What Should Brides and Grooms Never Do at Their Weddings?

What should brides and grooms never do at their weddings?

More often than not, brides and grooms know what they should do at their weddings. However, it is also important for every bride and groom to know about the things which they should never do at their weddings. Yes, there are few things which every bride and groom should avoid doing at their wedding, avoiding those things can help them to have a wonderful celebration that they will cherish all their lives.

Here in this post we are sharing with you all those things that every bride and groom should never do at their weddings.

Here we go……

1. Not greeting guests at the reception

Of course, we understand that amidst a lot of people at the wedding reception, you may fail to greet a few guests at the reception. But, you need to remember that your guests have made time for you so that they can be part of your life’s biggest celebration. Undoubtedly, you have made a lot of arrangements for them but missing to greet them at the wedding may look weird and rude. So, it is better to remember that you have to greet all your guests at the wedding, whether in a receiving line or by visiting each table.

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2. Getting high or drunk

Getting high or drunk image

You may be very excited about your wedding but that does not mean you will abuse substances or get drunk at your wedding. You need to understand that this is your wedding and all your wedding guests would come for you only. If you won’t be in your senses at your wedding, what would they feel about you? Leave about what your wedding guests would think about you, just imagine the condition of your significant other on seeing you overly drunk or high on any other substance.

3. Fighting with each other or somebody else

No matter how big the problem is – it is important that you be in your senses at your wedding. Fighting with each other for something or fighting with somebody else for some reason is not justified at all. It is your wedding and people who are attending will have their eyes on you only. If your reactions to a particular situation are not polite or are rude, then it will leave a bad impact on others. For instance, due to some reasons baraat got late, and you got annoyed about it and just at the stage you raised this issue. And both of you started having arguments on it. How will it look? Of course, it will look bad. So, do not fight with each other or even with anybody else. Even if something went wrong be polite and tackle the situation calmly.

4. Taking unnecessary tension or pressure

Taking unnecessary tension or pressure

Weddings are a stressful task and there is no doubt about it. But the truth remains that the stress that comes with wedding planning journey can be curbed easily. At the wedding any situation may arise. For instance, your wedding florist couldn’t arrange for the flowers that you asked for. Now what?? What is the solution, can you do anything about it, of course not! All you can do is find out some mid-way or a solution, which could be – go for different color flowers that matches perfectly with your wedding theme or any other solution that help you tackle the situation.

Basically, the idea is to avoid taking tension and find out the solution. Only finding the solution can help you. And if you take tension, you will not only spoil your mood, but also your wedding pictures will be affected.

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5. Pressurizing your guests to participate in something that they don’t wish to participate in

More often than not, couples start pressurizing wedding guests to do something which they do not want to do, which is not good at all. It actually irritates your guest. Of course, why should you pressurize your guests to do something when they are not interested? For instance, pulling every guest on the dance floor even when your guests are not comfortable doing that. What’s the point! There is no fun in forcing people to do something, fun lies in freedom. Let them do things at their will not by force!

6. Meeting before the wedding

Meeting before the wedding

In some cultures, especially Hindu culture, meeting with your bride on the day of the wedding is strictly not permitted. If you also belong to any such region where it is not allowed, then you should surely abide by your norms and do things as told by your elders. There is no point creating problems for each other, of course, your families will not like it. And later there will be unnecessary differences, which is not good.

7. Maintaining an entitled attitude

More often than not, brides and grooms maintain an entitled attitude, which comes with the belief that ‘it’s their day’. Yes, everybody understands that it’s your day, but that doesn’t mean that you will have some attitude on your day. That’s redundant! You will simply make your guests feel bad or insulted, which is not wise. Why should you do something that creates discomfort for others? Only when you are polite with your guests and treat them well at the wedding they will feel good about you. Otherwise they will have some different notion about you which will affect your relation with them later.

Remember, getting married neither gives you ownership of the day nor it justifies your bad behavior or attitude.

8. Using phone or gadgets

Using phone or gadgets

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you should remember it when you are getting married. Your phone calls can be attended by somebody who you think is reliable. So it is always advised to give your phone to somebody who you trust. Also, give an alternative number to the vendors. An alternative number can be of the person who will be coordinating with the vendors, it will give you ease and peace of mind. Otherwise you will end up taking calls and spoiling your celebration.

9. Skipping breakfast

Your wedding is going to take time, there will be many rituals and functions on the day of your wedding, skipping breakfast will lead to headache. Yes, avoid skipping your breakfasts, especially if you tend to get headaches due to an empty stomach. Instead, eat proper breakfast. Besides, you can also keep some snacks handy in your bag so that whenever you feel less on energy or hungry you can simply have them.

10. Eating something unnecessary

Eating something unnecessary

On the day of your wedding you should avoid eating anything unnecessary. Eat only healthy food, and not something that can upset your stomach or anything that can make you round about restrooms for the entire evening.

11. Treating your wedding as opportunity to grab gifts or raise fund

Definitely, your wedding guests would bring a gift for you. More often than not, people host a party to receive gifts or raise funds, which is not good. Your wedding should be an event to have fun, togetherness, enjoyment, and not cupidity. You should aim for happiness at your wedding, not for material possession!

12. Failing to send thank-you notes

Failing to send thank-you notes

Last but not least, you should never fail to send thank you notes after your wedding. You don’t know how impactful those gracious words could be. Thank you notes should be sent within a month of the wedding. Sending thank you notes to the wedding guests for their gifts and for their attendance at the wedding means a lot to them. They will feel happy and important upon receiving thank you notes from your side. So, do not miss sending your guests thank you notes for their gifts.

Avoid doing all the things mentioned above and have a great wedding!!

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺