Help the Needy! Tips to Utilize The Excess Food on Your Wedding

Help the needy! Tips to utilize the excess food on your wedding

Food is a major part of any wedding, starting from pre-wedding celebration until wedding reception food plays an important role. Of course, couples need to feed their wedding guests well in each function, therefore a lot of food items are prepared and arranged at the wedding. However, not always the entire food is consumed in a wedding, and some portion still remains uneaten. Though most wedding caterers do their best to minimize wastage of food in a wedding, still wastage is inevitable part of any event of a large scale, such as a wedding. Sometimes caterer’s calculations may differ from actual consumption due to which a lot of food or some of it is left uneaten. 

Of course, the first thing that you should do to avoid any kind of wastage of food is to give accurate number of wedding guests to the caterer and work with your caterer beforehand. But even then it’s not a problem, because there are several ways one can deal with the leftover food. Here are some of the best tips to utilize the excess food on your wedding. 

⇒ Help the needy 

First things first, in case of uneaten food in any wedding, on can use this as an opportunity to help needy people. There are many people who sleep without eating anything at night, you can help such people by giving them all the food that is uneaten at your wedding, instead of throwing it over and wasting. To donate the food all you need to do is make a few calls to know what all will be accepted by homeless shelters, orphanages, senior citizens home, or hospice center. But you will have to plan this beforehand, as some of them won’t take prepared food, however some of them take. And you need to make calls well in advance and have a list of places where you can donate your food, as accordingly you will need to plan and arrange people to do the needful as well. 

Feed your staff as well

Feed your staff as well

Of course, there will be many people involved in the arrangements of your wedding, like décor staff, catering staff, music and band staff, etc. Make sure you offer food to all these people as well, as they would be doing a great deal of job for making your event a dream event. 

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Donate wedding cake to poor kids 

Probably your wedding cake may not get finished, especially when you have arranged for a lot of other desserts at your wedding and you have ordered a large cake for your wedding. More often than not, if there are other desserts on offer. Especially in case of big cakes, mostly big cakes are left uneaten so the best you can do is to donate the wedding cake to poor kids. They would be really happy to have your wedding cake and that way you would be able to help the needy. 

Send food parcels to old age homes

You can tell your caterer in advance to make food parcels so that you can send them to old age homes or any orphanage. Food parcels are easy to carry and can be used to help the needy.

Give wedding cake and desserts as wedding favor to your guests

And if you find nobody to use your cake and dessert then the best you can do is give cake and dessert to your wedding guests as wedding favor. It is better to utilize rather to throw any food item. Throwing food is not a good idea in any case. 

To pan out…

So, now I hope you are clear how to use uneaten food of your wedding. Do help needy, it is a wonderful opportunity to help those are in real need of food!! 

Happy Wedding….  

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