Wedding Tips for Groom

Wedding tips for groom

Weddings are a task that involves too many people, especially the bride and groom. The bride and groom are the most important part of the wedding as the whole thing is planned for them only. However, most brides are excited and bubbly with dreamy ideas, but the grooms express less enthusiasm in the whole procedure. Sometimes they look very casual about their wedding. At times they even look restless, of course, man and woman are different and they possess different character traits. Even though a groom needs to show some enthusiasm in his marriage.

More often than not, a wedding for a groom is just another step in life that they believe they have to take sometimes for the sake of family and sometimes they themselves want it. However, the level of excitement is hardly seen in them, in fact, they appear unprepared for the event. But to feel this way on your wedding is not a great sign.

If you are also planning to get married this season, then this post is mean for you. Here in this post we are sharing with you some wonderful tips on how you can make the wedding whole experience an exciting one.

Let’s get started…

1. First things first, make sure you are ready for the marriage. Of course, you need to be clear about – are you really sure you want to get married? Your commitment to your significant other and marriage is important for your future.

2. Spend time with your significant other before your wedding. Spending time with the bride before the wedding will give you time to understand her, her dreams, her desires, her hopes, her fears, her plans, and her concerns about the wedding and life after the wedding. Also, while being with her be sure that you listen to her intently. It is the time when you can make great bonds with her.

3. Of course, it is important that your bride knows that you love her and that’s why you are marrying her. If she won’t feel the love, she will lose the confidence in you. Understand that love is the primary ingredient in any relationship. Make time for her, tell her that you love her, show your love to her and prove that you love her and her family. When we say prove your love, it definitely doesn’t mean that you have to bring moon for her. It simply means be by her side! It will help her build confidence!

4. Involve yourself in wedding related activities. Remember, it is not the bride’s wedding it is your wedding also. So, it is important that you take part in wedding related tasks. Of course, it is not possible to be available all the time, but be available as and whenever you can be. It will help your bride know that you are equally interested in the wedding, it is not a single way process for her. Also, let her know that you care and you want this wedding.

5. Be patient with your bride and with yourself as well. Maintain your calm when planning the wedding, making any decision, or when you are at a social event. Have less complaints, avoid fights and outbursts. No matter how busy or stuck you are, at no point you can insult others. Be mindful about others’ feelings. Of course, we all feel bad, angry, upset but that doesn’t give us the right to insult people or take out our frustration on them. Be soft and calm even when you are upset or in a bad mood.

6. Resolve problems or issues by talking and not by fighting. Fighting is no solution for any problem, believe you me. Even if you two have some issues, make sure you sort it out by talking and not by fighting. You need to resolve it calmly.

7. Give your bride some space. It is very crucial that you give your bride enough space. Of course, wanting a bride leaving all her friends and spending all her time with you is just bizarre. Everybody needs space to be able to have a great relationship. Not giving space can lead to severe relational problems.

8. Do not forget to appreciate your bride. Yes, brides or girls love appreciation, they love when their grooms admire them. So whenever you get a chance let your bride-to-be know that she is looking beautiful. That you are liking the way she has dressed herself etc. She will love your words and you as well. Words of appreciation help to strengthen the relationship. And building a great relationship before wedding will lead to a happy married life.

9. Besides appreciating your bride, do appreciate the bride’s family for all their effort in making your day a great celebration. Let everyone know that you really appreciate them and their efforts.

10. Do not raise unnecessary demands. The culture of dowry is very bad, people who ask for dowry or raise unnecessary demands are not considered as good people. If you ask for dowry, out of pressure girl may marry you, but you will lose all the respect for the lifetime. So, it is crucial that you avoid demanding your own way or expecting too much from the bride’s family. Some grooms tend to behave superior, which is not wise. Remember, it is your wedding also, so be a part of it, instead behaving superior in the process.

11. Distractions are not good, at your wedding there will be several people. And having sudden likings and interest in someone else present at the wedding is not a great idea. Of course, you have chosen your bride because you liked her in the first place. Suddenly a bridesmaid started to flirt with you and you got distracted is not a great idea. Just be focused and refrain yourself from any kind of distractions. Even if you wish to indulge in healthy flirts, chuck the idea there and then. These things take toll later, and people end up having broken marriages, NOT WISE!

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12. Plan your bachelor party at least three days prior to your wedding. Hope you have seen the movie “The Handover” and you do not wish to get into the similar kind of problems (Just kidding). But yes plan your bachelor party at least few days prior to your wedding. It will give you time to come out of your hangover on time. Also, be careful about the substances that you would be taking in your bachelor’s party. Remember that you can’t go high on any substance that can spoil things in the name of fun. Your friends may want you to have anything or everything for the sake of fun or bachelor’s party. However, you need to be clever about what all you should take.

13. Have fun but do not overdo anything. Alcohol is commonly associated with any kind of celebration, and your wedding is the biggest celebration for that matter. So, you need to avoid any excesses at your wedding reception. Have alcohol but in moderation. Never at any point forget that it’s your wedding and maintaining self-discipline is a must!

14. Enjoy every bit of your wedding no matter what. As said earlier, it is your wedding also, you need to be happy, cheerful and enthusiastic about the event. Remember that your wedding is once in a lifetime event and you need to live every moment of it. You will cherish all these moments throughout your life. So have lots of fun, let your bride, her family and your family know that you are really happy with your marriage. This is your moment. Enjoy every bit of it! Enjoy the love! Enjoy your bride! And enjoy the dreams, hopes, and expectations that comes with marriage. Your wedding is for you to have a lot of fun and enjoyment! SO



These are the tips that you have to keep in mind. Besides, be on time, get ready on time, reach the venue on time, and yeah do not go crazy at your bachelor party. Have a lot of fun and make your wedding the best wedding.

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

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