your journey down the aisle!

9. Make the most of it.

This may be the most important party you’ll ever throw for yourself, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Wedding after-parties are a great way to conclude your once-in-a-lifetime event. So, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest without having to worry about timings and all. Even your guests would love to have some extra fun with your after the completion of your wedding.



Q.1. Why are wedding after-parties necessary?

Most often than not, couples ask this question. Most couples consider wedding after-parties an “unnecessary expense.” Well, it’s not like that at all. After-parties are not an unnecessary expense at all. In fact, it is a great way to keep the excitement going for a little longer.

Most couples don’t get enough time to enjoy their weddings thoroughly. They keep busy throughout the wedding and reception. And why not? There’re a lot of wedding processions to take care of, then there is a couple wedding photography, and at the wedding reception, there are guests to meet, and so on. So, they hardly get time to enjoy themselves in the whole process.

A wedding after-party is a great opportunity for couples to spend some quality time with their very close people after their wedding reception. It allows them to enjoy themselves and have a lot of fun.

Q.2. Who organizes the wedding after-party?

The wedding after-party is usually organized or hosted by the couple or by the ones who organized the main event.

Q.3. What should be the cost of the wedding after-party?

The cost of the wedding after-party varies depending on your budget. It could be as much as your wedding reception or as little as your bridal shower. It is entirely up to you whether you want your wedding after-party to be extravagant or simple.

However, experts advise that you include the after-party costs in the wedding budget. So that you have a clear idea of how much you will need for the entire wedding, including the after-party.

Q.4. When should a wedding after-party begin?

The wedding after-party is held on the same day as the wedding, immediately following the reception. Depending on how long the reception lasts and how late the partygoers stay, this could extend into the early hours of the following day.

Q.5. Where should a wedding after-party hold?

A wedding after-party can be held in any location of your choice, such as at the pool, club, open bar, near the beach, backyard, etc. You don’t need to host your wedding after-party in the same location where your reception took place.

Q.6. Who should be invited to the after-party celebration?

It is entirely up to you who you invite to your party. Typically, couples leave it open to all wedding guests attending the reception. However, if you want it to be a close-knit event, you can invite only those close to you, such as friends and family, to participate in the final festivities.

Q.7. How to invite wedding after-party guests?

If you’re hosting the after-party somewhere other than the wedding venue, notify your guests via a separate insert within the wedding invitation, or you can send out an e-vite. If you’re inviting only a few guests for an after-party, send them e-vites and call them personally for the same, don’t mention it on your wedding card or wedding website.

Q.8. What should be the ideal wedding after-party outfit?

If you want, you can have a dress code for all your guests, including yourself and your spouse. But make sure you notify all your guests invited for the wedding after-party about the dress code well in advance. And if there is no dress code, you and your girlfriends can always choose to wear gowns, mini dresses, or jumpsuits for a comfortable celebration. At the same time, males can opt for blazers, shirts, and mix trousers.

Q.9. What should the duration of the after-party be?

More often than not, after-parties are two to four hours long. However, some couples prefer to have it all night, especially when it’s a destination wedding. , the party could last all night.

The tenure of the after-party celebration varies depending on your party size. For example, if you have a large party size, you can expect to have a much longer celebration.

Q.10. Who foots the bill for alcohol?

In terms of alcohol, if you informed guests about the after-party ahead of time, the expectation is that the hosts will foot the bill. You can, however, get around this more cost-effectively by setting a time limit. For example, you can pay for the drinks at the event for the initial hour or two and leave the rest to the guests.

Another way to save money on drinks is to arrange for a variety of drinks, including wine, vodka, and beer ahead of time and serve them to your guests at the after-party. The merchants often give discounts when you buy alcohol in bulk.

Q.11. What should you wear to an after-party?

It is entirely at your prerogative. If you want, you can have an after-party dress code for yourself and your guests or leave it up to their discretion.

If there is no after-party dress code, females can wear mini dresses, jumpsuits, cocktail dresses, and so on. Males can wear traditional blazers, shirts, and trouser combinations.

Q.12. Do we need to arrange for the food at the wedding after-party?

Partying empty stomach is no good idea. So, arranging for food is indispensable at the after-party. You don’t have to put in a lot of money on food for the after-party event. A few food items are enough to keep the party going. Actually, the idea is to have a lot of fun at the event; and food is a part of it.

Follow the aforementioned tips to host a grand wedding after-party.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺