Top 20 Groomsmen Attire Choices for Your Wedding for 2024

Top 20 Groomsmen Attire Ideas for 2023_ Stylish Choices for Your Wedding Party

When planning the perfect wedding, every detail counts, and your groomsmen’s attire is no exception. Groomsmen attire is crucial in setting the tone for your big day, complementing your wedding theme, and ensuring your wedding party looks sharp and stylish.

As we progress through 2024, it’s time to explore the freshest and most stylish groomsmen attire ideas to make your wedding memorable and picture-perfect. From classic and timeless choices to bold and unique options, we’ve curated the top 20 groomsmen attire ideas to help you and your wedding party stand out in style.

Here are the best groomsmen attire ideas

1. Traditional black tuxedos with a modern twist

For those who appreciate timeless elegance but desire a contemporary touch, traditional black tuxedos with a modern twist are a splendid choice for groomsmen outfits in 2024. These sleek and sophisticated tuxedos maintain the classic black hue but incorporate subtle updates. Consider tuxedos with slim-fit silhouettes for a more streamlined appearance.

Traditional black tuxedos with a modern twist

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Experiment with unique styles such as shawls or peak lapels to infuse a dash of modern flair. Opt for additions like slim bowties or colorful pocket squares to add a touch of flair. This fusion of tradition and modernity creates a groomsmen ensemble that exudes refinement while staying on-trend for the year.

2. Elegant navy suits for a timeless look.

In 2024, the charm of elegant navy suits continues to endure as a timeless choice for groomsmen outfits. Navy suits exude a refined and versatile appeal that seamlessly fits into various wedding themes and seasons. The rich, deep hue flatters a wide array of skin tones.

Elegant navy suits for a timeless look


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To enhance the timeless look, opt for suits that are well-tailored. Pair them with classic white dress shirts and complementing ties or bowties. Navy suits provide an enduring elegance that stands the test of time, ensuring your groomsmen look suave and sophisticated on your special day.

3.  Charcoal gray suits for a versatile and sophisticated appearance

For an effortlessly versatile and sophisticated appearance in 2024, turn to charcoal gray suits as the go-to choice for groomsmen attire ideas. These suits exude a refined, modern aura while maintaining timeless appeal. Charcoal gray complements a broad spectrum of wedding themes, seasons, and color palettes, making it an adaptable choice.

Charcoal gray suits for a versatile and sophisticated appearance

Image Source: The Rugby Catalog

Consider tailored two-piece or three-piece suits for a polished look. Add a touch of sophistication by pairing them with crisp white shirts and silver or patterned ties for a touch of sophistication. Charcoal gray suits epitomize versatility, ensuring groomsmen exude style and elegance on your special day.

4. Tweed suits for a rustic countryside wedding

Embracing the charm of a rustic countryside wedding in 2024 calls for groomsmen attire ideas that resonate with the pastoral setting, and tweed suits fit the bill perfectly. Tweed offers a cozy, textured appearance, ideal for outdoor affairs amidst nature’s beauty. These suits exude a rustic and vintage vibe that effortlessly blends with the countryside’s rustic charm.

Tweed suits for a rustic countryside wedding

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Choose earthy colors like brown or olive green, complemented by rustic-colored waistcoats or vests.

Pair with classic ties or bowties and leather suspenders for an authentic countryside appeal. Tweed suits keep your groomsmen warm in cooler weather, adding character and nostalgia to the wedding ensemble. This attire choice allows your wedding party to embody the spirit of a countryside celebration while looking impeccably stylish.

5. Natural tones and textures for a laid-back atmosphere

In 2024, couples increasingly gravitate towards creating a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere for their weddings, and the choice of groomsmen attire ideas plays a pivotal role in achieving this ambiance. Natural tones and textures are perfect for such occasions, bringing a sense of ease and authenticity to the wedding party’s look. Consider outfits in shades like sand, stone, or soft taupe. Linen or cotton suits offer a breezy and lightweight option, perfect for warm-weather weddings.

Natural tones and textures for a laid-back atmosphere

Image Source: Rock My Wedding

Ditch the formal ties in favor of open collars, rolled-up sleeves, or suspenders for a casually refined appearance. This choice of groomsmen attire not only enhances comfort but also harmonizes effortlessly with outdoor, beach, or bohemian wedding themes. It captures the essence of laid-back elegance, allowing the wedding party to exude charm and relaxation amidst the celebration.

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6. Suspenders and fedora hats for a casual yet stylish appearance

Consider dressing your groomsmen in suspenders and fedora hats for a 2024 wedding that exudes casual yet stylish charm. This unique attire choice adds a touch of vintage-inspired flair to your special day.

Suspenders and fedora hats for a casual yet stylish appearance

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Suspenders in various colors and materials offer a relaxed alternative to traditional belts, providing comfort and style. Try them with well-fitted trousers and a crisp white shirt for a classic yet casual look.

To complete the ensemble, top it off with a timeless fedora hat, which adds sophistication and shields from the sun during outdoor ceremonies. This combination effortlessly blends the old-world charm with contemporary tastes, offering a unique groomsmen attire idea that ensures your wedding party looks effortlessly cool and stylish. You can’t go wrong with this choice for a laid-back and memorable celebration.

7. Pocket watches and boutonnieres for a classic touch

In the realm of groomsmen attire ideas for 2024, there’s a timeless classic that never fails to impress – the combination of pocket watches and boutonnieres. These elements infuse old-world charm and sophistication into the wedding party’s look. With their intricate designs and timeless appeal, pocket watches serve as functional timepieces and stylish accessories.

Pocket watches and boutonnieres for a classic touch

Image Source: Brelsen® – Pocket Watches

Paired with a classic suit or tuxedo, they exude elegance and heritage. Complementing these watches, boutonnieres add a pop of color and nature’s beauty to the ensemble, often featuring flowers that hold personal significance. This classic choice evokes a sense of tradition and refinement, making it a perfect fit for couples seeking to create an atmosphere of timeless elegance at their wedding. It’s a nod to the past that remains eternally stylish.

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8. Monogrammed cufflinks and tie clips for a personalized detail

In the quest for groomsmen attire ideas that exude personal flair and sophistication, monogrammed cufflinks and tie clips stand out as the epitome of personalized details for 2024 weddings. These accessories enhance the groomsmen’s outfits and carry sentimental value.

Monogrammed cufflinks and tie clips for a personalized detail

Image Source: Etsy

Monogrammed cufflinks add a touch of individuality, featuring the initials or names of each groomsman.

This thoughtful gesture makes them feel special and creates a lasting keepsake. Pair these personalized cufflinks with coordinating tie clips engraved with the wedding date or a meaningful message. These small yet impactful details showcase attention to detail and create a cohesive look for the wedding party. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your groomsmen’s uniqueness while ensuring they all share a common, stylish thread that ties them to your special day.

9. Leather suspenders and brogues for a vintage charm

For couples seeking to infuse their wedding day with vintage charm in 2024, pairing leather suspenders and brogues in groomsmen’s attire is a match made in retro heaven. This combination offers a nod to the past while adding a rugged elegance to the overall look. With their rustic appeal, leather suspenders provide style and functionality, holding trousers in place with a vintage flair.

Leather suspenders and brogues for a vintage charm

Image Source: The Knot

Paired with classic brogue shoes, known for their intricate perforated patterns and timeless design, the ensemble exudes character and nostalgia. The earthy tones of leather suspenders harmonize effortlessly with a variety of suit colors, making them a versatile choice. Whether your wedding theme leans towards rustic, bohemian, or simply vintage-inspired, this groomsman attire idea will surely transport your wedding party and guests to a bygone era, filled with classic charm and enduring style.

10. White dinner jackets for a sophisticated black bowtie affair

In 2024, if you aim for the pinnacle of sophistication and refinement for your black bowtie for groomsmen affair, consider outfitting your groomsmen in white dinner jackets. This choice represents elegance, making a bold statement while adhering to the time-honored traditions of formalwear. White dinner jackets, typically worn in warm weather, exude a crisp, pristine charm.

White dinner jackets for a sophisticated black bowtie affair

Image Source: Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women

Paired with black trousers and bowties, they make a unique contrast that catches the eye. This ensemble is a refreshing departure from the traditional black tuxedo, infusing your wedding party with chic modernity. White dinner jackets elevate the groomsmen’s attire, ensuring they stand out most stylishly. It’s a choice that makes a lasting impression, perfect for a black-tie affair that demands nothing less than the utmost sophistication.

11. Tailored three-piece suits for a formal statement

In 2024, for couples aiming to make a formal statement at their wedding, there’s no better choice than tailored three-piece suits for their groomsmen. These suits epitomize sartorial sophistication, combining timeless elegance with a modern twist. A well-tailored three-piece suit, typically a jacket, vest, and trousers, offers a sharp and polished appearance. Consider classic colors such as charcoal gray, navy, or black for an effortlessly formal aesthetic.

Tailored three-piece suits for a formal statement

Image Source: Gear Patrol

Wear them with crispy white shirts and elegant neckties for a complete ensemble. These suits exude confidence and refinement, making them ideal for traditional weddings or those with a formal dress code. The three-piece suit elevates the groomsmen’s attire, ensuring they make a lasting impression as they stand by your side on your special day. It’s a choice that embodies sophistication and style in equal measure.

12. Classic black bowties and cummerbunds for a refined look

Classic black bowties and cummerbunds for a refined look

In groomsmen attire ideas for 2024, classic black bowties and cummerbunds reign supreme when achieving a truly refined look. This timeless combination epitomizes formal elegance, perfect for weddings demanding the utmost sophistication. With their understated charm, black groomsmen bowties lend a class touch to any groomsmen ensemble.

Classic black bowties and cummerbunds for a refined look


Image Source: Armoniia

When paired with cummerbunds in matching or complementary shades, they contrast strikingly against a white or black tuxedo. This ensemble adds a sense of tradition and exudes a regal and polished aura. The beauty of black bowties and cummerbunds lies in their versatility, seamlessly fitting into various wedding themes, from classic black-tie affairs to modern, upscale celebrations. It’s a choice that ensures your groomsmen look impeccably refined, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication on your wedding day.

13. Chino pants and blazers for a relaxed, modern style

For those couples 2024 seeking a relaxed yet modern style for their groomsmen, chino pants and blazers are a game-changing choice. This ensemble offers a refreshing departure from the traditional suit, introducing a casual yet refined vibe to the wedding party’s attire.

Chino pants and blazers for a relaxed, modern style

Image Source: Pinterest

With their comfortable fit and lightweight fabric, Chino pants provide ease of movement and a laid-back feel.

Pair them with well-fitted blazers in complementary tones to create a cohesive look. You can even experiment with patterns or textured blazers for contemporary flair. This groomsmen attire idea is ideal for outdoor, beach, or rustic weddings, as it ensures style and comfort. It strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and sophisticated, allowing your wedding party to exude effortless charm while embracing a modern approach to wedding attire.

14. Tonal color schemes for a contemporary twist

In 2024, contemporary weddings will embrace tonal color schemes as a fresh and innovative approach to groomsmen attire ideas. This trend involves dressing the groomsmen in differing hues of a single shade, creating a visually harmonious and modern ensemble. Whether shades of blue, gray, green or even more daring options like burgundy or blush, tonal color schemes offer versatility and cohesion.

Tonal color schemes for a contemporary twist

Image Source: The Budget Savvy Bride

Groomsmen can wear suits, vests, or shirts in different tones of the chosen color, allowing each member to express their style within the broader palette. This trend not only adds a pop of creativity to the wedding but also ensures a visually striking and well-coordinated bridal party. It’s an eye-catching and fashion-forward contemporary twist, perfect for couples looking to make a modern statement on their memorable day.

15. Minimalist accessories for a sleek and clean appearance

In the realm of groomsmen attire ideas for 2024, the allure of minimalist accessories is undeniable. This trend celebrates less and more, offering a sleek, clean, modern, and sophisticated appearance. Groomsmen can adorn themselves with subtle yet impactful accessories like slim ties, tie bars, and minimalist cufflinks.

Minimalist accessories for a sleek and clean appearance

Image Source: The Knot

Opt for monochromatic color palettes or muted tones for these accessories, which effortlessly complement the overall look without overpowering it. The beauty of minimalist accessories lies in their ability to create a refined and uncluttered appearance. They balance style and simplicity, making them ideal for contemporary weddings or settings where understated elegance is the goal. This choice ensures your groomsmen appear effortlessly polished and stylish, focusing on the essence of timeless sophistication.

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16. Organic cotton suits for an eco-conscious wedding

In the spirit of eco-conscious weddings in 2024, organic cotton suits emerge as a sustainable and stylish choice for groomsmen attire. These suits make a fashion statement and contribute to a greener planet.

Organic cotton suits for an eco-conscious wedding


Image Source: Pinterest

Organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it environmentally friendly.

Groomsmen can don these suits in various earthy tones, embracing style and sustainability. Pair them with accessories like recycled fabric ties or belts for an entirely eco-friendly ensemble. Opting for organic cotton suits is a meaningful way to reduce your wedding’s environmental impact. It’s a choice that reflects your commitment to eco-conscious living, ensuring that your groomsmen look fashionable and environmentally responsible on your special day.

17. Lightweight linen suits for a beach wedding

For a beach wedding in 2024, lightweight linen suits are the epitome of comfort and style for groomsmen attire. Linen, a breathable and airy fabric, offers a laid-back yet sophisticated look that complements the relaxed coastal ambiance. Groomsmen can don linen suits in soft, beach-inspired colors like sandy beige, pale blue, or seafoam green. These suits are perfect for warm weather, keeping the wedding party cool and comfortable.

Lightweight linen suits for a beach wedding

Image Source:

Pair them with crisp white shirts and woven or no-tie options for a breezy, beach-ready appearance. Linen suits effortlessly capture the essence of a beach wedding Attire, ensuring groomsmen look elegant and stay relaxed amidst the sun, sea, and sand. It’s a choice that harmonizes perfectly with the seaside backdrop and sets the tone for a memorable and laid-back coastal celebration.

18. Pastel-colored suits for a breezy and relaxed vibe

In 2024, pastel-colored suits are taking center stage for couples aiming to infuse their wedding with a breezy and relaxed vibe. Drenched in soft and muted hues, these suits are a refreshing departure from traditional groomsmen attire. Opt for pastel shades like blush pink, powder blue, mint green, or lavender to create an atmosphere of lightness and tranquility.

Pastel-colored suits for a breezy and relaxed vibe

Image Source: Pinterest

Paired with white or light-colored shirts, these suits evoke a sense of understated elegance. Add slim ties or bowties in complementary tones for a harmonious ensemble. Pastel-colored suits are excellent for outdoor, spring, or summer weddings, setting the stage for a cheerful and laid-back celebration. They effortlessly capture the essence of a carefree atmosphere, ensuring your groomsmen look stylish and exude a relaxed charm on your special day.

19. Vintage and thrifted attire to reduce environmental impact

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, choosing vintage and thrifted attire for groomsmen in 2024 is a trend that aligns with sustainability and style. These unique, one-of-a-kind pieces add character and contribute to a reduced environmental impact. Groomsmen can scour vintage shops and thrift stores or even raid their closets for timeless pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Vintage and thrifted attire to reduce environmental impact

Image Source: Pinterest

Think classic suits, vests, or accessories that have stood the test of time. Embrace these items’ imperfections and unique qualities as they tell stories of a bygone era. Opting for vintage and thrifted attire reduces waste and allows your wedding party to showcase their individuality. It’s a choice that resonates with eco-conscious values while adding a touch of vintage charm to your special day, ensuring your groomsmen look stylish and socially responsible.

20. Groomsmen Shoes

Groomsmen shoes are a crucial component of their overall attire, and in 2024, there are various stylish options to consider. Classic black Oxford or patent leather shoes remain timeless for traditional and formal weddings, exuding sophistication and refinement. Consider brown leather loafers or brogues for a more relaxed and contemporary look.

Groomsmen Shoes

Image Source: FIST, IIT Patna

These versatile options pair well with suits or chinos, making them suitable for various wedding styles. For beach or outdoor weddings, lightweight and breathable options like espadrilles or boat shoes are ideal, offering both comfort and style. Ultimately, the choice of groomsmen’s shoes should complement the overall theme and formality of the wedding, ensuring that the wedding party not only looks sharp but also feels comfortable throughout the celebration.


In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding fashion, 2024 promises an exciting array of groomsmen attire ideas that cater to a spectrum of tastes and wedding themes. From timeless classics like black tuxedos and navy suits to rustic and vintage-inspired ensembles featuring tweed suits and suspenders, there’s a style for every couple’s vision.

Beach and destination weddings find harmony in lightweight linen suits and pastel-colored ensembles, while those seeking a formal touch can opt for white dinner jackets or tailored three-piece suits. For eco-conscious couples, organic cotton suits and vintage attire offer sustainable alternatives. Tonal color schemes bring a contemporary twist, while minimalist accessories exude modernity. The groomsmen’s attire should align with your wedding’s personality, ensuring a stylish and cohesive celebration.