6 Types of People You Should Never Invite to Your Wedding

wedding couple

All set for the Big Day???

That’s great!!

Done with your guest list?

Confused about who all to invite???

Well, we understand narrowing down your guest list is the most daunting errand of all. But, you cannot skip it; you’ll have to get your toes wet. There is no other way out!

But we can help you narrow down your wedding guest list. Ask how…..

Simply by telling you who you should not invite to your wedding. Yes, you read it right! We’re not going to discuss who to invite in this post. In fact, we will talk about people you should never invite to your wedding.

Let’s get started…..  

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You would want to have those attending your wedding who are close to you, who you cannot imagine your big day without, who you know well, and who you want to be there to share the celebration with you. It doesn’t take much to know who falls under these categories.

Our heart very well knows about the people we love. Undoubtedly, it also knows about people we are not connected to, but we feel reluctant to make any decision. On a serious note, no more reluctance; it’s time to take a firm step…

Let’s know who all not to include in your wedding guest list.

  1. Someone who will cause negative drama

The drama would be the last thing that any couple would want to have at their wedding (I’m talking about negative drama here). So, the best thing to have a drama-free wedding is to avoid inviting people who can cause negative drama.

Of course, there’ll be consequences; the person may feel bad about your decision, especially if a person is overly sensitive. In that case, you can run a risk of having a conversation about why you’re not inviting them.

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  1. Someone who you’re not in talking terms anymore

Your family would try to convince you to invite your distant cousin, who fought with you five years back, believing that your wedding is an excellent opportunity to mend things between you two. But, what is the point of inviting someone who you don’t talk to? It will be an awkward situation for both of you. Your wedding should be an enjoyable event for all. You’ll get plenty of occasions to mend things up later on. Right now, focus on your wedding celebration.

  1. Someone you are not comfortable with

Un-comfortable with Someone

There is no doubt that the best things happen when we surround ourselves with people we love or are comfortable with. Inviting someone with whom you don’t feel comfortable is no wise decision. Why should you get into any awkward situations unnecessarily?

  1. Your ex

Even if you’re on friendly terms with your ex, strictly avoid inviting him/her to your wedding. It will be an odd experience not only for you but also for your new spouse, your friends, and those in the family who knew your ex-lover while you were dating. Remember that your past is past; it should not hamper your present and future. Inviting your ex can create unnecessary chaos in your new life. It’s better to keep your past away and focus on your present and future.

  1. Office colleague you’re not friends with

office colleagues, clients, co-workers

Your office colleagues, clients, co-workers, etc., who you are not very connected to or friends with should not be invited. Your wedding should not look like a work gathering at all. If your workmates stress upon the wedding invitation, tell them politely that it’s an intimate wedding with few guests. You can host a small party for your office colleagues separately after or before your wedding.

  1. Someone who is belligerent

Lastly, belligerent people, you should never invite to your wedding. This is similar to those who stir up drama. Belligerent people are very reactive and bad-tempered people; they tend to stir up fights for any reason or no reason. Yes, some people literally start fighting for no reason, for instance, when they’re intoxicated. Then some people are cranky, complaining, and problematic. They can be a troublemaker at your wedding. So you should not invite such people to your wedding.

Bottom Line

So, these are the 6 types of people you should never invite to your wedding. Leaving them off the guest list will let you have a peaceful wedding celebration that you would want for sure. And if you just cannot avoid it, ensure your wedding coordinator is aware of their presence at the wedding.

Happy Wedding…..