15 Most Appealing Wedding Ring Platter Decoration Ideas

Your wedding day is super special! You’ll say your big vows and make promises to love each other forever. The rings you’ll trade are tiny but mean so much – they show your never-ending love story. So why not make the little Wedding Ring Platter that holds your rings during the ceremony extra special too?

What do you say?

Your wedding rings are the most essential pieces of jewels. Just imagine pulling out your wedding rings from gorgeous platter. Having an astonishing wedding ring platter will take your ceremony to a new level.

But the question is, where can you get these platters from?

Well, there are numerous online platforms selling beautiful platter. However, to add personalized element to your wedding ring platter, it is advised to decorate them all by yourself.

Seems overwhelming?

Well, it’s not! You can decorate ring platters effortlessly with these 15 fun ideas for your wedding ring tray decorations in a way that fits your one-of-a-kind love story perfectly. Whether you love making crafty things yourself or want to just buy something ready-made, there are great options here for you.

Let’s explore the stunning wedding ring tray decoration ideas in this post. Here we go…

15 Inspiring Ideas for Your Wedding Ring Platter Decorations

Here is our list of some of the most inspiring decoration ideas that you can utilize to beautify your wedding ring platter. Take a look…

Wedding Ring Tray Decoration Ideas

First, think of the overall design and feel you want for your wedding. Is it a pretty garden party with lots of flowers? A fancy and modern ballroom party? Or a traditional ceremony celebrating your family’s roots? Your ring platter decoration should match that vibe.

Platter Material

  • The platter itself is like a blank canvas for your creativity. Popular choices are glass, wood, ceramic, or even fabric-covered boxes. Wooden platters feel rustic and warm, while glass or ceramic look sleek and polished. You could use a seashell platter for a beach wedding or a lace-trimmed fabric box for a vintage vibe.

Color Palette

  • The colors you pick can guide how you decorate your ring platter. Classic ivory or white looks timeless and elegant. Or use pops of bright vibrant colors to match your other wedding decorations. For a more natural feel, try earthy tones or muted greens.

DIY Wedding Ring Platter Decoration

For crafty couples, making your own ring platter decoration can be really fun. Here are some DIY ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. Flower Power

Make use of the flower power to take your ring platter to a new level. All you have to do is to decorate the platter with fresh pretty blooms! Use flowers that match your wedding bouquet or theme. Delicate wildflowers give a whimsical touch, while roses or hydrangeas look classic. Secure the flowers with floral foam or pins hidden in the blooms.

2. Rustic Charm

Try a wooden platter decorated with fuzzy green moss and leaves for a natural, earthy look. You can even make a small nest of moss or dried leaves to cradle the rings. Take it further by adding pinecones, twigs, or dried fruit slices for an organic feel.

3. Sentimental Touches

Make it personal with meaningful symbols, words or images. Paint your initials, the wedding date, or a romantic quote. Use acrylic paints or stencils for intricate designs. Include symbols or motifs that have special meaning for you both.

4. Glamorous Shine

For a glamorous wedding, glitz up your platter with glued-on crystals, pearls and rhinestones for elegance. Or create a sparkly fabric bed to hold the rings. Experiment with feathers, sequins, or pearls for extra glam.

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Pre-Made Wedding Ring Platter Decoration Ideas

Not a DIYer? No problem! There are lots of pretty ready-made options too:

5. Classic Elegance

A simple velvet or satin ring box looks so luxurious. The soft fabric makes the rings pop. Look for a box with bevelled edges or metallic detailing for fanciness.

6. Mirrored Marvel

A mirrored platter looks chic and reflects the beauty of your rings. Great for a modern or minimalist wedding. Add geometric shapes or metallic accents around the mirror for extra style.

7. Beach Vibes

Bring the beach to your ceremony with seashells, starfish or driftwood decorations. Find a platter made from a big clamshell or a box with real or fake coral.

8. Vintage Romance

Antique plates or jewellery boxes with lace and intricate designs give an old-fashioned romantic feel. Or repurpose vintage silver trays or trinket boxes.

Wedding Ring Platter Decoration at Home: Bringing Your Vision to Life

For couples on a budget, making your ring platter at home is fun and cheap! Here are some helpful tips:

Repurpose and Upcycle

  •  You can always come up with unique ideas with repurposed materials. Just look around your house for things to transform into a ring platter. An old picture frame, decorative plate, or ceramic tile can work as a base. To make it unique, get creative with paint, fabric scraps, and accessories. You can even use this platter as your wedding keepsake. It will remind you of the best day of your life forever.

Embrace Natural Elements

  • Grab natural items from your backyard, such as pinecones, moss, or unusual branches, to use in your rustic design, and get started!

Think Outside the Craft Store

  • You don’t need just typical craft supplies. Check thrift stores, flea markets, or the dollar store for unique finds like vintage buttons, old lace or trinkets to personalize your platter.

Get Crafty with Friends

  • Invite friends or family over for an afternoon of DIY crafting together. It’s a fun way to bond while making a special keepsake.

Beyond the Basics: More Wedding Ring Platter Decoration Ideas

Once you choose your platter decoration, try these extra tips to make it shine:

  • Lighting is Key: The right lighting makes your platter look amazing. If using flowers or mirrors, place it where it catches natural light or use a small spotlight.
  • Double the Security: While beauty is great, the main job is holding your rings safely. Make sure they’re nestled in securely. Add a dent or ring dish to prevent rolling.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Before the big day, practice placing the rings on the platter. This ensures a smooth exchange during the ceremony without fumbling.
  • Think Outside the Box: Traditional platters are lovely, but get creative! A vintage book, tree branch with moss and lights, or hand-painted tile could work too.

Expanding Your Horizons: More Decorating Ideas

Here are some additional ideas to inspire your wedding ring platter decoration:

9. Cultural Motifs

Include designs or symbols celebrating your cultural heritage, like Indian henna or Celtic knots.

10. Seasonal Accents

Use seasonal elements like fall leaves, winter berries, or spring flowers to match your wedding’s theme.

11. Whimsical Accents

Add playful touches with feathers, twine, or figurines that reflect you both. Love owls? Nest the rings in moss with mini owl figures. Travel lovers? Use an old map base with mini airplanes.

12. Personalized Engraving

Engrave your initials, wedding date, or a sweet message on the platter for a sentimental keepsake.

13. Vintage-Inspired Brooches

Antique brooches with flowers, hearts, or meaningful symbols give an old-world romantic flair.

14. Metallic Accents

Metallic accents such as gold or silver ribbons, beads, or sequins give a sleek look to a modern wedding theme.

15. Nature-Inspired Patterns

Floral, leaf, or vine designs using stencils bring an organic, natural feel.

Every Platter Tells A Unique Story – Tell Yours With These Wedding Ring Platter Decorative Ideas!

No matter what pretty decorations you pick, the most important thing is making it all about you two as a couple. Add those sweet personal touches that show off your one-of-a-kind love story. Those little details will make the moment feel even more special and unforgettable!
Just use your imagination and go wild decorating that ring platter to perfectly capture your whole relationship – the good times, the silly moments, all of it. It’ll make your already magical wedding day feel even more overflowing with love and meaning.

Cause, while those rings represent your forever love, having that platter decorated with all your personal touches? It adds such an extra romantic, magical touch to that huge once-in-a-lifetime moment. Plus, you’ll treasure that platter forever.

Years from now, just looking at it will instantly bring back all the memories, the butterflies, that absolute head-over-heels feeling from your wedding day. Isn’t that amazing? So have fun with it! Infuse it with your personal touch and let that ring platter beautifully narrate your one-of-a-kind love story! Unleash your creativity with these stunning wedding ring platter decoration ideas!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊