30+ Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles You Can Do In 2024

30+ Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles You Can Do In 2024

Being a bridesmaid is such a great experience and honour, as you get to see your best friend or your sister get married to the love of their lives. Luckily, with the privilege comes the responsibility and pressure to look stunning. Of course, wedding guests will notice you when you’reyou’ll standing by the bride’s side on her wedding day. After you’ve chosen your dress, shoes, and accessories, one of the most difficult and important decisions you have to make is your hairstyle. Your Bridesmaid Hairstyles is as important as your overall look, and it should match the bride’s vision while also letting your own elegant beauty shine through.

Choosing the right hairstyle for a bride’s maid or a maid of honor may seem like a daunting task. With so many lovely haircut options available, how does a bridesmaid choose? Do you love an elegant updo dripping with vintage Hollywood glamour? Or are you looking for a bridesmaid bun hairstyle? Or is it a lovely, bohemian flowing braid that will suit you? Or an effortlessly stylish topknot or ponytail? A quirky half-updo adorned with fresh flowers? There are limitless options for bridesmaid hairstyles that will make you feel and look like a royal.

Whether you are looking for a bridesmaid hairstyle for curly hair or a bridesmaid hairstyle half-up, do not fear; we have you covered! We have compiled a list of the 30 most beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle ideas for you. The hairstyles outlined here will suit any wedding theme, dress code, hair length, and personal taste. From quick and traditional to modern and trendy, you’ll see a perfect, clean, or carefree style. These hairstyles range from highly complex to beautifully undone, so there’s something for every bridesmaid’s individual style. Be ready to get inspired by a wonderfully breathtaking collection of hairstyles. These hairstyles will make you look your best.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the bridesmaid hairstyles.

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Best 35 Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

Below are 35 bridesmaid hairstyles that you will love. Take a look…

1. Classic Chignon Bun

This is a quick updo and is a favourite among bridesmaids. It is a classic bridesmaid bun hairstyle. All you have to do is to brush your hair into a lovely chignon bun at the back of your neck. Not only will it give you a clean, sophisticated look, but it will also make you feel like a princess. This hairstyle can go with any clothing.

2. Sleek Ponytail

If you are not a bun person, then opt for a sleek ponytail. For a modern, classy style, wear a sleek ponytail pulled back tightly. It’s an extremely flexible and go-to bridesmaid hairstyle that works for different hair lengths and types.

3. Messy Bun

Messy buns make any girl look prettier. With a messy bun, you can show off your effortlessly cool girl look with a wavy, messy bridesmaid bun hairstyle. It looks effortless yet chic, and it has the right kind of charm.

4. Side-Swept Waves

You can make lovely, delicate waves and brush them to one side for an ultra-glam, red carpet-worthy look. These lovely waves look great with formal gowns or more casual ones.

5. Boho Braided Crown

You can embrace your inner flower kid with this fancy braided crown, which is a stunning bridesmaid hairstyle. It’s a dreamlike, boho hairstyle that is perfect for an outdoor wedding. It is the best hairstyle for a summer bohemian for Wedding Guests.

6. French Twist Updo

Take it up a notch with the classic French twist updo. It’s yet another stunning, sophisticated haircut for the maid of honor that oozes classic bridesmaid glamor.

7. Ballerina Bun

If bridesmaid bun hairstyle is what attracts you more, then here is another bun style for you. Pull your hair up into a sleek, high ballerina bun for an elegant bridesmaid look that screams poise and character. It complements any outfit wonderfully.

8. Half-Up Twist

For a chic yet modern vibe, go for a bridesmaid hairstyle half-up with a twisted crown detail. It strikes the perfect balance between pretty and trendy.

9. Cascading Waterfall Braid

If you are looking for a bridesmaid hairstyle for curly hair, then cascading waterfall braid is your best pick. Swoon over this romantic waterfall braid that cascades down with such dreamy elegance. It’s an intricately beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle.

10. Low Twisted Bun

Keep things simple yet ultra-stylish with a low, twisted bridesmaid bun hairstyle. It’s understated yet stylish and ideal for achieving that minimalist bridesmaid look. It’s apt for those who want to go minimal.

11. Fishtail Braid Plait

Here is yet another beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle for all charming ladies out there. Make jaws drop with this complex, eye-catching fishtail braid! It adds such an elegant, detail-oriented touch to bridesmaid hairstyles.

12. Glamorous Curls

You can go for a glam look with huge, bouncy, dramatic curls. This bridesmaid hairstyle for curly hair is straight from the Hollywood red carpet and is stunning in every way!

13. Side Bun with Flowers

A side bun gets a whimsical, feminine upgrade with delicate floral accents woven throughout. It’s a fresh and romantic hairstyle for a bridesmaid! If you are looking to make a statement at the party, then this is the hairstyle for you.

14. Timeless French Braid

A side bun with a charming, feminine twist with some lovely petals braided throughout. It works for any hair length or texture for bridesmaid hairstyles.

15. Textured Ponytail

With this bridesmaid hairstyle, you can take your bridesmaid look to a new level. All you need to do is to give some cool-girl volume and texture to your ponytail with brushed, gentle curls. It’s an excellent bridesmaid hairstyle idea for a beach or outdoor wedding.

16. Intricate Braided Updo

The combination of braids and updos creates a gorgeous, exquisite bridesmaid hairstyle with subtle, small details. This one’s guaranteed to turn heads.

17. Big, Volumized Updo

Create serious hair drama and volume with a glamorous updo featuring teased-out roots and tousled yet polished curls for bridesmaids.

18. Swept Chignon

This one makes for a stunning bridesmaid bun hairstyle. Sweep all your hair over to one side and pin it into a pretty, low chignon. So romantic and feminine for bridesmaid hairstyles!

19. Old Hollywood Waves

Get vintage Hollywood glamour with these quick, retro-inspired waves that are purely meant for sophisticated bridesmaids.

20. Boho Braids

Boho braids are pretty popular and handy when it comes to your best. Laid-back bohemian braids in a loose, tousled style give off such an effortlessly carefree, whimsical vibe as a hairstyle for bridesmaids – perfect for outdoor “I dos.” A perfect hairstyle for a beachside wedding celebration.

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21. Twisted Half-Updo

For a chic, modern twist (literally!), have the top section of hair twisted and pinned back in a bridesmaid hairstyle half-up style. So cute and customizable.

22. Braided Ponytail

Want an unusual bridesmaid hairstyle? If yes, then take your basic ponytail up a major notch with cool braided details woven throughout. This hairstyle looks stunning on all outfits. Try it out!

23. Curls with Headband

Curls with headband helps create an elegant look. In this Curls hairstyle, bridesmaids’ soft, face-framing curls will beget a lift with a beautiful headband accessory.

24. Simple Low Bun

Less is more with a sleek, low bridesmaid bun hairstyle that has understated elegance. The perfect minimalist hairdo for bridesmaids.

25. Swept Side Bun

Here comes another beautiful bridesmaid bun hairstyle for a beautiful bridesmaid out there. All the romance and whimsy with this side-swept bun twist. It’s such a lovely hairstyle for the maid of honour at the garden or outdoor weddings.

26. Flower Adorned Braid

A bohemian braided crown gets even dreamier with fresh floral accents woven in. Perfect hairstyle for free-spirited bridesmaids out there.

27. Textured Updo with Pins

Tousled curls and pretty hairpins add cool-girl texture and glam to an updo. A perfect bridesmaid hairstyle choice for formal evening weddings.

28. Half-Up Braids and Waves

Get the best of both worlds with half-up braids and waves. A half-up braid combined with cascading waves down below make for the prettiest bridesmaid hairstyle. Effortlessly versatile and chic.

29. Slick Side Pony

A tightly pulled side ponytail is the epitome of a modern, sleek, polished style for bridesmaids looking to make a statement.

30. Messy Side Braid

If you are looking for a perfectly imperfect wedding look, then this bridesmaid hairstyle is best for you. This boho-inspired, messy side braid will take your overall look to a new level. It’s for all the lovely ladies out there who are looking for more relaxed and perfect hair style.

31. Textured Side Swept Ponytail

Do you want people to turn their heads while you come? Try a textured, side-swept ponytail! It will simply add volume and shape to your hair. Bring your hair to one side and tie it with a hair tie for an interesting twist on a classic style.

32. Dutch Braid Updo

Do you want a haircut that looks both a little complex and pretty at the same time? You should try a Dutch braid updo! This is a very creative twist on the usual updo and adds drama with its textured braid, which makes it a standout option for any bridesmaid.

33. Romantic Twisted Bun

Here is another bridesmaid bun hairstyle you can consider. For a delicate, dreamy look, try the romantic twisted bun! Simply twist parts of your hair and pin them into a loose bun on the back of your neck. Leave some strands loose for a touch.

34. Sleek High Bun with Hair Wrap

In this, you can stand out with a sleek high bun wrapped around a piece of hair! This hairstyle radiates elegance and is suited for formal weddings where you want to impress people with your charm.

35. Braided Crown with Veil

If you are wearing a veil, try the gorgeous braided crown! You have to make a lovely braid around your head and hide the veil underneath for an effortless and lovely look that suits the bride’s gown nicely.

Last Few Words!

So, there you have it: the top 35 bridesmaid hairstyles that you can try on your friend’s or sister’s wedding. Whether you want to evoke Hollywood grandeur, bohemian whimsy, or minimalist chic, there’s a bridesmaid hairstyle on this list to help you steal the show (but not too much from the bride!). Aside from these, there are numerous ways you can make your hair look glamourous.

The options for hairstyles for brides maid are literally limitless. You can choose any, ranging from quick classics to modern romantic looks. The most essential thing is to choose a look that makes you feel confident, gorgeous, and authentic. A sophisticated updo or sleek ponytail may be appropriate for a black-tie wedding, yet twirled beachy waves or a flower crown braid may be ideal for a casual garden party. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it, and be creative and bold! Adding fresh flowers, shiny hair vines, or stylish jewellery may completely change a simple look.

At the end of the day, as bridesmaids, you ought to look your best and honour the love story and show unconditional support on the most important day of the bride’s life. With these 35 lovely hairdo ideas, you’ll have a variety of beautiful yet feasible choices to select from. Every one of these looks is likely to get a lot of compliments and make you feel like the gorgeous, loved friend that you are.

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Choose your hairstyle wisely!

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