15 Latest and Easy Wedding Hairstyles to Do Yourself


Weddings can be incredibly stressful, and finding the perfect hairstyle to match your dress is essential. If you’re looking for easy wedding hairstyles that you can do yourself, look no further! We’ve compiled 15 simple yet stunning dos sure to make a statement on your big day – without breaking the bank or stressing out at the salon.

Regardless of hair type or length, this selection has something special for everyone who loves fuss-free styling with maximum impact. From elegant chignons and softly tousled curls to sleek updos topped off with floral crowns – these quick DIY wedding hair will have heads turning all night long! So get ready; it’s time to score some severe bridal beauty points. In this blog, we go through 15 easy wedding hairstyles to do yourself.

What are the benefits of DIY Wedding Hairstyles?

DIY wedding hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular amongst brides-to-be as they provide a cheaper alternative to professional styling services. DIY styles can also be customized according to the bride’s style, creating an individual and unique look. It is cost-effective and time efficient, giving you more time on your special day for other important tasks or events that require attending.

Likewise, there’s no need to stress about discovering somebody who will understand your vision – you control the result! If executed correctly with planning and practice, a simple tutorial could create beautiful results, making choosing this option even easier than booking appointments at numerous salons over multiple days before such an exciting occasion!

Here are some of the best DIY wedding hairstyles

1. Bouncy Ponytail for Medium to Long Hair

Create a fantastic wedding look with a bouncy ponytail for medium to long hair. Achieving that shiny and romantic updo can be easy yet elegant when done right by yourself– the key is holding your locks in place without making them seem too tight or frazzled. Begin by adding some texturizing spray throughout damp strands before curling away from the face using large-barrelled tongs on larger sections of hair; once you have achieved some loose waves, give it one final spritz before brushing through gently so as not to lose any volume all.

Bouncy Ponytail for Medium to Long Hair

Gather up your tresses into a high ponytail and secure them tightly with an elastic band as well as bobby pins placed strategically around it for extra hold, then finish off this playful hairstyle by giving each wave more definition individually close to roots where necessary until you reach dreamy results! It’s one of the easy wedding hairstyles.

2. Milkmaid Crown Braid for Long Hair

The milkmaid crown braid is one of the most beautiful and elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair. With its intricate design, this stunning updo can make you look like a princess on your special day! Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor ceremony, the braided milkmaid style will have all eyes turning in admiration. With basic styling techniques, anyone can quickly assemble a professional-looking creation!

Milkmaid Crown Braid for Long Hair

Make sure to give yourself enough time before the big day – creating this impressive top knot may take more than one attempt to get right – but with patience and practice, it’s achievable. So why not try out a classic yet glamorous look today? Your guests won’t stop talking about how chicly stylish that milkmaid crown braid was at your event! It is the best idea for DIY wedding hair.

3. Braided Trifecta for Medium to Long Hair

Are you looking for a stunning hairstyle to wow everyone at your wedding? The classic braided trifecta is the perfect DIY do-it-yourself option. This hair look creates an elegant, timeless style that turns heads and stays all day. Mixing three different braid types – French, Dutch, or fishtail – with medium to long hair lengths makes this intricate updo look smart and effortless in no time flat.

Braided Trifecta for Medium to Long Hair

It provides maximum visual impact with minimal fuss! With our simple step-by-step guide on achieving it yourself, creating a gorgeous bridal hairdo has never been so easy and stylish. It’s a unique idea for DIY wedding hair.

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4. Classic chignon for medium to long hair

Looking for a timeless and elegant wedding hairstyle? The classic chignon is the perfect option! It’s simple enough to do yourself, even with medium or long hair. With just some hairspray, bobby pins, and styling tools like curling irons or brushes – you can easily create an impressive updo in no time.

Classic chignon for medium to long hair

Not only will this look last throughout your special day, but it’s also flattering on many face shapes while being modestly formal too. Try out this beautiful style today; you won’t regret it!

5. Face framer for medium to long hair

Do It Yourself Wedding Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair: Transform Your Look with Face Framing. Do you require help trying to come up with a unique wedding hairstyle? Do not worry; face-framing is the perfect solution! With this versatile technique, you can create stunning looks that evoke confidence and elegance in equal measure – all while staying within your budget.

Face framer for medium to long hair

From elegant updos to loose romantic curls, many creative options are available when crafting the ultimate do-it-yourself hair look for your special day. Give yourself a makeover by adding subtle face-framing techniques and feel beautiful on one of life’s most important occasions. It’s one of the unique easy wedding hairstyles.

6. Statement side sweep for short hair

Looking to add some flair and elegance to your ‘do for that special day? Why not try a statement side sweep? This professional-looking wedding hairstyle for short hair can easily be done at home. Not only will it show off the best of your facial features, but it adds an air of sophistication with its sleek waves contrasting against straight locks in all the right places.

Statement side sweep for short hair

With just three easy steps—sectioning, curling, styling curls—you’ll have this romantic look finished quickly so you can enjoy one of life’s most memorable moments, knowing you’ve created something extraordinary from start to finish!

7. Hollywood waves for short hair

Adding glamour to a special event, like a wedding, is easy with Hollywood Waves for short hair. This stunning look can be achieved quickly and easily in your home without hiring an expensive stylist. With just a few simple steps, you can create soft curls that instantly boost your overall style!

Hollywood waves for short hair

Using curlers, hot rollers, or heated styling tools, you can recreate this classic way-back hairstyle from celebrities of ages past in no time at all and enjoy looking beautiful throughout the day (or night). For added impact, use some hairspray as well – it’s guaranteed to make heads turn!

8. Pin Straight Locks for All Hair Types

Straight locks are an incredibly versatile hairstyle for all hair types. Whether you want to add volume and definition or need a quick refresh after your morning shower, pin-straight hair is the perfect way to achieve salon-quality results at home!

Pin Straight Locks for All Hair Types

Not only is it easy to do yourself with just a few simple tools, but it also has long-lasting effects that help keep any look polished throughout the day. Try pinned straight locks if you want an effortlessly chic wedding style without spending hours in the chair! And who knows? You might love this timeless style so much that it becomes part of your daily routine.

9. Waterfall Crown Braid for medium to long hair

Why not try something unusual this wedding season and create your own Waterfall Crown Braid hairstyle for a unique look? This easy-to-do style is perfect for achieving an elegant bridal updo without professional help.

Waterfall Crown Braid for medium to long hair

With just some essential styling tools and minimal effort, you can put together a stunning waterfall braid in no time that’s sure to make everyone at the big event take notice. Whether straight or wavy hair, this alluring braided crown looks amazing on medium to long lengths; girls with short hair may wish to go with another option, like a high bun instead!

10. Elegant top knot for medium to long hair

This season, give a unique spin to your wedding style with an elegant top knot! This hairdo works perfectly for medium to long hair and can be done in just a few simple steps. To get the perfect look, start by sectioning off some of the back areas towards the crown of your head.

Elegant top knot for medium to long hair

Gather this hair into a sleek bun or chignon at the nape of your neck before wrapping it up around itself until you reach the desired height. Secure by gently placing bobby pins throughout for extra support while maintaining charm and elegance that will keep guests talking all night long!

11. Side-Parted Glam for All Hair Types

Side parts have been a staple of glamourous hairstyles since the early days of cinema. It’s easier than ever to get that same classic look no matter your hair type! Whether looking for something sleek and polished or soft and romantic, side-part styles are perfect for any occasion—especially weddings.

Side-Parted Glam for All Hair Types

With a bit of know-how, anyone can create an amazing wedding upstyle at home with professional results they’ll love. From half updos featuring voluminous curls to chignons accented with delicate braids, our step-by-step guide provides everything needed to achieve beautiful side-parted looks in just minutes! Glam is now within reach – so go ahead: be bold & style yourself like the star you already are!

12. Fishtail Braid for Medium to Long Hair

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish wedding hairstyle, why not consider doing your fishtail braid? This intricate yet beautiful style can be done at home in just a few easy steps. It looks best on medium to long hair lengths and will certainly make an impression on the big day! By using simple braiding techniques, with some patience, you’ll get the perfect look every time.

Fishtail Braid for Medium to Long Hair

Whether for yourself or as part of bridesmaid duties, anyone can create this stunning hairstyle by following our professional step-by-step guide that includes only top-quality materials such as elastic bands and bobby pins. Make sure everything is secured tightly before heading down the aisle; don’t forget – practice makes perfect!

13. Wrap round pony for medium to long hair

Are you looking for an elegant and professional wedding hairstyle to do yourself? Look no further than the wraparound pony. This sophisticated look is perfect for medium-to-long hair, taking just a few simple steps to get salon-quality results at home! Begin by brushing your tresses forward into a side parting so that all of your locks are brushed towards one shoulder – this will be used as the base layer of the hairstyle.

Wrap round pony for medium to long hair

Then curl sections using heated rollers or straightening iron and gather them onto both sides of your head in two charming ponies keeping each section stiff enough with bobby pins if necessary. Finally, coil these around, creating soft curls which emphasize every twist within their structure, making them ideal for special occasions like weddings.

14. Loose Curls for Medium to Long Hair

Looking for a special hairstyle to wear on your wedding day? Loose curls are the perfect style choice. Twisted around the face, these wavy locks can add texture and elegance to make any bride stand out. For those without access to professional stylists, creating beautiful loose curls at home is easy with simple props like curling rods or Flexi Rods.

Loose Curls for Medium to Long Hair

With some patience and practice, you’ll have glamorous long hair worthy of walking down any aisle in no time! To ensure maximum volume bring along hairspray – it’s essential for getting big bouncy waves every time!

15. Pulled-Back Bangs for All Hair Types

Are you looking for a new hairstyle to complete your wedding look? Pulled-back bangs can be the perfect way to frame and spotlight your face. This low-maintenance style looks great on all hair types, from short and curly locks to long luscious tresses.

Pulled-Back Bangs for All Hair Types

It’s quick and easy enough to do at home in minutes with simple tools like bobby pins or elastics. With pulled-back bangs, you don’t have to worry about styling or re-styling while having fun during the big day as it stays put throughout the night! Try this stylish yet effortless hairdo today!


A beautiful hairstyle on your wedding day brings that extra sophistication and elegance. Your hair is an integral part of the whole look, so it’s worth the time to ensure you get it right. With these 15 easy wedding hairstyles to do yourself, we hope you can find one that will enhance your features and help bring out your beauty on this special occasion! Have fun trying them out before deciding which style suits you best – remember that practice makes perfect!