12 Ways To Have A Pandemic-Proof Wedding

Wedding Couple Married in Pandemic

The whole world is going through the most challenging time. Planning a wedding is already a difficult task, more so in the aftermath of this global health crisis. There are numerous things and tasks that one must attend to as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The wedding scenario has changed dramatically, whether in terms of the number of events, the number of guests, accommodation, location, lockdown details, or the amount of travel involved.

Though there are other ways around it, couples can choose to postpone their wedding to future dates. Or they can have an in-house intimate wedding with just their closest family members. But the thing is every couple wants to have an extraordinary wedding celebration, which seems a distant dream at present. Though the wedding industry has recovered from last year’s lockdown, people are still nervous about planning a wedding in these uncertain times. If you want to host an unforgettable wedding event, here is your guide to having a pandemic-proof wedding.

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1. Planning is the key
Couple Celebration in Pandemic Proof Wedding

Whether you plan to host an intimate celebration at home or a wedding at the hotel, planning is the key. Prepare ahead of time with the necessary items and maintain an open dialogue with the various vendors and guests. It is critical to list and plan the details early on in order to avoid any kind of miscommunication or disaster during the wedding.

2. Speak to the hotel staff

Gone are the days when you could just book a hotel, and things were free-flowing; today, you have to be on guard. Meet the hotel staff in person, and ask a lot of questions about safety protocol around welcoming guests, seating arrangements, etc. Ask them if they have their sanitization team or not. If they do not have their sanitization team, you will have to arrange for one for your wedding. Remember that your guests’ and vendor’s safety is important. You cannot risk it by being heedless or negligent.

3. Listen to the experts

Ever since the wedding industry has started to regain its feet, after the lockdown in 2020, the hospitality industry experts, wedding planners, vendors, and so on are all adducing their setbacks, hardships, blockades, solutions, and planning details to help people plan their weddings safely.

4. No entry without the mask

No entry without the mask in Pandemic

Mask is an integral part of COVID-19 weddings. As a host, you should make masks mandatory and let your guests know that in advance. You can even mention in your wedding invite that there will be no entry without the mask. It will help you have a wedding well aligned with Government’s rules and guidelines.

5. Vendor availability

Finding wedding vendors is yet another task in these difficult times. Hence, the best you could do is book a venue with its own vendors or the one that can help you with the right vendors.

6. Cut down your guest list to a minimum

Cut down wedding guest list

Undeniable, this is the most horrific task of all. However, people seem to be anticipating from the start of the wedding now. The Government has also set a maximum number of guests for each wedding in order to limit the spread and contraction of the virus among people. As a host, you should take these factors into account even before planning a wedding. Go by the number set by the Government. On your special day, you can have only immediate family members and close friends attending the celebration.

Let me be clear here, don’t try to exceed your guest just for once. The Government poses heavy penalties upon breaking pandemic rules. If you want, you can consider throwing parties afterward for different groups or send them a wedding favor thanking them for their patience and, of course, their best wishes for the future.

7. Stay updated about Government’s safety guidelines and precautions

The most undeniable challenges during pandemic weddings are health risks, guest safety, and the Government’s coronavirus guidelines. More often than not, these factors do not align well together, making wedding planning difficult. Each state, city, and area has its own set of rules, making it difficult for the host and guests to have a smooth commute and wedding proceedings. So, the best is to stay updated on the latest Government guidelines in your wedding location and to share them with your guests.

8. Appropriate distancing

Social Distancing in Pandemic Wedding

Social distancing is one crucial part of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to experts, couples should make the best use of any available space. With fully customizable tents and structures, couples can expand their dining areas, reception, and ceremony space, to create appropriate distancing. If you have an enormous terrace or a backyard, you can consider hosting your reception there. The idea is to create a COVID-friendly for all, including your guests and vendors.

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9. Sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize

Sanitize your hands before entering

Sanitization is the key to have a pandemic-proof wedding. Make sure your hotel a sanitization team to keep the entire wedding area sanitized at all times. And if they do not have their own team, make sure you hire a team from outside. How so ever it is, you should always be aligned well with the Government’s guidelines of social distancing, wearing of masks, and sanitization at all times during the wedding.

10. Scour the right wedding venue

Scour the right wedding venue

Due to the strict pandemic and lockdown guidelines, finding a safe wedding venue is a task for couples. In such trying times, it has become extremely difficult for people to find a wedding venue that is secure enough to carry out all wedding preparations safely and securely. It is recommended to find a venue that can help you manage the vendors or provide their own services such as wedding decoration and set up.

11. Entry for COVID Negative guests

This is crucial! It may seem a task, but it is for the safety of all your guests and other people. You can ask your guests to get themselves tested before the wedding. It is because sometimes people take corona symptoms very casually. And in the process, they become a carrier of the disease, which is a more significant risk to you and your guests. Or you can have an arrangement for testing at your wedding to have an additional layer of security at your wedding.

12. Have a backup plan

Lastly, if there is one thing, couples must do while planning, it is to be prepared for unexpected changes. This is such an unpredictable time that you can expect anything at any point in time. Hence, it is recommended to have a backup plan and a backup plan to backup plan.

Be prepared for anything and consider in advance what you are willing to give up and what is critical to keep as restrictions lift or tighten. This may seem a task; however, it is crucial during these times because restrictions can change on a whim. The idea is to avoid unnecessary stress during the wedding planning and have a pandemic-proof wedding celebration!

Wrapping it up….

So, these are the 12 ways to have a pandemic-proof wedding. Of course, all this may seem a horrendous task; however, it is crucial to follow them to have a wedding well aligned with Government’s rules and guidelines. Moreover, following them will ensure a less stressful COVID-19 wedding. It will be worthwhile to have no stress in the days leading up to your wedding at the end of the day!

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