Things You Should Do To Host Your Wedding During The COVID–19 Pandemic

Things You Should Do To Host Your Wedding During The COVID–19 Pandemic

Many couples who were set to get hitched this season have already pushed their weddings to next season. However, there are many who are determined to get hitched during the COVID–19 pandemic only. If you want to have no-frills at your wedding, then getting married during lockdown is fine. Remember that you will have to compromise on everything from wedding décor to wedding guests etc. If you have no problem with having a minimal wedding celebration, then you are good to go.

If you are also planning to get hitched during the coronavirus pandemic, then here is how you should plan your wedding.

1. Follow Government’s Directives

First things first, ever since the coronavirus breakdown, there is a lockdown throughout the nation and in other countries. So, the first thing that you have to do is to follow Government’s directives. If you won’t follow them you will be punished for breaking the rules or you may be at risk to get infected. So, it is better that you follow the rules and plan your wedding while adhering to the government’s directives.

2. Plan A Low Key Celebration

Of course, you cannot plan a big fat wedding during the corona crisis. The only option you are left with is – have a low key wedding celebration. Remember that low key celebrations are not everybody’s cup of tea. So, if you want to celebrate your wedding at a larger scale, then push it to the next wedding season. As this is not the right time to plan a big fat wedding with a lot of wedding guests. Instead of giving up on your dream of having a grand celebration, postpone your wedding. But, if you have no problem with the small scale wedding celebration, then there is no point postponing the event.

3. Maintain A Social Distancing

Unlike normal days, you have to maintain social distancing. Since the virus spreads by coming into contact with the infected person, maintaining social distancing is important. According to the WHO guidelines, people should maintain at least 1 – 2 feet distance from each other. This means you can have only a few people at your wedding so that a proper social distancing could be maintained. And hosting a big fat wedding would make it difficult for you and your guests to maintain appropriate distance.

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4. Say NO To Outside Venue

Say NO to an outside venue. As you know the time is not favorable to arrange your wedding the way you wanted. You might have dreamt of a great wedding venue to host your dream wedding, but at present it is not possible. Also, it is not safe. Every venue has staff members and these staff members meet multiple people in their contacts, likewise it is a big chain. You never know which staff member is infected or has met somebody already infected with the coronavirus. Hiring a venue outside can be a riskier option. Therefore, it is good that you plan your wedding at home only. If your house is very small in size, then you can plan things at your terrace.

People living in apartments can host their wedding in society’s community hall. Every society has its community hall. And if it is also not possible, then go for a temple wedding, already you will need an officiant to help you with your wedding proceedings.

5. Forget Wedding Guests

All the time when you were planning for your wedding you were thinking whom to invite and whom to avoid. In today’s scenario you cannot even think of inviting people at your wedding. Inviting people simply means risking their and your own life at danger. Also, your outside the town wedding guests won’t be able to make for your wedding for sure. As there is no inter-city and inter-state transportation available due to lockdown. Even it is difficult for your local guests to attend your wedding. So, better forget your guests list.

6. Make It A Family Affair

Weddings in most regions are big affairs. Couples spend a lot of money to organize their weddings. They invite a lot of wedding guests to be part of their celebration. Today it is not possible. You cannot invite people from outside due to lockdown and restrictions on large gatherings. So, it is better to make it a family affair, instead of making it a grand celebration. There was a time when marriages were simple celebrations. They used to happen in the presence of few close people only. There was no need for frills and furls for saying “I DO”. Once again we are at the same time. Again we are compelled to celebrate our weddings among family members only. So, you also prepare the same way. Invite only 5 – 10 people at your wedding, which includes, your parents, siblings, and very, very close friends.

7. Go Minimalist With The Wedding Décor

If you have dreamt of a fairy-tale wedding, then that won’t be possible now. And by chance if you are going to regret it later, it’s suggested that you push your wedding to next season and celebrate it your way. Now you cannot host a wedding the way you always wanted to. Today is the time to go minimal with everything from your venue to venue décor. You will need outside help to create a fairytale wedding for you, which is not possible. As you cannot have outside people at home. It’s better to take your family member’s help and decorate your house by yourself.

Trust, it won’t take much of your time and money. Of course, you have decorated your house many times before, especially during festivals. You can still do that! You can use string lights, paper lanterns, fabric, balloons, your live plants, DIY décor items to decorate your house. If you are hosting your wedding in your backyard, decorate it with string lights and lanterns. If you’re hosting it on your terrace, then, use live plants, string lights, etc. to make your house look gorgeous. Also, don’t miss to decorate your house from outside with lighting.

8. Forget The Wedding Caterers

Due to lockdown getting a caterer is also not possible. Even if you do, you cannot make sure that everything is fine with them. Of course, they come in a team. You never know how many people they have come in contact during these days. It is better to be safe and cook at home only. You will not need to cook a lot for 5 – 10 people. In fact, it is easy, we all do this much during festivals, so your wedding can be celebrated like a festival. Make a menu that is perfect for all your guests and take your mom’s help in cooking meals for your wedding. It won’t be very difficult. Fortunately every mom is a skilled cook! Just imagine how lucky you and your guests are, they will get to eat food cooked by your mom. Food cooked by mom will not only be tasty and healthy, but also it will contain love and emotions.

9. Don’t Miss To Take Safety Measure

It is very important that you take all the necessary safety measures at your wedding. Your wedding should not turn into a disaster for your guests or for yourself. So, make sure you arrange for sanitizers and face masks at your wedding. Also, only arranging for these items won’t be necessary, you will have to make sure that each person present at your wedding, including your officiant, is wearing a face mask and using sanitizer every twenty minutes. If you find people not doing so, please remind them as it is about their and your health and safety.

10. Sanitize Your Cars

If you have planned your wedding in the nearby temple, then make sure you sanitize your car before using it. Sanitizing cars and other items will ensure your and your guests’ safety, which is important.

11. Take Necessary Permits

Whether you are getting hitched at your home or at the temple, you will need to take permits for that. Make sure you take all the necessary permits before you plan to host your wedding. Avoiding it can lead to a serious problem, which is not good.

12. Plan A Delayed Honeymoon

There are travel restrictions everywhere in the world. Also, even if the pandemic subsides in near future, it is advised that you plan a delayed honeymoon. You can delay your honeymoon by six month or even more. The ones who are thinking that they will leave for their honeymoons immediately after the lockdown is over, they are mistaken. Understand that traveling to other locations immediately after the pandemic subsides is also life threatening. Never forget this “If you have life, you have the world.” There is no point in risking your life for anything. Instead wait for the right time and then plan a great honeymoon. People do that in normal situations also. What’s the big deal if you have to do it during the pandemic, it’s about your life after all!

13. Host Your Reception After The Pandemic Subsides

If you really feel bad about celebrating a simple wedding, then wait for the pandemic to subside. Once it subsides, you can host a grand wedding reception. You can have all your people at the reception. This would be a great opportunity for you to celebrate your wedding reception in a grand way. You can then enjoy it to the fullest.

14. Wedding Photography – Choose Wisely

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you would definitely want to have lots of memories captured and stored in an album. However, it is important that you hire a photographer who is known to you and you know that he is not infected by the coronavirus. And if you’re still skeptical about it, then you can ask your cousin or your very close friend to capture all your precious moments. There is no problem in it as most people click good pictures, thanks to smartphones! Also, you can get them professionally edited later. With the help of a tool a professional photographer will edit your wedding pictures and make them look flawless.

15. Stay Happy

Believe it or not, your wedding is about you two and your immediate families. It is not at all important to have a lot of people to make your wedding a grand event. Even without too many people you can celebrate it in a grand way. There is a lot that you can do without having no-frills, people, etc. So, instead of getting sad about the present situation be happy about what you have! Stay Happy & Stay Healthy!

To Conclude…..

These are the things that you need to take care while hosting your wedding during the COVID – 10 pandemic. There will be no problem if you follow all these points religiously.
Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!