10 Tips to Planning Virtual Wedding in [2024]

Virtual Wedding Planning

The coronavirus pandemic has affected life at a larger scale. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, people have forgotten to live their normal lives. Things are no more normal. Everything around has changed. Its impact hits all the industries, whether big or small. It not only has affected the physical health of people but also it is affecting people emotionally. Particularly couples who were set to get married in 2020, all their plans were shattered now. Many couples have already postponed their weddings for the next season, and some have instead canceled it. However, many chose to marry on the same date that was decided previously. Wondering how?????, We talk about the trend of virtual wedding.

Well, Virtual Wedding! Yes, an online wedding is the way many couples are opting for!

Virtual Marriage is the best wedding option during lockdowns. After all, you need to consider the safety of your guests as well!

What is a virtual wedding?

As the name says it all, a virtual wedding is a wedding hosted online. In a virtual wedding, the officiant, guests, and couple are joined together by a video call.

How to Host a Virtual Wedding?

This is the most critical question when it comes to hosting a virtual wedding. But before that, I would want to tell you that if you want to host a grand celebration, then a virtual wedding is not meant for you. Unlike regular weddings, virtual weddings are different. In a virtual wedding, you will have all your people connected by a video call. Many may find this system a little awkward as most of us like to have people around at the wedding.

This is an excellent system for couples who just want to tie the knot regardless of who and how people attend it. Undoubtedly, technology has made things way too more comfortable for us. Ever since the COVID -19 uproar, virtual wedding online has become popular. Many couples have already hosted a virtual marriage in lockdown.

Believe it or not, Lockdown Weddings are the easiest and very budget-friendly weddings. Marrying online is a great wedding option for those who have budget constraints! Online weddings are cool, fun, and pocket-friendly! You can host a great virtual wedding on your budget. If you want, you can throw a wedding party later after the coronavirus subsides. Here in this post, we are going to walk you through the complete virtual wedding planning…..

Have a look……

1. Finalize your officiant

Not every officiant will be accustomed to online techniques! So, you will have to finalize your officiant in advance.

2. Select a virtual wedding platform for your wedding

There are many online platforms where you can host your wedding, like, Google Hangout, Zoom, Facebook Lice, Instagram Live, etc. However, Zoom is considered the best platform for a virtual wedding. You can select the one that fits in your needs perfectly.

3. Buy dress online

A wedding dress will be needed whether you marry via traditional methods or online. Many online stores have started their operations. You can order your wedding dress online. Getting hitched online should not stop you from looking good at your wedding. If buying a dress online doesn’t seem feasible, you can consider wearing your mom’s wedding dress at your wedding.

This is a great time to revive some old moments from the past. Your mom will also feel great seeing you in her wedding attire that she wore at her wedding.

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4. Send e-vites to your guests

Of course, sending printed invitations won’t be possible during the lockdown. However, you can always consider sending e-invitations. There are many ways to inform your guests electronically, like personalized email or WhatsApp invite. There are many online platforms where you can design your e-invite free of cost. All you have to do is design your e-invite there and send it to your guests. Here are the details that you need to mention in your e-invite:

  • The date of your online wedding
  • The time of your online wedding
  • Link of the platform where you are planning to host your wedding.

5. Hire your wedding photographer

Many photographers have started taking bookings. If you want your wedding pictures to be captured professionally, then hire a professional photographer. Your wedding photographs are an important part of your wedding, as you are going to relive those moments through your pictures. If you do not want to have an outsider at your wedding, you can ask your cousin or friend to capture your wedding pictures.

6. Create a playlist

You should never compromise on the fun part. Music is an essential part of the wedding, so don’t miss to create your favorite playlist. You can have these songs running in the background during your online wedding. You can create a playlist of your favorite romantic songs. Music will add both fun and romance to your virtual wedding. So, do not miss to have your playlist ready in advance.

7. Take online hair and makeup classes

Looking beautiful is the right of every bride. Regardless of the type of wedding, you should look good! There is no way that your makeup artist and hairstylist can provide in-person services. But still, you can look gorgeous, simply by learning makeup and hair online. Many makeup artists are already offering virtual hair and makeup classes for brides-to-be.

All you have to do is find out one such artist and take classes. You can learn different styles and looks online and create the best wedding look for yourself.

Make sure you try different hairstyles and makeup techniques before your wedding. Doing so will help you do flawless makeup and hairstyle on the D-Day!

8. Decorate the area

You would want to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding. For that, you can hire a florist in your local area who can decorate your house. Make sure that the florist you hire follows all the safety rules during the lockdown. And if you want to avoid having an outsider for the decoration, then you can DIY some decorative items to create the right ambiance for your wedding. All you have to do is –

a. Select a space at your home; it may be your living room, terrace, backyard, or balcony.

b. Select a theme for your wedding.

c. Buy decorative items online. You can use string lights, drapes, paper flowers (which you can create at home), lanterns, etc. for decoration.

c. Get it decorated either by the professional who follows safety measures, or you can help your family members.

9. Bake your own cake

How can you go without a cake cutting ceremony at your wedding? You cannot buy a cake from the bakery, but it’s okay. You can always use your culinary skills to bake your cake. Bake a small-sized cake for your wedding, you will like it for sure!

10. Arrange for the Champagne

Be ready with the Champagne. Arrange for it in advance. A wedding without a toast is not a good idea. Also, ask your guests to dress up and have some drinks ready in advance so that they can cheers with you while you say “I DO.”

11. Be calm and happy

Of course, we understand that you haven’t dreamt of your wedding this way. But it is okay as long as your connection is strong. There will be a time when you will feel agitated or frustrated because you cannot do what you wanted to do! Don’t forget to stay happy and calm during your lockdown wedding planning. If you start to feel low at any point, remind yourself of your love for your spouse-to-be.

Perfection is an illusion, and things will never be perfect! So it is better to be happy and calm in any situation, whether favorable or not!

The Bottom Line…

Virtual Marriage in lockdown is possible, but you have to be mentally ready for that. The online wedding will not be the way traditional weddings are. However, these weddings are also fun. You can have all your near and dear ones witnessing your union over a video call. A NEW & SMART WAY OF TYING THE KNOT!!

Happy Virtual Wedding…. ☺ ☺