Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Destination Wedding in Bali

Find out top reasons why you should plan your destination wedding in Bali

Destination wedding is trending all around the world- and why not! A wedding is a special occasion of one’s life, it should be extraordinary. Also, with travel becoming easier than ever, getting wed-locked in absolutely different part of the world is not a tedious process for the couples. Destination Wedding in Bali, “Island of the Gods” simply means to create the most wonderful memories of your wedding to cherish all your life. Also, your wedding will be a perfect vacation for your loved ones.

Bali has always been a spot for vacations, tourists, honeymooners, and now it is gaining popularity as a perfect destination wedding location. Many of celebrities have already tied knot on the island, why should you not get hitched here amidst breathtaking beauty, blue water and lush green surroundings. Tying a knot here in Bali is easier, you will get numerous wedding planners and wedding packages to get wed-locked here on the island. All you need to do is say yes to the place.

For that unique, and idyllic settings for your D-day, you will find no place as dreamy as Bali. The so-called Island of Gods in Indonesia is magnificently beautiful and mesmerizing, swamped with colorful offerings and adorned temples everywhere. Well, one more thing which you would love to know – Bali is super affordable.

So, all set for your exotic wedding in one of the most vibrant island cultures?  Here are top 15 reasons why should you plan your wedding in Bali:

Best Destination Wedding in Bali

1. Paradise on earth

Famous for its vibrant culture, Bali is truly a paradise on earth. Surrounded by lush jungles, breathtakingly-beautiful beaches and sparkling blue water. What else one would want to say ‘I DO’ other than this beautiful heavenly place on earth. If you are looking to make a wedding more than extra ordinary, Bali is the place for you.

2. It’s a complete package

Bali makes a complete wedding package with its gorgeous hotels and resorts, sandy beaches, lively restaurants, distinct and vibrant culture, great shopping, and mountains, emerald green rice paddies, and lush jungles. Perfect for an idyllic and unique wedding.

3. A place with the best sunsets in the world

If you really want to see the most beautiful sunset in the world then Bali is the place. Believe me, you will never get to experience such sunsets anywhere else. If you are planning for a beach wedding with an epic sunset in Bali then you have incredible options such as Alila Villas Uluwatu, weddings happens at perched over a picture-perfect cliff, the insanely scenic Amankila for an excellent beachfront wedding, Bulgari Resort Bali, sits high above the waves along with a reflecting pool that makes the bride look like walking on water as she walks down the aisle.

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Besides, if rice terraces attracts you much then Pure Villa Canggu is the place to go for saying ‘I do’ in the middle of rustic rice paddies or the Four Seasons Resort Sayan for getting hitched in the zen jungle of Ubud. If still you are not convinced then get hitched on elephants at the Elephant Safari Park. Another option in Bali is Ayana, the largest resort in Bali, offer dozens of venues, including Sky, which is just 115 feet over the sea and so on so forth.

4. You can splurge – or save – big

Bali takes care of everyone’s need. It has everything from a five-star resorts to an incredible and affordable Airbnbs. The place welcomes everyone and that’s the reason here you can find premium properties and budgeted hotels also. Here your family and friends have an opportunity to either splurge for a luxury weekend at a resort & spa, or share an incredible villa Airbnb in a group together. It’s very easy to get a beautiful hotel room or a villa room just at $50-$75 a night here on the island.

Almost all the resort properties have pools and also include breakfast in the package. Moreover, food and transportation are also cheap in Bali. Also, for people who love massages Bali is a perfect place as you can get the best massages here in just $15/hour. Yes, you heard me right!! ☺ ☺

5. Bali is full of wedding planners and vendors

The main concern while planning a wedding in different location is about the vendors and the preparations. Planning a wedding is never easy, especially when it is a destination wedding in some foreign land as you’re not all that familiar with the place. But, Bali makes it as easy as possible for you. And, the reason for that is the country’s tourism and wedding business has gained popularity for the last decade, which led to a ton of resources, vendors and wedding planners all surrounding weddings in Bali.

There are many agencies that can help you plan your wedding in Bali. Also, it is very easy to get customized packages for a wonderful romantic wedding in Bali. These agencies can help you find the perfect wedding location in Bali according to your budget, book your reception venue, arrange villa or hotel accommodation for your guests and ensure all your and your guests’ needs are met at all times.

6. Most affordable place for destination wedding

Bali is the most affordable place for getting hitched. If you have always dreamt of getting wed-locked in some dreamy location than Bali is the place for you to fulfill your dreams as you can get luxury at a fraction of the cost here. You’ll be surprised to know the prices here, particularly for the couples coming from Western countries, or even neighboring countries. You can arrange your wedding as per your taste and expectations that too in best price. Whether the cost of living in your country is higher or lower, here in Bali you will find that the cost of holding a “luxurious” wedding celebration is cheaper.

7. Endless opportunities for adventure lovers

The place is full of endless opportunities and possibilities to keep your family and friends busy. Bali is a perfect place for adventure lovers, they can spend time in surfing, biking, shopping, kayaking, and snorkeling. Also, there are places where beginners can take lessons for surfing in the warm water. Besides, river rafting, hiking volcanos, and trekking to waterfalls are additional outdoor activities available in various spots. And if you or your guests are fitness freaks then yoga is another major activity to get indulged in. In fact yoga is one of the major reason people visit Bali, and why not after all doing yoga and meditation in such a serene location will give more benefits than in other locations. If you or your family and friends need some relaxation then they can be busy in getting the best massages in the best spas.

8. You’ll have the opportunity to spend best time of your life with your friends & family

These are your only days left with your family and friends because after that you will live with your husband in his house. You will surely meet your loved ones on and off but these days are some special days of your life. You might be nervous for leaving them, your loved ones will be emotional for you will leave them and start your new journey. These few days before the wedding are very precious for every bride. In Bali you have great opportunities to spend these days with your loved ones, do what all you want to do. Just freak out, eat, travel, surf, hike, walk, see sunset, talk, and get chirpy. Enjoy these wonderful days of your life with the best people of your life. You have everything to make it happen.

9. Place has some seriously amazing chapels

The place has world’s first Bulgari wedding chapel, known for its local stone and handcrafted floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Not to forget, the dramatically shaped all-glass Tresna Chapel that has a see-through aisle over a flowing river and can accommodate 80 guests in its air-conditioned confines. At the Conrad Nusa Dua, the Infinity Chapel is the most sought place. Its asymmetrical, ultramodern architecture presents marble walkways, reflection pools, and steel-framed glass, also, it floats more than 6 feet above sea level, enveloping guests in blue from all sides.

10. Get the best wedding photos

Wedding pictures are for lifetime and who would not want to have the best wedding pictures. Here in Bali you can take photos with every tropical backdrop you have always wanted. Every couple has advantage here at the tropical island to get the best pictures of their wedding. Whether you like to have pictures in greeneries then there are myriads of beautiful venues located in the middle of the luscious rice paddies and rain forests of Ubud. But, if you think you are more of beach person then there are world’s best beaches to be used as backdrops, or if you think you are a mountain person then Bali has many venues high up top too. Whatever you want even if it’s a zoo or a yacht, you just ask for it and it is there to be a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures.

11. Fun place to host your pre-wedding celebrations or rituals

As said earlier, Bali makes an affordable wedding option. Why not to start your wedding with all the rituals and pre-wedding celebrations. There is no reason for not conducting your pre-wedding rituals here!! More often than not, Bali is considered as a tourist mecca. It offers so much that you can make your bachelor/bachelorette party or stag/hens or pre-wedding rituals as unforgettable as your wedding itself.

12. Perfect for an intimate destination wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Bali, then definitely it is going to be an intimate wedding which will include only few of your close friends and family members. Already, a destination wedding is one of the best ways to keep your guest list intact and compact. If you are also looking for some intimate wedding with limited people in an international location then Bali is best. However, if you are looking for a big fat wedding, Bali is able to deliver that too. It is Indonesia above all, the lands of 1000+ guests’ weddings.

13. The best weather & wedding season

Bali is a place with best weather in the world. It is located about 8 degrees south of the equator. Hence, one can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year around – with two main distinctive seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season. Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) include mainly peaks over 3,000 meters in elevation. The temperatures up there are considerably cooler, and receive more rain than the coastal areas. For getting hitched here, avoid rainy season which starts from mid-November to March. Rains are heavy here. The best wedding season here is anytime from March to October.

14. Land of Sumptuous cuisine

Destination wedding in Bali will give you and your guests to savor on Balinese cuisine. Balinese cuisine is a world famous cuisine. Variety of spices are used and blended with the fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Basa gede, also called basa rajang, is a spice paste that is a basic ingredient in many Balinese dishes. The cuisine here demonstrates indigenous traditions. Rice is the primary grain and almost always consumed as a staple accompanied with vegetables, meat and seafood. Pork, chicken, fruit, vegetables and seafood are also its specialty. Don’t miss to savor on the traditional dishes such as Pisang Goreng, Sate, Nesi Goreng, Nasi Campur, Rijsttafel when in Bali.

15. Wedding plus your honeymoon destination.

Last but not the least, when considering Bali for your destination wedding, keep in mind that the place also serves well as the honeymoon destination. It is the most sought place among newly-weds and honeymooners. You can also consider Bali for your honeymoon. Of course, leaving for honeymoon to some other location just after your wedding will be quite hectic. Because already you will be exhausted with your wedding and just next day traveling for one more international location is not a nice idea.

You two need some peaceful time and Bali is a perfect place to begin your new journey’s celebration. If you want you can change your location or resorts, and there is no problem as the island has beautiful villages, beaches, and hotels to check out. Or you can hop on a boat to the nearby islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida or one of the Gilis that have the most incredible beaches and water in the area. All you need to do to come in honeymoon mode is bid adieu to your friends and family and start your honeymoon the day after your wedding. That way you will also save on your logistical stress.

To pan out…

I’m sure you have enough reasons to plan your wedding in Bali now… Plan and host the most romantic wedding of the season!!

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺

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