Role of Wedding Astrologers in Indian Wedding

Role of Wedding Astrologers in indian wedding

► What is Astrology?

The word ‘Astrology has come from two Greek words: Astra, which signifies a star, and Logos, which meant a logic or reason. Astrology indicates the dogma and law as depicted by the stars or planets. Astrology is actually the study of the movement of the planets and the stars and their influence in our daily lives. Whereas, an astrologer is a person who forecasts the future by understanding the positions of the planets in the birth chart of an individual. More often than not, an astrologer are experts in creating a horoscope for the time of an event, such as, on the occasion of an individual’s birth. Furthermore, an astrologer read and interprets the different celestial points and their placements in the chart to understand the characteristics of that person and much more.

► Astrology – A Science

Astrology by all means is a science, basically a science of time. Whether you believe it or not, every moment in time signifies something, it has certain meaning, or quality attached to it. Our birth in a particular moment in time as per astronomical chart is very much responsible for certain qualities or character traits in us, we imbibe those qualities. Our personal horoscope is a kind of road map for our journey through time on earth. In astrology one has to study all sort of different combinations of planets to describe various situations in one’s life, which includes almost everything from mental to physical abilities, profession to partnership, and marriage to children, and life pattern or difficulties and so on so forth.

Additionally, our birth chart reveals our potential and what we can aim for, the whole chart is connected with the planetary movements of the present time.

► Astrology in our Lives

Do you wonder, in the age of technology and science where people have unorthodox thoughts and concepts, how come astrology is still required? We all know that astrology is an ancient concept, as old as time. Astrology is an important aspect of our lives – our past, present, future, any event in life big or small, everything for that matter is largely affected by the planetary moment. In an Indian system, be it anything from small to big, astrology is used to foretell and predict future events or to know the planetary positions and sometimes astrology is used as a medium to get rid of any kind of mishap which are predicted to happen.

No matter how technologically we have grown so far, people still trust on astrology as a science and astrologers to understand the planetary positions and act accordingly.

► Planetary Movements and their significance in our Lives

The different planetary movements or the alignments on a daily basis such as the movement of the moon very much affects our minds and emotions, we may not realize it but it happens. The position of the planets at the time of our birth in our astrological chart can be compared with the planetary position of any time in life. This is done in order to know how the movement of a particular planet is influencing or effecting our lives in that time. Results vary from person to person and chart to chart and depends on sanchit and prarabdh karma of an individual, they can be positive or negative, but these studies are able throw light on the changes which take place with the planetary movement at a particular time. It does affect our lives.

Our day to day life is influenced by these planetary movements from our profession to personal life. Planetary movements does affect our relationships with people in our lives and around us.

► Importance of Astrology

Sometimes we are stuck in our lives, things happen and we don’t understand why so and so thing is happening with me only, “Where am I heading? Why I am behaving this way? What is happening in my life? Why all the bad come to me? What is the reason, my spouse misbehaves with me? Why all the financial troubles are with me?” And so on so forth. In all these situations where we find ourselves stuck, it is then astrology comes in picture to bring a new opinion in our lives. Astrology never ever meant to depend on fate… NO!! It’s just it brings forth the clarity.

Astrology is just to support a bit, we never solely depend on it and people who do so are the biggest failures in life. Because there is a huge difference in knowing and depending. To know something is like you are preparing yourself and definitely you will take all the precautions. Whereas, people who depend on astrology completely and do nothing than they are just ruining their lives. Astrology can help us to take measures so the worst can be changed to bad but vanquishing completely is not possible.

► Role of Wedding Astrologers in Indian wedding

You must have heard this many a times than marriages are made in heaven, certainly question will come…then what is the need of Astrologer when something is already made in heaven?? ☺ ☺

Well, there is no problem in thinking that way also. However, astrology is an ancient science and a crux science. In a Hindu tradition when a marriage is fixed it is compulsory in mostly all the weddings to match the Kundali (charts) of bride and groom. This is done to find out the perfect match between them. As wedding is once in a lifetime event in anyone’s life and decisions can’t be taken just like that.

► Here is why we need an Astrologer in an Indian Wedding

Hindu’s have age old traditions which is followed in almost all the Hindu families throughout. These age old traditions are sort of translated into laws. According to our Hindu tradition, a marriage cannot be called off or reversed and is irreversible. Also, Hindu Marriage laws prohibit Polygamy or Polyandry. In India and in Indian culture especially Hindu cultures across the world, even today arranged marriages are the most preferred way of getting hitched. Parent’s consent and their happiness is still of utmost importance. As, in Hindu culture it is believed that the marriage is not just a union of two souls, but it is a union of two families.

In Indian weddings it is believed that a perfect matching of kundali is required for the two to have a better relationship throughout their lives. Else we can see, there are many already with bitter relations. An Astrologer can be the right and most effective person who can provide the best information and details on the charts of bride and groom. For example if a girl is manglik and she weds a non-manglik groom than definitely such relations don’t last long and like-wise there are so many such examples.

There are several aspects of bride’s and groom’s charts which are matched while their kundali is checked or matched, and they include: the compatibility, the planetary positions, the doshas, the gunas, the dashas, the antardashas, time of birth, planet of birth, the love, the nature, the nakshatras, the lord of planets, and so on so forth. All these aspects are needed to be matched before fixing a wedding. All this is done just to make sure that charts of the two are perfect to go ahead. And there is no harm in going through traditions.

When the kundali is matched, it simply indicates that the two will have a healthy and happy married life, which is A MUST. See, all this doesn’t provide any guarantee of a successful marriage, there are still other factors which do matters equally. But it is just one way, especially for the ones who go for an arrange marriage.

Now when kundali is matched, then comes the date of the wedding and timing of the wedding. All these comes under Muhurta. Muhurta is also told by an astrologer based on planetary positions the astrologer tells the best suited date for the wedding along with the time of important rituals, like engagement, haldi ceremony, wedding feras etc., all these are important events in an Indian wedding.

► Indian weddings and Astrology go hand in hand

In Indian system there is hardly any event big or small that goes without the astrologer’s guidance. Astrologers are experts who can predict future events on the basis of their learnings and experiences. An expert’s guidance is always helpful when taking big decisions of life. And your wedding is a BIG DECISION any which ways.

An astrologer’s role is very important in an Indian wedding especially when the wedding is arranged by families. In love marriage still two people know each other but in arranged it is not that easy. However, to know their character traits and nakshatras it becomes easy for the astrologer to foretell that whether the match will be good to go or should not be considered. Decision making becomes easy when astrologic views are given.

Of course wedding is an important decision, one can’t choose to marry someone randomly. There are a lot of things to be considered before that and astrologer help us understand those aspects easily and subtly.

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

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