When To Hire Wedding Vendors

When to hire wedding vendors

This is crucial and it is important that every couple is aware of when to hire wedding vendors. Wedding vendors are the most important part of your wedding, as they are the ones who help you create your dream day! If you won’t book them on time, then chances are you may end up compromising with some random vendors. Who may not be able to give you services the way you want. Therefore, it is important that you stay organized when it is about vendors.

Hiring wedding vendors is very important, as the best vendors get booked first. If you will delay the process, then you may end up hiring some inexperienced wedding vendors. Who may not be able to create your wedding the way you want…. IT’S NOT WISE!

Here in this post we are sharing with you the wedding vendor timeline.

Let’s get started…

On average the amount of time that couples spend planning their wedding is 12 to 13 months. This is the time when they can plan their wedding and organize things accordingly. This time should be spent wisely. And if your wedding is scheduled to take place before it, still you can manage things, it’s doable!

10 – 12 Months Prior to Your Wedding

Hire Wedding planner

If you want your wedding planning journey to be stress-free, then hiring a wedding planner is important. They are skilled and experienced people who can help you create a wonderful wedding event for you! When you plan to hire a wedding planner, it is important that you hire him/her first! Remember that the best vendors are booked first. If you delay the hiring procedure you may end up hiring a less experienced wedding planner.

Book Wedding Venue

This is the most important of all tasks. Yes, especially when you are planning to host an outdoor wedding, or a wedding in a different place other than your home, or you hosting a big fat wedding. The moment you have your wedding dates, and the size of the wedding. You should not wait to book the venue. As the process will take some time, you may need to research online, then visit a few venues and finally book the one that suits your needs.

8 – 10 Months Prior to Your Wedding

Hire Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Wedding photographers are a MUST HAVE in a wedding, they are the ones who capture your moments that you cherish all your life. Of course, you cannot hire any wedding photographer or videographer for your wedding. Your wedding is a special event so are your wedding pictures; hence, it is crucial that you hire a professional. Research online or ask for referrals, spend nice time on finding the right photographer and videographer for your wedding. Select a few options; see their work; meet them in person; and choose the one whose style fits in your needs! Same goes with the wedding videographer as well.

Wedding Caterer

Of course, you need to feed your wedding guests, or else you will end up having hangry guests! Because hunger creates anger! If your wedding venue doesn’t include a caterer, or you are hosting your wedding at your home, then you’ll need to hire a caterer. Make sure you hire the caterer at least 8 month prior to your wedding. Wedding caterer will help you decide serving style on your wedding reception and will also provide a pre-wedding tasting so that you can pick out dishes for your wedding menu.

7 – 8 Months Prior to Your Wedding

Wedding Music

To make your wedding event an extravagant affair, you will need to hire wedding music as well. Especially when you are planning to host a big fat wedding. You can choose to hire a wedding band or a DJ for your wedding. But you will need to spend some time to find the best band or DJ for your wedding reception ceremony. You can even consider hiring university bands, as they also perform better. Besides, you will need to hire ceremony music as well. So, get things done well on time so that there are no regrets later.

Book Wedding Guest Accommodations

If you’re expecting a lot of out-of-town wedding guests, then it is recommended to book rooms for them in a hotel close to the wedding venue. Or if your wedding venue provides guests rooms as well, then book them too for your wedding guests. Of course, people coming from other cities or towns should be accommodated properly. It will help you leave a great impression and you will have happy guests as well! Also, do not miss to list hotel room block information on your wedding website or on the wedding invites.

Wedding Officiant

Wedding officiants are very busy people, believe you me! Especially when it is the wedding season, then to find an officiant becomes difficult. Therefore, it is advised that you book the wedding officiant 7 to 8 months prior to your wedding. Hire an experienced officiant for your wedding.

Wedding and Reception Outfit

You will need to spend a lot of time to buy that special dress for your wedding that will help you look the most beautiful. Every bride wants to look beautiful at her wedding, and wants to wear something unique. It takes time to find the dress of your dream for your wedding. So, it is recommended that you buy your wedding outfit at least 7 – 8 months prior to your wedding. As, after buying the dress you will need to get it altered to your size. If you are planning to buy a wedding Lehnga, then it will have to be stitched, which will take time. Same goes with your reception outfit. Give yourself enough time for your wedding dress purchase, as alterations will also be there.

Wedding Décor

If wedding décor is not included in your wedding venue, then you will need to hire wedding decorators as well. Again the same rule applies, you will have to book them well in advance. Otherwise you will end up hiring some random decorator, which is not wise! So, hire the ones who are able to understand your wedding style, vision, and budget.

Wedding Invitations

Printing wedding invites will take time. There will be many updates before you get the final wedding invite. Also, if you are expecting many out-of-the-town guests, then it is crucial that you get your wedding invites printed well in advance. As you will need to post them as well.

5 – 6 Months Prior to Your Wedding

Hiring Travel Consultant for Honeymoon

It’s time to plan your honeymoon now. Sit with your significant other and decide the location for your honeymoon. Decide whether you are planning a honeymoon in the country or abroad. Accordingly, you will need to hire a travel consultant for yourself. Travel consultants are worth an investment when it comes to having a great time in your honeymoon. Travel consultants can take care of all your needs when you are on your honeymoon.

Book Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Definitely you want to look your best at your wedding, and hiring a professional makeup artist can help you look your best! Also, a good makeup will impact your wedding pictures as well. Hence, it is important that you hire a professional and experienced makeup artist. Also, it is important that you hire them at least 6 month prior to your wedding. As, like other vendors the best makeup artists are also booked first.
Also, make sure that you book makeup artist and hair stylist separately. If you really want to have a stunning hairstyle at your wedding, then go for a professional hairstylist. And book well in advance.

Wedding Rentals

If you’re hosting your wedding at home or if your wedding venue does not provide rentals like chairs tables, crockery, linens, etc. then you’ll need to hire a rentals company as well. Hire a rental company well in advance so that there is no chaos later. You can also ask for referrals from your wedding venue or you can work your caterer as they also have connections. Also, make the list of items that you will need for your wedding in advance. Accordingly, you will order for your wedding.

Wedding travel tickets

If you are planning to host a destination wedding, then you will need to book your air tickets in advance. Hence, try booking your air tickets in advance. Booking in advance will help you have some good deals.
4 months prior to your wedding

Wedding Accessories

It’s not just your wedding attire, in fact, you will need to buy a lot many other things to complete your bridal look. Hence, it is recommended that you buy your wedding accessories at least 4 month prior to your wedding. Accessories like shoes, headpieces, undergarments, and many more. Make sure you purchase wedding-day accessories well in advance.

Groom’s Wedding Outfit

Whether you are planning to buy or rent your wedding attire, you will have to decide before your wedding. Because in both cases you will need to have it in advance. Also, what are you planning to buy or rent a suit or a tuxedo or sherwani for your wedding? All these have to be decided well in advance. Accordingly, buy your accessories as well, like shoes, tie, bow, etc.

Arranging Transportation

If your wedding venue is a little farther from your home, then you will surely need to book a bus or shuttle for your wedding. Besides, you will need to book a few cabs also, for yourself to go to the parlor, and for your guests. Hiring a transporter well in advance will help you have a smooth functioning at your wedding, otherwise you will end up having complaints from your guests.

2 – 3 Months Prior to Your Wedding

Wedding Jewels

You will need to buy wedding jewels, like wedding rings, wedding jewelry that you will wear on your wedding attire and after your wedding as well. You will need to spend enough time to buy them too. You will have to visit 4 – 5 jewelers to finally buy the perfect jewelry for yourself.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are in trend! Of course, you need to give something that will be useful to your guests and something that will reflect your wedding style. You can buy anything online or from a store. But the entire process of buying wedding favors for your guests needs time. So, it is essential that you spend enough time, buy them at least three months prior to your wedding. Because packing will also take some time!
Follow this wedding vendor’s timeline, it will help you host a great wedding ceremony without any hassle! Also, you can condense this list according to your needs and requirements! Enjoy…..

Happy Wedding…. ☺☺