What Size Wedding Cake Will I Need?

Wedding Cake Size for Guest

The wedding cake is the center point of most wedding receptions. In some traditions, cake cutting is considered the most crucial ceremony that no one leaves the reception before the cake is cut. So, it becomes indispensable to have the right choice of wedding cake. In fact, the wedding cake is one of the pivots of wedding photographs. There are many factors to be considered while choosing a wedding cake; however, the most critical factor is the size of it. Here in this post, we will discuss the size of the wedding cake that you will need.

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The size of the wedding cake that you will need

Before you know the size of the cake for your wedding, it is crucial to understand that a wedding cake is meant to share the joy of the wedding and not to show off the wealth of the couple. So, the size of the cake primarily depends on the number of wedding guests you are expecting.

When we say the number of guests, it includes the ones who couldn’t make for your wedding. More often than not, couples count and estimate only the number of guests who are going to attend the wedding reception. You may want to send a piece of cake to the ones who couldn’t attend the wedding reception. Remember that the cake is meant to share the joy of a wedding, so you should share it with the guests who couldn’t attend the wedding reception.

As a result, the size of the cake will be determined by the number of guests attending the wedding reception plus the number of guests who cannot. Undoubtedly, having too large a cake or too small cake is totally a waste. There is no point having a too big cake that goes waste and too small that cannot be shared among the guests.

⇒ Selecting the right size

With so many variables, the whole process of choosing a wedding cake may seem confusing; however, your cake maker can help you choose the correct size.

Before choosing the size of your wedding cake, you should first decide whether you would want to offer your guests a tasting portion (which is  1-inch x 1-inch) or as a dessert (which will be a slightly bigger – 1 inch x 2 inch).

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Many couples choose to go with taller cakes even when they have less number of guests. They like the idea of a big wedding cake but don’t want to have loads of cake leftover after the wedding. In that case, they can always go for the fake tiers iced and decorated, coordinating well with the real cake. It will save you a few dollars and will leave a significant impact on your wedding. Even your wedding photographer would get some great pictures of the wedding cake. Also, your guests would not find out about the fake tiers. But, remember that you will have to pay for the decoration and icing of the fake tiers as well.

A standard three-tier cake is enough for 120 wedding guests. However, for dessert, you will need a larger cake – 4-5 tier.

An average 6″, 9″, 12″ rounds 3 tier cake will yield more than enough slices to feed your wedding guests with not too much cake leftover. In fact, most couples hardly get a chance to enjoy their wedding cake at their wedding. So, it is okay to have some leftover cake, as they can enjoy the cake the next day in a more relaxed environment and have a prolonged celebration.

Also, the shape of the cake impacts the portion size and numbers. As square cakes yield more portions than the rounded ones.

Benefits of adding fake tiers 

  • Adding fake tiers can simply add drama and height to your wedding cake design.
  • You can avoid unnecessary wastage as there will be less cake.
  • You will save money as you won’t pay for the additional ingredients and labor.
  • Great way to have perfect wedding cake pictures.

*You can use a pedestal cake stand, or custom cut woodblocks or decorated crates, or you may ask your venue to arrange for a traditional metal cake stands to add height to the cake, cost-effectively.

Here are the different tier sizes according to the number of guests:

  • 6″ and 9″ tiers – 70 – 80 people
  • 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ tiers – 120 – 130 people
  • 6″, 10″, and 12″ tiers – 140 – 150 people

You can even opt for 14″ and 12″ fake tier along with the 10″ 8″ and 6″ real tiers to feed 100 to 120 people.

So, these are the different sizes of wedding cakes you may choose from. Remember, the size and the number of tiers can be adjusted according to the number of guests you have estimated.

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