Why Wedding Program’s Outlines are Necessary?

Why wedding programs are necessary

Some events in your wedding are really important:

Your wedding attire, rituals, wedding vows, a ceremony, food, music, and a reception party are to celebrate after. But a printed invitation and a wedding program – lineup of events to come, holds equal importance.

It is necessary to have a ceremony program, as, it contains information and details about your wedding, which benefits a wedding’s guests. In Indian weddings we normally print our programs in the invitation cards itself unlike weddings in other nations worldwide. In an Indian wedding it is essential to share the detailed program because it helps in letting family and friends know what all ceremonies are there and the timings and details of all those ceremonies. Indian weddings are full of functions and ceremonies, so, leaving it optional won’t do in Indian marriage functions unless it’s court marriage.

Why wedding programs are necessary?

1. Wedding programs help you provide your guests with information about the ceremony, also they are a great tool for you to provide additional information and important details of your big day with your guests.

2. Wedding ceremony programs specifically become important when you invite people who are not accustomed to your rituals and ceremonies of your religion.

3. If you belong to a religion or culture with a more traditional and complicated ceremony with which your average guests wouldn’t be familiar, in such a situation a wedding program is a great way to both inform and keep them in the loop so that they can fully participate and enjoy in your wedding.

4. If your wedding is an intimate one-day event with only a few people from the family then you can probably think of skipping a wedding program. But, if your wedding is going to be multicultural or interfaith, say with both a pandit and a maulvi officiating, having a wedding program will be a great idea.

5. This one is for weddings outside India, a wedding program is the best way to give a shout-out to the bridal party. You can always get your wedding guests familiar with your bridesmaid and groomsmen, also, you can include a short bio of your bridesmaid and groomsmen, just as a token of thanks.

6. Even if you plan to send the program online or via mail, then let me tell you that not everybody is accustomed with the internet and smart phones. You still might have guests who believes in traditional methods of communication and a wedding program is one such way to communicate to them about all your functions and celebrations.

7. Only through your wedding programs you can honor those friends and family members who have really contributed to your wedding party and let your guests keep up with the ceremony timeline.

8. A wedding program can be a nice wedding day keepsake for you and your family. You can always include them in your wedding album or your wedding scrapbook.

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9. Wedding Programs are a wonderful way to keep your guests and attendees engaged throughout the ceremony making your ceremony more enjoyable and meaningful for your guests.

10. Wedding programs are the best way to add a personal touch to your big day. You can always get your wedding program designed in a way that it tells about your personalities and show off your wedding style to the invitees.

11. Wedding programs are necessary especially for those guests who become uncomfortable without proper details or when there’s no program. A program will help punctuate the course of events to your guests, and it’s a great way to hold a lengthy, traditional ceremony

12. Your wedding may be a straight-forward ceremony without much dazzle and fizz, some part of it is will always be unfamiliar to someone. So, your wedding program can always help your guests to get in the mood and participate fully, if they know what’s going on.

To pan out…..

With the advancement of technology, you can also design your wedding programs, a program that will represent your style and story. If you think you are a nice writer and you enjoy writing, then what else one would need to elaborate a wedding program in a most exciting way, focusing on the important details of your wedding day.

Just a quick tip: Make your wedding program in such a way that, if you’re getting wed-locked this summer than your guests can at least use the program as a hand fan also…☺ ☺!! Your wedding program can keep them cool… Nice way to keep your guests cool in hot summers…..Isn’t it cool???

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺