10 Best Casual Wedding Attire For Wedding Guests

10 Best Casual Wedding Attire For Wedding Guests

Weddings are special occasions for everyone. Yes, for everyone, in addition to the couple that is getting married. Everyone who gets an invitation to a Wedding Attire is required to plan things before attending a wedding. Yes, as a wedding guest, you need to look your best at the wedding that you plan to attend. So, if you have received an invite and you’re looking for casual wedding attires for the same, then this post is for you.

You read that right! Casual attire for wedding. Gone are the days when couples used to keep things formal. Modern couples are cool! They

love making things easy and convenient for everyone, including their guests. So, if you have also received a wedding invitation from a couple that requires you to wear casual attire, then you are lucky to read this post. 

You may have a few questions regarding the wedding attire. Questions

such as, “What should I wear?” or “What is a casual wedding attire?” Of course, these questions are natural, especially when you have always attended weddings in luxurious gowns or tuxedos. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be typed. Casual wedding attires are the perfect option for modern weddings. They encourage you to express your style in whichever way suits you. You can wear linen suits, tailored jumpsuits, or flowing sundresses at a wedding.

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Why Choose Casual Wedding Attire?

Casual Wedding Attire For Men

  1. Casual Knit Blazer Suit Jacket
  2. Chinos 
  3. Tropical Sport Shirt 
  4. Luxury-Touch Polo 
  5. Dress Shirt 

Casual Wedding Attire For Women

  1. Surplice Sleeveless Jumpsuit
  2. Camille Puff Sleeve Midi Dress
  3. Knit Dress
  4. Wrap Dress
  5. Shirred Mini Dress

Wrapping up…

Why Choose Casual Wedding Attire?

Casual attire for weddings is a great way to stay comfortable and BE YOU at a wedding celebration. Several couples embrace casual wedding attires these days. These attires allow you the freedom to choose any outfit of your choice that gives you comfort. You don’t have to stress yourself with the thought of what you should wear when you receive a wedding invitation. When it comes to casual wedding outfits, the market is swamped with endless options. There are numerous options for you to choose from. Something unique about casual attire is that you don’t have to be overdressed. However, you can look classy and elegant in casual attire. The best thing about casual wedding attires is that you can even wear them in other settings as well, such as an office party, at a movie date, your friend’s promotion party, and so on.  

So, if you’re looking for the perfect fashionable clothes you can wear as a guest, this post is for you! We’ve curated a list of some amazingly stunning casual wedding attire for both males and females. Make sure to look at them for some inspiration that will give you comfort.

Join us as we delve into the world of casual wedding attire that’s perfect for any wedding event. Opting for casual wedding attire allows you to be flexible with your style. 

Let’s get started …

Casual Wedding Attire For Men

Here’s a list of different casual wedding attire for males to consider for an upcoming wedding. Take a look… 

1. Casual Knit Blazer Suit Jacket

Casual knit blazer suit jackets look cool! They make you look smart and feel comfortable throughout the ceremony. You can choose to wear these jackets for any wedding, from intimate to large-scale weddings. You can pair this jacket with a pair of jeans or chinos for a casual wedding. If you don’t want to appear too formal for a friend or relative’s wedding, you can consider this attire! These jackets come in various colours. You can choose any colour of blazer, such as navy, charcoal, or brown. 

Casual Knit Blazer Suit Jacket


2. Chinos 

Jeans should not be the only casual outfit in your closet, don’t you think so? You can wear a quality pair of chinos for a casual wedding or any event you have to attend, for that matter. Whether you believe it or not, Chinos are a MUST-HAVE casual outfits in modern times!

For a polished appearance, you can opt for a navy-coloured polo on chinos trousers. You’ll get the comfort you need in this outfit for a casual wedding. It’s a perfect choice of casual wedding attire you should consider if you wish to personalize your style. 



3. Tropical Sport Shirt 

Destination weddings are in trend these days! If you have an invite for a tropical destination wedding, then a tropical sports shirt is your best bet. Yes, you can consider wearing a tropical sports shirt for a perfect tropical wedding vibe.

It’s a short-sleeve shirt with a botanical print on it. This shirt perfectly fits a pair of chinos, trousers, or shorts (if the couple doesn’t mind). It’s a perfect choice of casual wedding attire to consider. These shirts are perfect for large-sized males. So, if you have a giant body size and you want to look your best, then opt for this shirt. You’ll look stunning in this attire.

Tropical Sport Shirt


4. Luxury-Touch Polo 

If you have a fit body that you love to flaunt pretty often, then opt for a luxury-touch polo shirt. This is one of the best casual wedding attires for men with great physique. Moreover, it is a good choice for those who want to appear simple for a wedding event. You can opt for a classic polo for a classy feel and look. You will feel comfortable in this attire while having fun at the wedding. The polo is made from 100% cotton, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your comfort. For a unique appearance, wear it on chinos, then make use of a belt after tucking in the polo. This is a perfect option for a summer wedding.

Luxury-Touch Polo


5. Dress Shirt 

Elevate your look with a subtle pattern dress shirt if you’re planning to attend a wedding or any event in casual attire. For a simple and elegant appearance, ensure the shirt is properly ironed. Feel free to wear this attire in either jeans or chinos for a special event, including a wedding. These shirts come in a vast range of colours. You can opt for the one that suits your preferences and style! 

Dress Shirt


Casual Wedding Attire For Women

Get inspiration from these casual wedding attires for women that will make you look gorgeous at any event. Take a look …

6. Surplice Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are very much in trend! The best thing about these attires is that they look beautiful in both solid and printed patterns. If you love to wear pants more often, then you can opt for a stylish jumpsuit. This jumpsuit attire is simple! Not only will it give you the comfort you need all through the day, but it will also make you look your best. This jumpsuit by Lulus is the perfect attire for a wedding event or a movie date. It has pockets for having your knick-knacks handy. You’ll look ravishing in this casual wedding attire – go for it!

Surplice Sleeveless Jumpsuit


7. Camille Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Walk into any wedding event with this navy puff-sleeve midi dress! This dress is a perfect choice of casual attire that you can wear for either a summer or springtime wedding. The dress is well-designed, and it has a stylish neckline that you will love. The dress also has a side slit and a puff sleeves. You’ll look stunning in this outfit. A perfect dress for a summer beach wedding. Give it a try! 

Camille Puff Sleeve Midi wedding attire


8. Knit Dress

If you are planning to attend a winter, fall, or spring wedding, you should choose this casual attire. This knit dress is simple and elegant. You will have extreme comfort in this outfit. It’s a stylish knit dress you can wear any time for whichever occasion you wish to attend. You can use a Tommy belt that fits your shoes or bag for a polished appearance. Consider pairing it with a hat and Strappy Sandals or pumps for the best look.

Knit wedding attire


9. Wrap Dress

Elevate your look for any wedding event with a lovely wrap dress. This is a perfect choice of casual wedding attire. You can opt for if you want something flattering. This dress provides the comfort you need all day long as you plan to attend a wedding. You can get this dress in any solid colour of your choice. Trust us, you will love this dress. It features a sexy wrap V-neck, short sleeves, a high waist, and a relaxed fit. You will feel awesome in this all-over floral dress. You can even consider wearing it on girls’ night out as well. These dresses are available in numerous prints and patterns; you can choose the one that fits your style perfectly. 

Wrap Dress


10. Shirred Mini Dress

Are you looking for comfortable casual wedding attire for your friend’s summer wedding? If yes, then you can opt for this shirred mini dress. A dress with shorter hemlines is a great option for those who don’t want a lengthy gown. If you have a wedding to attend during springtime or summer, get a shirred mini dress. It has a V neckline and ties around the bodice. It’s a perfect choice for even pregnant women who wish to look their best at a wedding ceremony. You’ll love this tiered mini dress once paired with lovely accessories. 

Shirred Mini wedding attire


Putting it all together…

There you have it: top 10 casual wedding attires to get some inspiration from. Hopefully, you liked this article. We believe you must have got some idea of the casual outfit for the upcoming wedding you plan to attend. Choosing the perfect casual attire for a wedding event or any special occasion is not difficult. All you have to do is keep your style, preference, wedding venue/location, and the wedding theme in mind when choosing the best clothing to look your best at any event. The unique thing about wearing a casual outfit is that it allows you to show off your style. 

Pro Tip: If at all you are not sure of what to wear, just consider not looking underdressed. Remember – looking good is great!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊