Tips to Select a Wedding Tuxedo or Suit

Tips to select a wedding tuxedo or suit

Believe it or not, the groom’s attire equally matters in a wedding. And it should always complement the bride’s outfit to make a picture perfect couple. Well, when it comes to choosing your tuxedo or suit for your wedding, picking the right color and style is the key. However, finalizing the right attire needs your time, effort, and emotional investment.

Are you planning to buy a wedding tuxedo for yourself? Here are the best tips to select a wedding tuxedo or suit for your wedding. Read on…

  • First things first, your tuxedo or wedding suit must complement your bride’s wedding dress. For instance, if the bride prefer to go formal, then the groom’s tuxedo should follow suit in order to honor the dress.
    Consider theme of your wedding. Another very crucial point that one should consider while choosing tuxedo is – the theme of the wedding. It is important that your wedding attire should go well with the theme of your wedding. Hence, choose the theme prior to buying your tuxedo or wedding suit.
  • Consider fabric of tuxedo. Well, the fabric of your tuxedo will very much depend on the season of your wedding. Of course, if yours is a winter wedding, then wool, worsted or wool-blended suits will be a great option. While, for weddings in summer, one must opt for a linen suit, it will keep you cool as the fabric is highly breathable. And if budget is an issue, then cotton and polyester suits are also good to go with.
  • Consider the season of your wedding. It is very important that you consider the season of the wedding before you buy your wedding suit. Yeah, while making a purchase the season that the event will take place in will matter the most. Firstly, season wise you will choose the fabric. Secondly, chances are in winters most of your guests will wear almost the same styles. So, better to find out a theme that doesn’t clash with your guests and men party.
  • The type of fit you are looking for. The fit of your suit will play the most important role if your overall look. Therefore, it is important to wear a tuxedo or wedding suit that compliments your body shape perfectly. You will have to choose from Regular, Slim, and Tailored. Most of the time fit is chosen based on body shape and level of comfort one wants. Regular fit is for people who prefer to have a classic style in a comfortable fit along with the comfort for extra movement. However, it is ideal for those with a larger build than average. Slim fit is ideal for people with a slimmer physique and a nice body shape, and yeah who are a bit stylish and fashionable. While, tailored is more of a midway option, it is for a more streamlined look that allows more movement and comfort than a regular and slim fit.
  • Consider your groomsmen outfits. Of course, their tuxedos should match with yours, but yours must stand out in the crowd. It is your event, it is important that you and your bride to-be are the main attraction at your wedding. For that you can simply choose to change bow tie and vest colors or you can even go bold with a colored tuxedo. In the end it is about personal style, fit and comfort.
  • Consider colors that suits the best. Well, while buying tuxedo the color of the suit also matters. Make sure that your tuxedo color doesn’t clash with your groomsmen or other party guests. So, go for something that goes well with your wedding theme, bridal outfit and is unique. For choosing the right color for your wedding, you will need to consider your options, like: how formal the event is going to be? What color your bride to-be is going to wear? And what color your groomsmen are deciding on? The more formal wedding indicates a black, navy, or charcoal gray tuxedo or wedding suit with a white/ivory vest and bowtie. Whereas, the less formal the wedding the more options you’ll have to play with.
  • Accessorize your overall look. Once you have finalized your tuxedo it is highly crucial that you accessorize your look accordingly. So, take time to get the perfect accessories for your wedding suit, make sure that they match your suit perfectly. Accessories such as, cuff-links, patterned tie, silk tie, neck-wear, shoes, etc. All these will simply add to your overall look. So, choose wisely and only after you finalize your tuxedo, not before that.

Thanks for reading… I hope the list helps you finally buy your tuxedo!!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺