What to Write in an Engagement Card: Engagement Wishes

Engagement Card

Engagement is regarded as one of the most significant milestones in a couple’s life together. It marks the start of an exciting new chapter in the lives of a couple. It is at this point that they begin to make plans for their future, and from this point forward, all of the wedding preparations will proceed.

Therefore, if you know someone who has recently become engaged, you should send them warm wishes for their upcoming wedding. On the other hand, if writing seems like a chore to you, then this article is most certainly going to be of great assistance to you.

In this post, we will discuss some of the heartfelt messages that you can write on an engagement card.

So, let’s get started…

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Why Do You Need To Write Engagement Cards?

As said earlier, engagement is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. Of course, saying only congratulations is not enough, especially if you’re closely connected to the couple. In such a situation, it becomes crucial to write a heartfelt and sincere text of congratulations that can affirm the special connection you share.

It’s important to reassure your loved ones, whether they’re your friends or family. Sharing heartfelt engagement messages is a great way to reassure someone that they are special to you.

Also, you may not be very comfortable sharing your feelings with the couple in a face-to-face chat. In such a situation, writing an engagement card with thoughtful messages can significantly impact your bond with the couple.

By putting your thoughts and feelings into words on paper, you may better convey your feelings, and paradoxically, it may make you feel more at ease.

Lastly, writing a personal engagement card demonstrates that you cared enough to take the time to write it yourself. Also, it illustrates your willingness to invest your share of affection and care into the friendship.

A heartfelt message of congratulations is much more likely to be kept as a memento and to make a lasting impact.

The takeaway is that you should put some thought into crafting a unique greeting the next time a significant event rolls around. So, make sure to write a heartfelt message of congrats to your friend and have fun during the celebration.

Before we go to the wishes, here are some engagement card writings tips that you must keep in mind while writing an engagement card. Take a look…

Top 7 Engagement Card Writing Tips

Writing is not an easy task, especially for those who literally despise putting their feelings on paper. Yes, not everyone is born with writing talent. Some people literally struggle to put their thought onto paper.

So, if you’re one of those people and still you’re planning to write something for the newly engaged couple, then follow the tips below.

Be sure to follow these tips no matter how you choose to congratulate the engaged couple on their upcoming nuptials.

1. Put your own spin on things

Ambiguity is not a desirable quality. There are certain things that need not be to the point, including an engagement card. It simply means that you cannot just congratulate the couple on their engagement. Of course, they would expect more than this from you, especially if you’re close to them. Therefore, it is crucial to give engagement cards a personal touch.

Wondering how?

It’s simple! Towards the end of the card, depending on how well you know the couple, you may either make an offer to assist them with the planning process or provide quick advice about how they can make the most of this exciting chapter of their relationship.

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2. Avoid using unfavorable comments

No matter how close you’re to a couple. It is always advised not to be a downer when writing an engagement card. You should always avoid including anything that could appear even the tiniest bit unfavorable. Know that even a flippant remark that is meant to be taken in good fun can turn out to be a disaster. Anything that could be misunderstood or come off as harsh should be avoided.

3. Keep your tone positive

When you are creating an engagement card, make sure that your writing is happy, upbeat, and optimistic. The idea is to write something that will make the newly engaged couple happy and enthusiastic about their future. Writing anything negative can lead to misunderstanding and chaos, which should be avoided.

4. Share your best memories

Whoever you’re sending an engagement card to must feel connected to you when reading the card, that’s why it’s so important to include a description of your first experience with them together or the moment you found out they were dating.

Share stories about the most memorable and delightful times you’ve spent together in the past, whether it was a special trip or holiday, a shared experience, or something else.

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5. Add some fun elements

When it comes to creating an engagement card, one of the most important things you can do is include some humorous content.

When you are writing an engagement card for a friend, it is perfectly OK to make them laugh while you are doing it.

When adding some fun to the engagement card, the only thing you need to watch out for is making fun of the couple in a demeaning way. You should not approach comedic situations in this manner.

The other person just loves the content that you share on the card, and this is what we mean by the term “humor.”

6. Don’t stress yourself out

Obviously, the kind of relationship you have with the couple will impact your writing for sure. However, you don’t need to stress yourself when writing an engagement card for a newly engaged couple. This implies that you do not need to spend a lot of time writing a card.

You may keep things simple and add some story from your life relating to the couple. In fact, you could even say something positive about both of them and how they complement one another perfectly when they’re together.

7. Take time to come up with something original

Coming up with an emotionally evocative “congratulations” message is often fairly difficult. But writing a heartfelt engagement card will surely leave an indelible mark. You just need to put some thought into creating something truly unique. Writing an engagement card isn’t something that needs to be rushed. Actually, giving it some consideration and spending some time developing the mood will help you come up with something fresh and unusual.

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55+ Engagement Card Messages

Our list is divided into different categories to help you choose the one that fits your needs the best! Take a look

Engagement Messages For Your Friends

Check out these simple yet meaningful messages that you can use to write an engagement card for the newly engaged couple:

  • I am overjoyed to hear the news since I think the two of you form a wonderful couple. I hope everything goes smoothly for you in the run-up to the wedding as well as in the years to come. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • I’m excited to celebrate your wedding and to have you both in my life as my friends.
  • My heart leaps with the news. The fact that two of my closest friends are getting married is really fantastic. Congratulations!
  • That you’ve found your accomplice is fantastic! I hope you two have a wonderful, prosperous life together. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • The two of you are deserving of a successful and joyful marriage. All my love goes out to you! Happy engagement!
  • I hope that life continues to treat you well in the years to come. Good luck!
  • We couldn’t be happier for the two of you. I hope that the two of you have a prosperous and happy future together. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • I wish you both a healthy and prosperous life together. Congratulations on your engagement!!
  • I can’t wait to enjoy the festivities with you. Congratulations!!
  • Happy engagement! I can’t wait for your wedding! I wish you both a long life filled with joy and good health as you spend it together.
  • Best wishes to the soon-to-be-married man and woman! Congratulations on your engagement!
  • I am overjoyed to hear that you have found your true love, my best buddy. I hope your life together is filled with joy for many years to come. Congratulations!
  • I can’t express how pleased I am for the two of you. I hope everything goes swimmingly for you both during the engagement and in the years to come! Lots of love.

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Engagement Card Wishes For Your Children

Every parent should feel joy when seeing their child’s engagement. Here are some of the wishes that you can use to write in an engagement card for your kid:

  • The two of you have our heartfelt best wishes as you begin this new chapter of your lives. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • I am so pleased with the person you have become and wish you and (name) a long and happy bonding. Happy engagement!
  • We are so pleased to hear the good news. Enjoy your engagement to the fullest and make some amazing new memories!
  • I’m so happy you’ve decided to get married, and I can’t wait to meet your new husband or wife. Congratulations, my darling daughter/son!
  • I couldn’t be happier about this! I’m overjoyed to meet my new son or daughter finally! Congratulations!
  • I couldn’t be happier about this! Finally, you have found someone to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations!
  • I’ve been curious about your future spouse ever since you were small, and I can’t think of a perfect fit for you than (name). I wish you both the best for the rest of your lives.


Engagement Card Wishes For Your Siblings

Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Wow, I can’t believe my little/big brother/sister is getting married! I’m ecstatic to be expanding my family with a brother or sister-in-law. Congratulations!
  • I am elated to see you two together! Congratulations on your engagement, my little/big brother/sister.
  • Now that you’ve met someone who completes you and brings you joy is terrific news, and (name) is just the right person I could ever ask for as my brother or sister-in-law. Congratulations!
  • The two of you have our heartfelt best wishes as you begin this new chapter of your lives. Congratulations, my dear little/big brother/sister!
  • Your partner will feel right at home in our family, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • I am happy to see you two engaged! You two are perfect for each other. Happy Engagement!


Funny Engagement Messages

It is always a good idea to add some humor in an engagement card. Take a look at these cheeky ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile on newly engaged couple’s face:

  • I can’t tell you how impressed I am that the two of you decided to tie the knot for reasons other than an unplanned pregnancy. Congrats on your engagement!
  • I can’t wait until the open bar at the wedding party. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • You are both so fortunate to have found the one person in the entire world that you want to irritate for the rest of your lives with. Congratulations!!
  • Congratulations on your engagement. Take advantage of this enchanted moment before you are confronted with the harsh realities of life.
  • I am happy for you, my dear little sister/brother, that you got someone to irritate, as I will be spared from all your tortures! Congratulations!
  • There are two different ways to spend the rest of your life behind bars. The first way is to commit a serious crime, and the second is to find a spouse. I am happy that you chose the second one! Happy engagement!
  • Thankfully, you’re engaged now! Your friends and relatives have an official excuse not to bother you anymore with questions like when you will marry! Congratulations!
  • Well, the moment I got to know about your engagement, the first thought that came to my head was – wow! Now you have an official reason to be busy all day long! Enjoy your days ahead!
  • You did very well to prevent yourself from turning into a crazy cat lady. Congratulations!
  • Never make fun of the decisions made by your spouse because you are now one of those options. Congratulation!
  • The two of you have our heartfelt best wishes as you begin this new chapter of your lives. Planning the stag/hen party is high on my to-do list. Congratulations on your engagement!


Thoughtful and Romantic Engagement Card Messages

If you’re looking for a more uplifting or romantic expression of emotion, then here is our list of some of the most romantic engagement card messages:

  • You and your partner will go through both happy and difficult moments, but you will do so together. As long as you have each other, there is no limit to what you may do.
  • I’m thrilled to hear the wonderful news, and I am eagerly waiting to share the joy with you on D-Day! Congratulations!
  • Obviously, you and (name) are meant to be together, and I have no doubt that you two will be blissfully happy as a couple. You two make the most romantic couple I know! Congratulations!
  • I pray that this new stage in your relationship marks the beginning of lifelong devotedness, happiness, and commitment to each other. Congratulations!
  • The two of you have our heartfelt best wishes as you begin this new chapter of your lives. Congratulations
  • Best wishes for a joyful engagement to the two of you! Go create a wonderful life together that will last forever!
  • Congratulations on your engagement! You two form a very attractive couple. I am happy to see you embarking on the new journey of your life!
  • I am overjoyed that the two of you have discovered love in each other. I hope that everything goes smoothly with the wedding planning and that you two have a wonderful life together. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your engagement!! I hope that the wedding preparations don’t cause you any unnecessary worry and wish you both a lifetime of pleasure. Looking forward to the wedding with much excitement!
  • Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I’m happy for you because you’ve finally found someone to love and care for you as much as you deserve.
  • You’ve finally found someone to share your travels with! Congratulations
  • What wonderful news that you’ve found the love of your life! You have found the love of your life in (name), and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you to start a family together.
  • Wow, that’s incredible. I’m overjoyed for you two and can’t wait to share in your joy on your wedding day.
  • To my best friend, I offer my heartfelt congratulations on her upcoming nuptials. I’m really pleased for you.

Wrapping it up…

So, this is our list of engagement messages that you can use to write an engagement card for anyone, from your close friend to your siblings. Hope this list, along with the tips, will help you craft a thoughtful engagement message for the newly engaged couple.

You don’t need to copy these messages; in fact, you can use them to create your own message around them.