Why Hiring Friends To Work at Your Wedding is Not a Good Idea?

Why hiring your friends to work your wedding is not a good idea?

Well, you must be tempted to save your money the moment your friend approached to work your wedding either in discounted price or maybe for free. Having a friend at your wedding as a guest is a great idea. But your friend working out your wedding may not be that cool! I tell you why. Sometimes people try to find alternatives in order to save money on professionals. And in the process they tend to hire their friends to do a specific wedding task. Without realizing how it could ruin their entire wedding experience, and also their relationship with that friend gets ruined. You may find the idea of hiring your friend to work out your wedding tempting. But believe you me, always almost couple end up regretting their decisions of hiring their friends to work out their weddings.

I tell you an incidence, There is this couple who thought to hire a passionate photographer friend at their wedding. This friend of their actually used to shoot occasionally, just for fun. Somehow he convinced this couple that he can do a great job, they also trusted him. Finally on the day of the wedding, this guy came along with his photography gears clicked wedding pictures just like a pro. Later when they wanted to see their wedding pictures finally, he was not ready to show because most of the pictures were out of focus, or blur or something. Hardly any picture was there which can be called a perfect wedding picture. Later they regretted their decision and realized their mistake that their friend only had nice camera and no wedding photography experience.

This is just one story, there are many like this. Here is why you should never consider your friend to work out your wedding…

1. Is he/she a professional??

First things first, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It is crucial that a professional only should undertake all the tasks related to your wedding. Professional planners are skilled people who know their job well.

2. Professionals are committed

Hiring a professional and not your friend will help you have somebody committed to you and your wedding. Undoubtedly, professionals are comparatively expensive, but you always have surety that they will show up on your wedding day. On the other hand, you cannot force your friend for anything. For instance, you hired your passionate photographer friend for your wedding photography, suddenly he had his girlfriend, who lives in another country came to see him after a long time, and definitely he would prefer to meet his girlfriend or if doesn’t, all his attention would be there. But if you will have a professional even in case of some emergency he will have some back to take care of your wedding shoot. When you hire, they are contractually obligated to carry out their duties!

3. Professional will take responsibilities

Professionals are good at taking responsibilities and that’s what they are paid for. However, a friend may linger on, which is not good for the even like your wedding. A friend will surely prioritize his/her personal affairs over your wedding affairs. Having a professional mean freeing yourself from most of the wedding related tasks. You only have to give ideas however you want things to be at your wedding. However, in the case of a friend you might have to chase the person to do the needful.

4. Professionals are experienced

Nothing could be worse than having an absolutely unorganized wedding. Trust me it will be the biggest chaos of your life. Hiring a professional will help you have someone who is experienced in his field. Of course, when you will pay, you will not pay for an unskilled, inexperienced wedding vendor or wedding planner. You will pay for an experienced person who can help you make your wedding a dream wedding, just like you have always dreamt it. Professional don’t depend on guesswork, they possess experience with which they create wonderful weddings.

5. Professionals are able to handle stress

Wedding planning is a stressful task, do anything but wedding planning always comes with a certain level of stress. And no one can escape it fully. These professionals are skilled in handling stress. They know that their work is such and they will have to go through a certain level of stress. For instance, if a vendor at your wedding don’t turn up, your friend won’t be able to handle the situation that perfectly the way the professional can do. Professionals easily take any level of pressure at work, as they know their job inside out and pressure is just a part of their job.

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6. Professionals are result oriented

And that matters…. ☺ ☺ with professionals you will always get what you PAY for!! Hiring a professional will enable you get great results at your wedding! Professionals work weddings for their living are result oriented, from your wedding photographer to your wedding caterer, all of them work for their living. Hence, giving best results become their priority. For, if you will like their work, you will refer in future or contact them for repeat business. Also, when you pay them they are contractually obligated to give you the best results. On the other hand, your friend will be least bothered about the result, first he won’t be paid. Second, he/she might be doing it support you at your wedding. That’s all!!

7. Professionals can be questioned

Your friend might not be as “on it” as you’d like. On the other hand, you can question a professional as and when you feel that things are not happening according to you. Because you pay a professional it becomes his/her duty to give the best services, whereas your friend is not obligated to you. Hence, he/she can’t be questioned for anything.

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8. Professionals have professional attitude towards their work and client

A professional attitude towards work is essential for getting things perfectly the way they should be. Your friend who is not a professional of course will not treat you the way a professional would do. A professional would be punctual, dedicated, and determined to his duties, your friend on the other hand would have more casual, and relaxed working. Also, your wedding is always a side gig for your friends, he/she will prioritize his/her things instead of your wedding. And there is no problem in that!! I mean you can’t help it!!

9. Professionals help you have great relationships.

Of course, your friend is a long time asset for you, and you will definitely not want to ruin your relationship with him/her because of your wedding work. When you work with a professional at your wedding, you eventually build a relationship with them. More often than not, when you hire a friend the relationship gets strained in some way, whether you want it or not. Either you will not be happy with the final results or they will have a grudge against you if you will say something or if you making them work for free.

Hiring a professional help you save your relationship which you may ruin otherwise. When you pay them for their, and if you are not satisfied with the work you can always speak about it. But when it’s your friend and you are not paying for the service, it becomes really tough to express your concern that you’re not happy without ruining the relationship. Also, not every friend is so understanding.

10. Professionals help you have a fun event

Your wedding should not work for some and fun for others, it should be fun for all. If they truly are your friend, you’ll always want to have them at your wedding and enjoy it. And if that’s not the case, then you would never want to even have them at your wedding.

You surely want your loved ones to have an amazing time on your wedding. Your friends and loved ones should focus on celebrating the biggest event of your life rather than working your wedding out. Let the professional handle your wedding related tasks, and your friend enjoy your wedding with you to the fullest.

11. Professionals are professionals………

Just because your friend is talented in something specifically, doesn’t mean that he/she can work your wedding. Maybe, your friend is a great nature photographer and he does it for time pass, but if he’s never shot a wedding before, you can’t have him to try out his hands on your wedding shots. Or your friend has great makeup sense, but that doesn’t mean that she can help you with your wedding makeup as well. Bridal makeup and regular makeup are two different things altogether and you can’t combine them. Besides certain skill sets, bridal makeup needs a great level of experience also.

To Pan out…

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and you would never want to have someone trying out at your wedding. So, it is essential that unless your friend is a wedding professional who has been working in the industry for at least a little while, he/she should not be hired to “try it out” on your wedding day.

Happy Wedding…… ☺ ☺

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