Top 25 After Wedding Party Ideas

After Wedding Party Ideas

How does it feel when after months of wedding preparation, your wedding day just goes by in a jiffy? Of course, it doesn’t feel good. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event in every couple’s life – so no wonder why each couple wants it to go on perpetually.

Most couples like to continue the celebrations; if you’re one of those couples, then this post is for you. Whether you covet to continue dancing into the night or just wish to extend the festivities into the next day. Just feel free to celebrate your BIGGEST day your way. There are sundry after-wedding party ideas to commemorate and make it unique to you.

Here in this post, we have listed the top 25 after-wedding party ideas for you to have an incredibly extended time with your loved ones.

Let’s get started……

1. Late Night Movie Screening

Late Night Movie Screening

Movies are a great way to have a great time with your loved ones. You can also consider a late-night movie screening after your wedding reception. Not only will you, but also your guests will enjoy the extended party. They will be able to relax their dancing feet and chill out in front of a movie. Make it one of your favorite movies as a couple for an extra personal touch.

Pro Tip: Arrange for some eatables, drinks, etc., so that everybody can enjoy to the fullest.

2. Pool Party

Pool Party

Pool parties are terrific ways to beat the summer heat. Yeah… if you are getting hitched during the summer season, then a pool party is the right choice. None of your guests would despise a pool party, especially during the summer season.

Extending party won’t be a problem if you’re already hosting a poolside reception party. All you have to do is let your loved ones stay for the extended party and have fun!

3. Head to the Club

Head to the Club

Clubbing is fun, especially when you are with your favorite people! The coolest thing about clubbing is that clubs remain open until 2 am or 3 am on weekends.

If you’re getting married in the main city or are within easy reach of a nearby city or town, you could always head out to a club after the wedding reception to continue the celebration. Your guests will have plenty of time to flaunt their favorite dance moves.

Pro Tip: Make sure you plan a post-wedding celebration beforehand and make all the bookings in advance! Of course, you’ll be very busy preparing for your wedding reception otherwise.

4. City Tour

City Tour

If yours is a destination wedding or if you’re getting hitched in a different city, taking your guests on a city tour will simply add to the celebration. You will have extended time to spend and have fun with your loved ones. Take them around the city, explore, eat, and have lots of fun together!

Pro Tip: Serve up drinks and take your guests to the best eating joint in the city!

5. Karaoke Night

For the stupendous, after-wedding party, you can consider organizing Karaoke. It’s an excellent option for people who love singing. If your guests love singing or want to sing and perform, Karaoke is a fun way to take the celebration to another level and turn the spotlight onto the performers.

Either you can hire a DJ who is offering Karaoke or make a reservation at a karaoke bar or hire a pop-up karaoke booth.

Pro Tip: Make sure you make all the arrangements in advance!

6. Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Do you love sports? If yes, sporting events are a perfect way to celebrate after a wedding party. If you’re getting married in the city where a sporting event is being organized, you can book tickets for the same in advance. And if there is no sport event, then organize one for your guests at your venue.

Yes, you can have all your guests divided into two groups playing. You can organize any sporting event, like a football match, cricket match, kite flying competition, etc.

Sporting events are really fun; everybody would love to be part of the team. All you have to do is make all the necessary arrangements in advance.

7. Silent Disco

Silent Disco

Many venues have licensing-related time restrictions. Playing late music and serving drinks may not be allowed. If playing loud music is not allowed in your venue, then go for a silent disco. Like this, your guests can enjoy dancing for an extended period. Let your venue manager know in advance about the silent disco; so that necessary arrangement can be made.

The coolest thing about silent disco is that your guests will not have to compromise. All of you will get a headset with different music channels, and you all can dance to your favorite genre.

8. Hire a Standup Comedian

Hire a Standup Comedian

Laughing is a wonderful dose for all! And a standup comedian can be the best deal when it comes to enjoying your after-wedding party. Let your guests sit down to a comedy show at the end of the evening and laugh their heads off.

Hiring a comedian is an excellent after-wedding party idea that all your guests will love. It’s a great option, especially when your venue won’t let you continue playing loud music but you want to have a good dose of laughter!

9. Spa Day

Spa Day

After months of wedding planning, you would definitely need to rejuvenate yourself. Arguably, a spa day is a fantastic after-wedding party idea. Let your bridal party and closest family members have a refreshing and rejuvenating time at the local health and wellness center.

It goes without saying that spa is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress. A spa day will help you all to de-stress and blissful time.

10. Coffee Time

Coffee Time

Coffees are great ways to have a great time with your loved ones. You can organize a coffee/tea party with your closest family members and friends. Besides having a great time, your guests will be able to see your new setup.

You will have a great time relaxing, gossiping, and chit chatting with your friends and loved ones.

11. Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Only pizza lovers can understand the fun and excitement that a pizza party carries. Like coffee, a pizza party is another after-wedding party idea that all your guests would love. All you have to do is order your favorite pizzas and just have plenty of fun with your friends. It will save a lot of time and effort for you. In addition to this, there is no dearth of variety when it comes to pizza.

The best thing about a pizza party is that you can enjoy it anywhere, from your farmhouse to the nearby park after the wedding.

12. Try Hiking


Hiking is one of the great after-wedding party ideas, especially for sports enthusiasts or active couples. A refreshing walk to a nearby spot could be a great after-wedding party idea for all. If you’re hosting a destination wedding in the countryside or in a rural location, Hiking is a fantastic choice.

You can ask your venue manager or local people for hike suggestions. Some venues in remote locations even have their own hiking spots for their guests.

13. Picnic


Picnics are a beautiful way to reminiscence your childhood memories. Everybody has his own set of memories associated with picnics. And if you’re hosting a destination wedding in an international location, a picnic is A MUST then.

More often than not, guests love to stick around a little longer so that they can enjoy the destination; a picnic is a great after-wedding party idea for your guests who made time to travel from far and wide for your wedding. If yours is a beach wedding, then a picnic on the beach is perfect. And if you are hosting a wedding in the mountains, then a picnic on hills is perfect for all!

Even if it’s not a destination wedding, there is no problem. You can always arrange a picnic in your local area, like Public Park, riverside areas, local historical monuments, etc.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss to arrange for good food, music, drinks, etc., for your picnic.

14. Trad Session

After Wedding

A Trad session is damn-near essential if you’re getting hitched in some international location. All you have to do is ask your venue for the local musicians and hire them for the after wedding party.

Your guests will absolutely adore this idea! All you need to do is hire the musicians beforehand; waiting for the last minute won’t help.

15. House Party

Definitely, you would want your loved ones to visit your new house after your wedding; a house party is a fantastic idea for that. The best thing about a house party is that it’s a pocket-friendly option. Cook your own meal, arrange your own alcohol, and have your favorite people for the party.

You can consider organizing a house party in your backyard, and if it seems impossible, organize an indoor house party.

Pro Tip: Your party should not be annoying to anyone, so don’t miss to warn your neighbors about the party in advance. They may mind late-night music!

16. Trek


Perfect for active couples and their friends. If you love to indulge in adventure activities, trekking is apt for you. If you’re getting married in a rural location or if some trek region is nearby, then a trek is well-nigh necessary.

If your guests are also active and adventurous, they will adore this idea for sure.

17. Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

If you don’t find the idea of an extended party until the next day, then Sunday brunch is a great idea. Regather all your guests for the Sunday brunch. You can have them all at the nearby restaurant or arrange your post-wedding brunch at your new home.

18. Trip to Haunted Place

Trip to Haunted Place

Want to have some outside-the-box wedding after party idea, then a trip to a haunted place is best. Let your loved ones know in advance about the idea, and make all the arrangements for the trip in advance.

Make sure the haunted place is not too haunted ☺ ☺

19. Head to the Pub

Pub Party

How about heading to the Pub the next day or on the weekend. If you want to extend your party for a little longer duration, Pub is perfect. Your friends and closest family members would love it for sure!! Book out an area of a nearby Pub or bar in advance.

20. Outdoor Excursion

Outdoor Excursion

If you’re getting hitched on an international location, then an outdoor excursion is needed for sure. A hike to the nearby beauty spot or a stroll on the beachside is all you need after months of wedding preparation and exertion.

21. High Tea

High Tea

Tea/coffee parties are the perfect way to have some memorable time with loved ones. You can also organize a high tea party for your guests after your wedding. You can book your venue or a nearby café or hotel for the high tea party.

Reconvene your guests for the high tea party and have a lot of fun with them!

22. Second-day Disco Night

Second-day Disco Night

It is seen that most couples miss enjoying their wedding completely, could be because of tiredness or other reason. In such a case, a second-day disco night is perfect for all. Just hire a dance floor and a DJ to keep the party going!

23. Hire an Entertainer

Hire an Entertainer

Hiring an entertainer to keep your guests entertained even after the wedding is over is a perfect after-wedding party idea. You can consider hiring a standup comedian, a magician, or any other entertainer that you like.

Hiring an entertainer is a fantastic idea to lighten up the mood or offload all that tension and exertion that you went through your wedding planning days.

24. Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games

Games are a perfect alternative for active couples who have a bunch of competitive friends. You can arrange a range of outdoor games, such as ring toss, giant Jenga, croquet, treasure hunt, sack race, clay pigeon shooting, and so on. And if your guests are fond of adventure activities, then trying bungee jumping, paragliding or skydiving will be worth it. It is a good option if you have a small group on the second day.

25. Barbeque


Who would not love the idea of barbeque after the hectic wedding planning and preparation? A perfect way to have some relaxing time with your loved ones.

You can set up the barbeque in the backyard if you have one. You can also arrange it in your friend’s place who has a bigger house to host a party for a bunch of people. Your friends and family members would love to enjoy a great evening with you.

All you have to do is arrange for drinks, Spotify your favorite playlist, and create an ambiance that your guests would love. That’s all!!

After Wedding Party FAQs

Q.1 Why should we have an after-wedding party?

More often than not, wedding venues have licensing-related time restrictions. Often they are not allowed to play late music and serve late drinks. In such a case, couples prefer to have an after wedding party.

Another reason couples prefer to have an after-wedding is that they love the idea of continuing the celebrations to the next day. A post-wedding bash is particularly preferred by couples who host a destination wedding. In a destination wedding, most guests come from different locations who prefer to traverse the place. And an after-wedding party idea is perfect for your guests.

Apart from this, hosting an after-wedding party is a great opportunity to create beautiful memories with your loved ones. You can have a fun time with your closest family members and friends and continue with the wedding festivities.

Q.2 What should we wear to my after-wedding party?

Well, after wedding parties are for having some relaxed time with loved ones. It is absolutely up to you to decide what to wear. If you want to keep the whole thing formal, then deciding a dress code is okay. But if it is more of a relaxing kind of event, then anything that is comfortable for everybody will do. Even a pajama party is perfect for continuing the festivities.

Pro Tip: If you plan a specific dress code for the after-wedding party, then make sure you let your guests know in advance about it.

Q.3 Who shall we invite to your after wedding party?

Since after wedding parties are intimate celebrations, so you can invite only those close to you. Often, close family members and friends stay back even after the wedding is over. Wedding after party is the perfect way for them to have fun and enjoyment.

However, you have to make sure that you inform your guests about the after party beforehand. Sometimes after wedding, parties are formed randomly. In this case, whosoever stays back after the wedding shall be invited for the after wedding party!

Q.4 Do we need to have a theme for our after wedding party?

Well, having or not having a theme is just your choice. If you want to have a theme, go for one. If you want to just relax the moments with your loved ones, then a theme is not required. You could even keep a simple theme like guests sporting certain colors. But make sure you let your guests know your theme ahead of time!

Q.5 How much budget do we need for our after wedding party?

After party budget entirely depends on the type of party you’re planning to host. However, you don’t need to go extravagant for your wedding after party.

You can have a simple celebration at your house or host a lush party in an exuberant location. The type of party will be significant to your budget. Whether you host a house party or a party at an outdoor location, the key things will be having good music, food, drinks, and fun.

Q.6 Where should we throw our wedding after party?

You can host your after-wedding party anywhere you want. The most important thing to consider here is the accessibility of the venue from your location. Secondly, you will need to see whether or not the place could accommodate the number of people you expect to have with you.

However, it is recommended to have an intimate and cozy venue, where you and your guests could feel exclusive and have a good time.

If budget is a constraint, then you can throw your after party at your own house or at your friend’s house. As said earlier, the key things will be having good music, food, drinks, and fun. But if your budget allows, you can consider booking a private room in a hotel or a chartered boat, or you can utilize a part of your wedding venue for your after party.

Q.7 Do we need to book in advance for the after party?

Whether or not you should book in advance depends on the location and style of the after party. Also, the number of guests you think will be joining you will play a key role. But if you covet to throw your after wedding party in a stylish hotel or Pub in the city, you’ll need to make all the bookings ahead of time.

Q.8 Do we need to have specific food items at the after party?

Not necessarily, unless some of your guests have any medical problem, you can have any food item at the after wedding party. Even a pizza party or high tea is a good option to go with.

Q.9 How shall we decide the type of after wedding party?

Deciding the style of an after wedding party depends on the interest and likings of your guests. You may be interested in continuing the celebration with an adventure activity, but some of your guests may not be able to participate in the same. In this case, deciding your party’s style keeping everybody’s interest in mind will be wise.

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺