155 Trendy Wedding Countdown Quotes to Use as Instagram Captions

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Make your countdown creative and memorable on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp with these 150+ wedding countdown quotes. Here we have rounded up a list of the most creative, concise, and beautiful wedding countdown quotes for him or her. You can use these quotes to express your true emotions across social media handles. Ready? Let’s get started……

Best Wedding Countdown Quotes for Bride and Groom 

1. “Can’t wait to become Mrs. ________.”

2. “Are you ready to party like it’s my wedding day (because soon it’s going to be)?”

3. “Just counting down the days until I become the wife of the love of my life.”

4. “Can someone tell my future [wife/husband/partner] that I’m all set to say YES I DO.”

5. “It’s just [X] days to my big day! Oh my God….. I’m ready for this thing already.”

6. “Just [X] days to go for the big day! I wish the love of my life and myself a very happy married life in advance.”

7. “Only [X] weeks, [X] days, [X] minutes, and [X] seconds until I marry the love of my life, I’m elated!”

8. This is the best feeling I’ve waited all my life for—happy married life in advance to me and my love.

9. “Only [X] more days until I get to throw on my something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”

10. “Everything around looks so bright and so lovely; guess why? Simply because I am getting married in days from now. I am so delighted. Happy married life in advance to me!” Quotes For Wedding Countdown 11. “Can’t wait to become a beautiful bride.”

12. “Just [X] days are remaining to take the love of my life’s last name.”

13. “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with the love of my life. Happy married life in advance to me!”

14. “The hunt is over! I am excited [X] weeks to go!”

15. “The search ends here. Just a few days to go!”

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16. “Yes, the D-day is almost here. And I’m all set to become a blushing bride.”

17. “Just a few days to all the blissfulness with the love of my life. I’m excited!”

18. “I’m already feeling so excited. Just a few days to go for my big day. Keep calm!”

19. “I will be here every moment, counting down to how you’ll change your name officially. Let’s do this!

20. “Can’t wait to get my name changed officially. Just a week to go!”

21. “The only thought that a few days from now you’ll be totally mine gives me joy. You made my world my love!” Best Quotes for Wedding Countdown 22. “And here begins the countdown! I’m going to be yours forever, just in a few days from now. Lots of love!”

23. “Feels great to be hitched for a lifetime. Let the countdown begin.”

24. “The journey of many months has ultimately come to a beautiful reality for me. I’m so happy!”

25. “You sing a love song, and my heart whispers back. I am happy to have found my soulmate in you, my love. Let the countdown begin!”

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26. “They say those who desire to love always find a soul mate. I have got you! Happy wedding in advance to me!”

27. “The promise we made to each other to stay together no matter what comes our way has kept us thus far. I’m elated!”

28. “The best thing to hold onto in life is YOU, how I yearn to rest in your warm embrace. Thinking out loud, the countdown begins!”

29. “I’ve made my mind – I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m happy, just a few days to go!”

30. “Finally getting hitched to the love of my life. Wishing myself a very happy wedding in advance.”

31. “Just fiddling with my thumbs until my wedding day.”

32. “When he asked me to marry him, I said “It’s high time already” to be yours forever and always. Countdown begins!” Beautiful Quotes for Wedding Countdown 33. “I can’t imagine any other days in this world without you, my love. I’m happy, for I’m going to be yours in just a few days.”

34. “Keep calm; let the countdown begin!”

35. “Why does the wedding day look so far away? I can’t wait to get married!”

36. “Just a few days to go; after that, it’s just you and me. Countdown begins!”

37. “I love you for all the good reasons! Can’t wait to be with you!”

38. “You look good wearing my ring; I want it forever to be etched on your beautiful finger.”

39. “Waiting for the D-day is seriously bringing out my impatience. Can’t wait to get married!”

40. “I can’t be more excited. Just 7 days to have the best experience of my life with my love. Happy wedding in advance to me.” Top Wedding Countdown Quotes 41. “I’m so happy; I’m about to have the best experience of my life with the love of my life.”

42. “Already, I’m an impatient person, and this whole wedding countdown thing is taking me on a whole other level.”

43. “I feel excited when I think of how you’ll walk down the aisle with me. One day to go!”

44. “Thinking about how we’ll look together as a married couple gives me an amazing feeling that I love to wake up to each day to our big day. Countdown begins!”

45. “My love for you is like a fresh spring, is forever to go, and I can’t wait to walk the aisle with you. 6days to go.”

46. “I am in my cloud nine. Just [X] days to go!”

47. “New beginning is just a few days from now, my love.”

48. “They say everything changes after marriage, but my love for you is eternal and is not going to change NEVER. Let the countdown begin!”

49. “Here, we celebrate the everlasting connection between us. Just a week to go!”

50. “Ever since we decided to live together, I can’t wait to take your last name.”

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51. “Thinking about the most amazing man in the world and knowing that God created him just for me brings me extreme happiness as I countdown to our wedding day. I can’t wait! Most Beautiful Wedding Countdown Quotes 52. “The only person I can fall in love with again and again is YOU. You are worth waiting for, my love. 1 day to go!”

53. “I’m happy that you’ve let me into your heart; that’s my favorite place. Countdown begins.”

54. “The only thought of being with you forever gives me the butterflies within. The beginning of happily ever after is here. Congratulations to us, my love.”

55. “It’s beautiful knowing that I’m the one in your heart. The beginning of happy ever after is just a few days from now. Congratulations to us, my love.”

56. “I’m happy that we’re getting married, my love. Let the countdown begin.”

57. “Counting down the days till my wedding is worse than waiting for the favorite candy as a kid.”

58. “The days are approaching, and the clock is ticking! In 5 days, I’ll experience one of the best days of my life, and the two of us will become one, my love. Can’t wait to become yours forever.”

59. “It’s now [X] month, [X] days, [X] hours, [X] minutes, and [X] seconds to reach another milestone that I’m going to remember for a lifetime. Countdown begins!”

60. “Waiting for the day when I will put my wedding dress on for real. 10 days to go.”

61. “Are you ready for the new me? 7 days to go.”

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62. “I’m so happy for us, my love, as the day is approaching. Waiting for the D-day desperately.”

63. “I am greatly joyous about getting married to you. I can’t wait to be yours forever!”

64. “Just the 5 days to go for the new chapter of our lives to begin. Wishing us the best of everything, my soul mate!

65. “I’ve found my someone special in you to love for the rest of my life. Let’s do this, my love!”

66. “I’m so enticed that wisdom and understanding will be readily available for me as I get hitched with the love of my life. Countdown begins!”

67. “I’m happy that the big day is getting closer. I’m glad I’m going to be yours forever. Warmest wishes in advance, my love!” Topmost Wedding Countdown Quotes 6 68. “Time to take some new heights on. Countdown begins!”

69. “Wedding is not just another day; it’s, in fact, an expression of great days in happiness and joy without end. Here begins the countdown!”

70. “Just 5 days more to become a more mature and responsible woman. Countdown begins!”

71. “Marriage is an affair that finds its beauty in respect and love. Wishing myself a happy wedding in advance.”

72. “I wish us a lifetime of love with the tale of romantic adventure. 5 days to go!”

73. “May our life be decked with admiration and beauty after the wedding. Happy celebration in advance, my love.”

74. “I’m extremely excited to put on my wedding dress. I can’t wait to be yours, my love.”

75. “It’s time to let go of the old us of bachelorhood and spinsterhood. Just a few days to our wedding. Happy celebration in advance, my love.”

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76. “This whole time has been the wildest ride for me, and I just can’t wait to become your bride.”

77. “Our marriage is going to be an endless adventure! Countdown begins!”

78. “I’m so elated; it’s just [X] days to go. I’m thankful to God for sending you into my life. Can’t wait to be yours.”

79. “They say it’s never going to be the same after the marriage. I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure ride with you. Going to be yours in the next 5 days. What a scintillating feeling!” Countdown Wedding Quotes 80. “I’ve finally decided to make it official with the love of my love. Let the countdown begin!”

81. “It was once upon a time, but now the day to our wedding is fast approaching. I’m now counting days to be yours!”

82. “The highest happiness for me on earth is getting married to you. I can’t wait to be yours, my love.”

83. “I promise to cherish and love you. 4 days to go for our big day.”

84. “After giving it a deep thought, we have decided to make this love story a lifelong of oneness. Let the countdown begin.”

85. “You have me forever, my love. Just a few days to go.”

86. “The day when I saw you for the first time, I knew you’re the one. Now it’s 5 more days to go to make you mine forever.”

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87. “You’re the light of my life. It’s 3 more days to go; let’s do this.”

88. “All I need is to have you by my side. It’s forever to go, my love!”

89. “To say I DO in just 1 day is the greatest feeling of my life. I can’t wait.”

90. “The more I think of you, the more I start to yearn for you. Feels closer than ever!”

91. “My heart is full of love for you; I promise to stay true to you all my life. I can’t wait!” Wedding Best Countdown Quotes 92. “My world is going to change in less than 24 hours. I can’t wait.”

93. “Some people are worth melting for, and you’re the one, darling. I have found my love in you. It’s less than 24 hours, my love.”

94. “It’s the time to change our world, Babe!”

95. “I’m grateful for all the wonderful days that we spent together during our courtship, but I’m super excited for what lies ahead of us. Happy marriage in advance to us!”

96. “Yes, it’s me getting married soon! I’m elated!”

97. “We are halfway there, my love, I’m waiting for you to hold my hand, and I’ll take you there; to the land of the adventure of our lifetime. Can’t wait!”

98. “My life would be incomplete without you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving it meaning. Countdown begins!”

99. “You complete me, Sweetheart! Let’s get Hitched for life!”

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100. “Soon to be Mrs. [X]. Countdown begins!”

101. “I’m so grateful to you for all the good feelings and eventful time Sweetie. Can’t wait to be yours forever!”

102. “Looking forward to the life’s best journey with you as it starts soon!”

103. “Keeping calm and just waiting to say “I do” to the love of my life. Let the countdown begin!”

104. “You’re the one I can’t think of living without. Let’s get hitched, my love!” Best Wedding Countdown Quotes 105. “You made me envisage love at first sight. Let’s tie the knot, Sweetheart!”

106. “The beginning of a journey of a lifetime with you is here. Can’t wait!”

107. “The moment I saw you, my hunt for a soulmate was over. I can’t wait to say I DO.”

108. “Here’s the beginning of happily ever after. Keep calm!”

109. “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. Can’t wait to live with you!”

110. “Our love is eternal without end. Keep calm; it’s almost the D-day.”

111. “I’ve marked this day on my calendar as my favorite day – I’m getting you as my wife.”

112. “I can’t wait to create beautiful memories, my love. Just a week to go for our big day!”

113. “What else shall I wish for – I have already found my other half. Can’t wait to be with you!”

114. “I will be there for you till the end of my life. Let the countdown begin!” Wedding Countdown Quotes 115. “My hunt was over when I met you; now I’ve stopped thinking about finding another perfect half. Can’t wait to get married!”

116. “Keep calm, Babe; we’re marrying for real!”

117. “Knowing that you are stuck with me forever and always gives me immense happiness. Let the countdown begin.”

118. “Anyone counting with us? Jeez! I am getting married soon.”

119. “Here comes the newly engaged bride-to-be and her soulmate. Soon to be getting married!”

120. “Being with you makes me believe that happily-ever-after really exists. Let the countdown begin!”

121. “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you, Sweetheart!”

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122. “We are connected by love. Our together is forever. Let the countdown begin!”

123. “I always knew you were my soulmate; our union is for a lifetime. Let’s get hitched, my love!”

124. “We’re meant to be together. Let’s tie the knot.”

125. “I am super excited to start the adventure ride called “marriage” with you, my love. Can’t wait!”

126. “My future fits well with you, and I’m here counting day to be yours forever.”

127. “I am living out my dream; I’m so happy! I’m getting married.”

128. “Finally getting married to the love of my life. Countdown begins here!”

129. “Here’s my opportunity to change my last name forever. I’m getting married!”

130. “I am excited that I will forever have you to share with and stay in your warm embrace in this new journey of love. Getting married soon!” Countdown Wedding Quotes 131. “You and me in this beautiful world! I can’t wait to be yours, Darling!”

132. “I’m getting married to my happily-ever-after. Let the countdown begin!”

133. “I’m happier to have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you. Let the countdown begin, my love!”

134. “My life gets better when you’re around! Can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you!”

135. “Counting days to be yours forever brings me so much happiness and joy. Can’t wait to see our lives changing for the good!”

136. “We’re all set to make the next beautiful step in our lives together. Let the countdown begin.”

137. “At last, I’m getting married to the love of my life; this is the perfect moment I have waited all my life for. Let the countdown begin!”

138. “I have you to share my life with always. We’re getting married soon; let the countdown begin!”

139. “I want you to be in my heart forever. Let the countdown begin!”

140. “The feeling of having you by my side forever makes me glad! Let the countdown begin!”

141. “Thought of spending my whole life with you makes me excited! I feel blessed to be called your bribe-to-be!” Best Countdown Quotes 12 142. “Nothing comes close to walking down the aisle with you, Darling Angel!”

143. “You stole my heart, and now I can’t wait to change my name to yours officially. Can’t wait to be yours forever!”

144. “You made my world, my sweetheart! Finally counting days to our wedding.”

145. “I always knew that we were made for each other. Now, it’s time to say our wedding vows, my love!”

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146. “Finally, I have someone to hold my hands and feel my heartbeat for a lifetime. Countdown begins!”

147. “I’m finally your Babe. I’ll always love you. Just a week to go!”

148. “I am officially getting married to my prince charming. Can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you.”

149. “This is the beginning of our romantic fairy-tale. I am so happy to be sharing this beautiful journey with you, my love. I can’t wait!

150. “It marks the beginning of eternal love and affection. Let the countdown begin!”

151. “I’m happy to announce that I’m getting married to the most amazing person in the world. Countdown begins!” Beautiful Wedding Countdown Quotes 152. “Here we begin the incredible journey of our life together. Just [X] days to go!”

153. “Finally, I have found that one special person to spend the rest of your life with. Just [X] hours, and [X] minutes to go!

154. “Our admirable love story begins with love, commitment, romance, and togetherness. Let the countdown begin!”

155. “I’ll be here every moment counting down with positive vibes of a beautiful future waiting for me and you. I can’t wait to see you becoming mine forever!”

I hope these 155 wedding countdown quotes help you express your true feelings. Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺