15+ Tips To Pull off The Most Memorable Proposal Ever

Tips to pull off the most memorable proposal ever

One of the most harrowing questions for anyone could be to ask their significant other: “Will you marry me?” However, deciding to ask after so many efforts and practices is itself a big deal, but to ask in real needs a lot of courage and is slightly more difficult. The most important point in all is, the Memorable proposal needs to be perfect, and it should be romantic and memorable for both.

More often than not, people reserve at a five-star restaurant, get a bouquet, order the most expensive wine on the menu, and put the ring on a pastry, that’s all. That method might have worked traditionally, but now is the time to flaunt a little, express a little more. There has to be something extra to your proposal than the ordinary ones.

Well, if you are wondering how to propose to the love of your life, though there are a ton of ways to propose your love, but the best ones are mentioned below. Do read!

How to propose the right way?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule for proposing the love of your life. Also, you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to do so. All you need is to have is a romantic idea and plan to turn that beautiful idea to an amazing experience for life. When you plan to propose a person, it means you know the person inside out and that is the reason you are so sure to spend all your life with the same person.

Hence, to make your proposal romantic and memorable, just imagine what all your significant other will like in a proposal and accordingly plan it. Still, here are some essential elements of a wonderful proposal…..

The elements of a great proposal

1. Location

most memorable proposal ever location

Location plays an important role in a proposal. It is not necessary that the location you choose is expensive, however, it should be some location which is memorable to both of you. Maybe the location where you saw her for the first time that could be your college library also. Likewise, see some such location to propose. Though, the proposal itself makes any location a memorable one.

2. Music in the background

Music is a remedy to many heart related issues, and proposal is one amongst all. A little ambient music can do wonders in your proposal. Just imagine a song (which you both love of course) being played in the background and suddenly you came up with a ring in your hand, it will make her jump in surprise. Just try out!!

3. In front of people who matters the most like your family and friends

If you are amongst those who love to tell about their love to everybody than nothing could be better than proposing your love in front of people who matters the most to you. Don’t hesitate to share the biggest experience of your life with the people you love. However, it the proposal itself can be made intimately and privately, but it’ll be much more memorable if you make it in front of your loved ones, who are always ready to share the good news with you.

4. When you know it’s the right time

Though, there is no right time to propose to the love of your life. But, make sure you don’t propose on an impulse without considering what happens after. Impulsive decisions can go wrong, so it is better to consider your situation before proposing the other person. For instance, you are not financially ready for a wedding, and you propose your significant other and later you give all the excuses for extending the wedding plans, she will definitely feel bad about it. Instead, have a plan and then propose your love, or you can propose but tell your significant others about your wedding plans.

5. Propose your significant other with a ring

Propose your significant other with a ring

Ring is very important for making a proposal. Ring plays an important role in a proposal. It doesn’t matter what others say, but it is crucial. Of course, the ring need not be super costly or a diamond only. But a ring will leave a great impact on your proposal. Ring is a symbol of your love. Price of the ring should not matter, any ring can do as long as your proposal is romantic and memorable for your partner. In fact, if you gift a ring which is very ordinary or different it will always work as a symbolic token of your proposal for the life.

6. Propose when you both are ready

There is no right age for getting married. It doesn’t matter what your age is or you are at a perfect age for getting married. If you are not ready, do not propose. Marriage is a big deal, it is about the entire life and not for two or three years. You need to really consider all the aspects of getting married, you will need to think about what’s going to happen once you and your partner get hitched. Marriage is a responsibility, you need to see whether your significant other is ready to take that responsibility or not. Because it is not just about you, it is about your significant other too.

7. When you are financially ready for it

Propose the love of your life, when you are actually ready to take care of the other person. Marriage is a big responsibility and it never comes alone. So, make a proposal only when you are financially ready for getting hitched. When you have acquired what all you wanted to before getting hitched. When you think you are financially stable and are ready for getting hitched.

8. When your family is also ready to accept someone new with them

Though, this is not for all, but in some religion or region this happens that family does not accept someone who they don’t know, So, it is crucial that you talk to your family first, before making a proposal to your significant other. Marriage is a union, union of not just two people but it is a union of two families<make sure your family is ready.

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The ways you can propose to the love of your life

Besides elements, to make your proposal super romantic you need to think of some way that is out of the box, unique, different, and romantic. It can be anything, however. Here are some suggestions for you to make your proposal an easy task for you…

1. On bent knee

On bent knee

Though, a traditional method, as people have been using the same for ages now. But trust it hasn’t yet lost its charm. You can propose your any way you want to, really, but remember that you’re making a huge promise to each other and you two are ready for that. The proposal may not be as grand as the wedding itself, but still it is really a big deal.

2. Propose in nature

Propose in nature

If you and your partner are big fond of nature, and you want the perfect setting to make your proposal romantic and memorable, then there’s nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors. Try out!!

3. Propose offshore

Simply rent a yacht for an hour (it is not going to cost you much). Sail out into the open blue, amidst water and just bend down on your knees and propose your love there. It is going to be a mesmerizing proposal which you both will remember all your lives.

4. A beachy proposal

A beachy proposal

If you and your significant other love beaches, then there is nothing more romantic than proposing your partner on the side of the pristine beach, environed by palm groves, crystal water, and golden sand. It is going to be lovely, trust!!

5. Musical proposal

Musical proposal

Now this is going to be super romantic. Just hire a band sing your proposal with it. If hiring a band seems a little too much to you, then just go in a nice restaurant where they have music or orchestra and sing your proposal in front of all the people at the restaurant to your love. She will love the way you gathered the courage to propose to her in front of strangers. It is going to be mesmerizing for the ones who are shy in nature. Just plan out of the box this time. Share the love and the joy with everyone around.

6. Flowery proposal

Flowery proposal

Flowers are charming and make the whole thing perfect, especially if it is a proposal. Just fill in your room or wherever you are with red roses. She will definitely be surprised to see the romantic side of your personality. And trust, this is going to work out well.

7. Proposal at the library

Proposal at the library

Library is the place where you first saw her, and you got stuck there itself. Now is the time to propose to her and relive all your old memories. Just go and propose her there at the library, and do let her know how you got stuck at the first glance itself, and how you have been waiting for this moment all these years. She will fall for you once again. Try this out!!

8. Propose with a beautiful sunset

Propose with a beautiful sunset

Sunsets are the most romantic backdrops of all time. Sunsets have been admired by almost everyone. If you also love the idea of proposing your significant other with a beautiful sunset, then find a spot with a perfect sunset or has a great view of the sunset, and just propose at the right moment when the sun sets romantically and shower all its love on both of you.

9. Under the stars

Under the stars

You may find the idea historical, but believe you me it still works. Starry nights are the most beautiful bights of all. Just wait for that perfect starry night. Under the stars and with the mesmerizing full moon, just you and your significant other and the cool breeze, propose your significant other on that perfect moment.

10. At work

If you and your significant other works in the same premises or office, then proposing at work can also be one way to make your proposal memorable. Also, you can get some of your coworkers in on the act. Wait until she comes out of her office thinking that she’s the last person to leave the office, but as soon as she steps out of the office, there you are with a ring in hand, bent on your knees and the other coworkers cheering in the background. It would be fantastic and the most memorable.

11. Propose in a theater

Propose in a theater

Now, it may cost you a bit but it is worth spending. All you have to do is rent out a cinema hall and play a proposal trailer. It is a romantic way of proposing your significant other in a way.

12. Propose under the sea

Propose under the sea

If you and your love are adventure lovers and love water sports, then nothing could be more beautiful than proposing her under the sea, while scuba diving.

13. Propose in the sky

Propose in the sky

There are three ways to do the same, one is while you are skydiving, when you are on a plane or helicopter, and when you para jumping. See, which way is more suitable to you. However, this is for the ones who love adventures.

14. Propose in your sister’s wedding

Propose in your sister’s wedding

If you are a host and she is attending a wedding at your place, then this is again a perfect timing to propose love of your life, that too in front of all your family members. All you need to do is create an ambiance, gather all your family members in one place, but do not let her know. Hold the ring and ask the most important question of your life to her in front of everybody!! Let your family be part of your joy and happiness.

15. Propose in a mock speed dating party

Just ask your friend to get your partner to a speed dating party. Be her last date at the party and ask the question when it’s your turn.

16. Propose on mountain

Propose on mountain

It is for all the mountain lovers. Just imagine the moment you reach the peak after hiking for hours and suddenly in the middle of all the excitement you get your ring from your pocket with a long awaited question to your partner. It will be a romantic proposal all in all,

17. Propose where you first dated

Some people really get connected to the place where they dated for the first time. If you also have any such memorable location where you had your first date, then proposing your partner there will also be impactful. Because both of you must have spent the best time of your life there and that’s how the place is memorable for you two. To make it unforgettable for the life time, you can propose your partner at the same place.

18. At the college canteen

Yes, that’s where you spent most of your time during your college days. That’s where you learn about your feelings for each other, and that’s where you shared all your happiness and joyous moments with each other. So, why not to consider the place for your proposal too. Proposing your partner there will help you two relive all those wonderful old memories. All you need to do is call some of your friends, ask one of your friends to get your partner along. The moment your partner comes in, pull out the ring and bend on your knees…. And ask her… the most awaited question!!

To pan out…

Here are some of the best ways to propose your partner, if you want to be more creative and adventurous, you can be, and propose your fiancee in the most romantic ways. You can even propose your partner in the woods, in a zoo, on a holiday, in the car, in the bed, or on some memorable day of your life, like on the anniversary of your first meeting, or maybe on the Valentine’s Day, or maybe on her birthday, or maybe on your birthday, or in some party etc.

It is okay how and where you propose your partner as long as you know that a proposal is not barely words, but a commitment, a responsibility. Whichever way you propose your partner, what matters the most is that you and your partner are happy about your choices. Most important thing to remember is that you two are ready for the commitment, for the promise that you two are making to each other. Because, a proposal is a big deal. So, make it count!!

Have a Happy and Romantic Proposing ☺ ☺