The Dos & Don’ts for a Destination Wedding Planning

Dos & Don'ts for a Destination Wedding Planning

Destination weddings are a lot of fun, and they’re becoming more popular than ever. However, some aspects of planning a wedding in an idyllic setting differ from planning a wedding in your hometown.

So, if you’re planning to host a destination wedding but still not sure where to start from, here is the quick list of the DOs and DON’Ts of planning a destination wedding.

Try these out to make your destination wedding the most memorable and exquisite.

So, let’s get started…


Do add people to your guests’ list who matter! Remember that a destination wedding is a pricey affair. You might have to arrange for your guests’ accommodation and local transportation. Of course, you cannot just invite everybody and anybody to your destination wedding. In such a situation, it is recommended to invite those who really matter in your life, like your parents, siblings, close relatives, close friends, and best friends.

Do send your save-the-date cards at least six months (or more) before a destination wedding. It will allow your guests to have enough time to plan their vacation, book their flights, and make hotel reservations.

Do arrive a few days before the ceremony at your destination. Doing so will help you double-check your wedding details while also allowing for any travel delays or late luggage. Moreover, having a few extra days will help keep the stress at bay, allowing you to be relaxed and prepared for your big day.

Do make all of your reservations in advance. Remember that a wedding necessitates numerous bookings, such as a hotel, accommodations, travel, flights, venue, vendors, and so on. If you’re planning a destination wedding during peak season, make sure you book everything six months in advance. If you postpone the process, you will lose the best options.

Do buy the appropriate outfit for your wedding destination wedding. It is crucial to buy the right wedding dress when it’s a destination wedding. For instance, you’re planning a beach wedding – a flowing gown with handcrafted bridal jewelry will suit the whole thing better than a gaudy dress with heavy jewels.

Do enjoy to the fullest. Some aspects of your wedding may not go as planned, and that is perfectly fine! Learn to unwind and savor each moment to the fullest. Remember that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event; you will never get these moments back. As a result, make the most of your destination wedding.

Do serve local delicacies at your wedding. When you’re going for a destination wedding, it’s always suggested to go with local cuisine. It will allow your guests to enjoy the local cuisine and explore their culture as a part of the fun of going on a trip.


Don’t overburden yourself. Of course, wedding planning is a task, and you may have certain expectations for your wedding that you may find challenging to meet. Remove elements that are inappropriate for the site you’ve chosen. In such a situation, we recommend following the planner’s advice and schedule your ceremony accordingly. Whatever the case may be, accept that some of your preconceived notions may not be viable. That’s okay because a unique destination will have many other beautiful aspects to it.

Don’t miss to buy travel and event insurance. Purchasing travel insurance should be one of the first items on your destination wedding to-do list. It’s best to buy it right after you’ve made your first trip deposit. Your travel insurance policy should, at the very least, cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays, medical expenses, and medical evacuation for travelers going to a destination wedding.

Don’t try to handle everything by yourself. Doing everything on your own while planning a destination wedding is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Don’t let this happen to you. Prepare to give up some control over wedding planning. When planning a wedding from afar, it is best to rely on someone local. Most resorts have on-site coordinators who can handle all of your wedding details. If you surrender to the process, you may discover that wedding planning is actually quite relaxing, and you’re in capable hands.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it: the Dos and Don’ts of destination wedding planning. Follow these simple steps religiously if you want to have a memorable wedding experience at a distant location. These tips will make your destination wedding planning journey a breeze.

Remember that your wedding is not only a joyous occasion for you, but everyone else in attendance is on vacation. So, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the company of your loved ones. The most important thing to remember on your special day is to unwind and have fun. Make the most of your BIG DAY so that you can remember it for the rest of your life. Cheers!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺