Are You Planning a Post-Pandemic Wedding?

Post-Pandemic Wedding Planning

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of couples had to cancel their weddings. According to a survey, 80% of couples who planned a summer wedding postponed weddings to the latter half of the year. The last three months of the year (i.e., October, November, and December) are known for hosting maximum winter weddings in India. However, this year, it will be different as most couples have already postponed their nuptials to these months. And these dates were already previously occupied. Now the significant stress is going to be on post-pandemic wedding planning.

There are already limited wedding dates in October, November, and December, and a sudden and drastic shift in demand for weddings in these months will make it difficult for the industry to manage. Also, couples may find difficulty hosting their marriages, especially if it is a large scale wedding. Because prioritizing hygiene and safety at large gatherings is not easy.

Here is what the couples should do for their post-pandemic wedding planning:

1. Plan an intimate wedding

If you are planning to host a large scale wedding, it would be better to cancel it for now. You may find it rude, but hosting a large scale wedding immediately after the coronavirus is over is not wise. Even post-pandemic, you will need to look after the hygiene and safety of your guests. And prioritizing health and safety at large gatherings is not going to be easy. However, planning a small scale wedding is possible and can be managed easily.

2. Book your vendors now

If you have postponed your wedding to October, November, or December, then it is the right time to book your vendors. Most wedding vendors have already started their operations. They have started taking bookings. If you delay the procedure any further, you may end up hiring average wedding vendors, which is not wise.

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3. Keep it low

Yes, even after the COVID-19 subsides, make sure you keep the celebration low. Here I tell you the benefits of doing so – Since there are already limited dates in the last three months, more and more couples will rush to hire wedding vendors. There are chances that you may not be able to hire the vendor or venue that you always wanted to. In such a situation, keeping the celebration low will not affect your plan too much. Even if you want, you can host a home wedding with just close family and friends.

4. Opt for e-invites

Of course, Indians love to have printed wedding invites. Most of us love the touch and feel of hard copies. Also, we can keep the printed invites as the keepsake for the lifetime. However, sending printed invites even post-pandemic doesn’t seem feasible. Of course, you will have to follow certain protocols, even post-pandemic, to ensure your guests’ safety and hygiene. Moreover, opting for e-invites will help you save a lot of money. And this is the time when you should avoid any kind of unnecessary expense.

5. Avoid unnecessary expenditures

We understand your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you have always dreamt of hosting a grand celebration. Perhaps this is not the time for that. But you can make your small scale wedding a grand event by doing things which you can do even now. However, to make your event a grand celebration, you don’t need to spend a lot. We all know that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the people to a greater extent. Many people have lost their jobs, and many are on the verge already. The economy is going to take some time to revive. Until then, it is good to minimize your expenses. And a wedding in India is already a pricey event. Many people take a loan to host a wedding, which won’t be wise at this time. In fact, this is the time when you minimize your expenses and celebrate your wedding in a minimum budget. However, there are personal loans with low-interest rates to help you in achieving this major milestone.

Remember that starting a family is demanding. You will need money for several other things, save your money for your future. Also, you always have a privilege to host a grand First Wedding Anniversary Party for all your guests, who you could not invite because of a pandemic.

6. Hosting a destination wedding can be cumbersome

Even after the pandemic is over, traveling to different locations won’t be easy. Moreover, it will affect your wedding guests list, most of your wedding guests won’t be able to attend your wedding. Also, another issue could be getting the right venue to host your wedding. Already venues will be occupied, and getting the venue at the last minute won’t be possible. So, it is better to host a wedding locally. Even if you don’t get any wedding venue, you can still host a wedding at your home.

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7. Be happy

Last but not least, be happy! In life, we all have to compromise. And this is the time when everybody is compromising at some or other levels. We all want to fulfill our dreams, and we can do anything to achieve them. And the wedding is one such dream, but sometimes all we can do is just accept things as they are! It is okay if some of your goals are not fulfilled. The most important thing in life is happiness! And we should not associate our happiness with worldly things. If you are happy from within, even a low key celebration will appear a magnificent one. Moreover, your wedding is about you two, you and your significant other! If you two are happy, then everything else will fall in place! So, don’t miss to be happy!!

And remember, happy girls, make for the most beautiful brides!

The Bottom Line…..

Follow these ideas for your post-pandemic wedding planning. Following these steps may help you host a memorable wedding that you can cherish all your life.

Happy Wedding…