20 Beautiful Spring Wedding Color Palettes

Do you intend to get married between March and June? If yes, you must be lucky! When planning your spring wedding, choosing beautiful color palettes will give your party a unique touch. Spring wedding colors are attractive. They will make your day look exceptional. Spring wedding color palettes are on the rise; there are plenty of color combos to choose from for your nuptial celebration.

From the delicate pastels of cherry blossoms to the vibrant hues of fresh blooms, spring offers captivating color palettes. The color palette you settle with will make everything about your nuptial celebration look glamorous.

As you keep reading this article, you’ll get inspiration for different color palettes for your spring wedding. We’ve curated a wide collection of spring wedding color palettes you can use for your décor or attire. So, join us as we explore breathtaking combinations that define beautiful spring wedding color palettes.

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Before we explore the list, let’s first look at colors that are good for a spring wedding.

What Colors Are Good for a Spring Wedding, and Why?

There are quite a large number of color palettes that are perfect for a spring wedding. You must choose your wedding colors very carefully, as they not only add glamour to your wedding but also help you express your unique personalities. You can add colors to various elements to your wedding, including flowers, attire, decor, stationery, and so on. Adding spring colors to these elements will make your day glamorous.

Some of the best spring wedding color palettes include lavender, peach, pink, sky blue, navy blue, pale pink, gold, and buttercup yellow. Other nice colors you can try are classic black and white. If you’re getting married in February or March, colors like emerald green or navy blue are perfect. Color palettes for weddings held in April are sage green, lilac, and blush. For wedding ceremonies fixed in May, choose bright yellow and coral. You can also combine other colors of your choice with these colors for a unique touch.

Let’s now take a look at the beautiful spring wedding color palette. Here we go.

Top 20 Spring Wedding Colors

Get inspiration from these 20 beautiful spring wedding color palettes for your nuptial celebration.

1. Coral and Teal

If you love colors that are not so bright but are punchy, pair coral with teal. You can also combine it with peacock blue for your spring wedding. The dark tone of teal adds a little contrast to the combination with coral. It’s a perfect color combo for your spring wedding décor.

2. Navy Blue, White, and Gold

Here’s another unique spring wedding color palette for couples who have chosen a black-tie party. Instead of using black, opt for navy blue combined with other bright colors. You can combine ivory and gold with navy blue for your spring wedding. Trust us, it will make your big day look timeless and sophisticated. Your guests will be blown away by the color palette décor and the glamour.

3. Mint Green and Ivory

Elevate your spring wedding with these beautiful colors. Mint green is an airy and soothing color you can pair with other pastel colors. Some pastel colors you can combine with mint green are purple, blue, and pink.

If you’re planning a vintage-themed wedding during the spring season, you should go for these color combos. For more vibes, combine mint green with emerald green or dark olive. You’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of this color palette combo.

4. Barbie Pink

Are you a lover of pink colors? If yes, then you should transform your spring wedding using shades of pink. You can add pink florals and rosy accents to the decor. For a whimsical touch, you should combine white and gold with Barbie pink. You are free to add any other color palette of your choice.

5. All-White

Go out of the box with your spring wedding color palettes with all-white! An all-white color as your wedding color theme or decor will be a perfect choice for you. If you want, you can consider adding a touch of purple, gold, or navy blue for a modern look.

6. Orange and Navy

Do you want bolder color combinations in your palettes? Pair orange with navy in your wedding decor. These combos add a unique touch to your big day. You will love the orange and navy combination for your spring wedding.

7. Warm Neutral

Go neutral with your spring wedding color! The unique thing about neutral colors is that it match any wedding that falls in either the spring, winter, or summer seasons. You can incorporate a few other colors, like peach or pale yellow for a springy look.

8. Baby Pink and Lilac

If you’re searching for the most commonly used colors during the springtime, go for pink and purple. This color combination looks beautiful when paired together. You can consider combining these two colors for a garden wedding.

9. Yellow and Pink

Other spring wedding color palettes to consider for your big day include yellow and pink. You can add pale yellow and blush pink to your wedding color theme. For a whimsical touch, you can incorporate neutral colors like ivory or cream to make it look captivating. These color combinations will make your day look stunning.

10. Blush and Light Blue

If you’re planning a classic spring wedding, the perfect color schemes are blush and light blue. This combo is perfect for any wedding, from indoor to outdoor. This is one such color combination that is used in most beach weddings. You can also incorporate silver to complement the blue color.

11. Pastel Rainbow

Do you want to have a lively and colorful wedding ceremony? Opt for a rainbow palette! It’s a perfect choice for a spring wedding. With rainbow palette, you will not need to combine any other color. This is a perfect spring wedding color palette for those who love multiple colors. pastel rainbow will make your wedding ceremony look bright and captivating.

12. Ivory and Champagne

If you love attractive colors for your spring wedding, consider these color palettes. Ivory and champagne are both beautiful, but it’s good you add a few extra colors to your décor. This will make your spring color look unique and stunning.

13. Light Pink and Black

Here’s another classic spring wedding color palette that’s perfect for a garden wedding. You can incorporate two different shades of pale pink for a unique touch. This color combo will give your big day a brilliant look and playful effect.

14. Blush and Navy Blue

Are you planning to get married between early spring and late winter? Consider using darker colors as your wedding color theme. Blush and navy are a perfect color combination. These two-color palettes look good together as they help to keep your wedding décor intact. Blush colors are perfect for spring weddings, as it’re refreshing and airy.

15. Peach, Lavender, and Dusty Blue

If you’re planning a boho-themed wedding, try out these colors! Peach, lavender, and dusty blue are perfect spring wedding color palettes. It will give your boho-themed wedding a unique touch. You can also incorporate a few elements like wooden charger plates, dried greenery, and bare wood reception tables. All should be decorated with these spring color schemes. It will give your venue the finishing touches!

16. Light Blue and Ivory

Here’s another commonly used spring wedding color palette that’s perfect for any wedding theme or location. If you want your wedding venue to look more glamorous, add other colors. Incorporate colors like green, coral, fuchsia pink, yellow, or purple.

17. Orange and Blue

You can consider choosing a pale blue color as you plan your spring wedding! It’s a unique color that’s perfect for springtime weddings. Feel free to pair it with bright orange colors. You can incorporate these colors into your wedding décor. You can have your wedding flowers, linens, balloons, or wedding arches in this color combination.

18. Emerald Green and White

Has your wedding date been fixed for March? Don’t hesitate to pick this color combo for your big day. Incorporating ivory, cream, and blush into emerald green and white will take your wedding décor to a new level. You can give life to your special day with these colors. It will keep your wedding décor intact.

19. Glowing Gold

Transform your spring wedding celebration by adding a touch of gold to your décor. Adding glowing gold will give your venue a unique touch. You can consider adding any color of your choice to glowing gold for a touch of glam.

20. Yellow and Pink

Try incorporating pale yellow and pink into your spring wedding décor for a classic touch. You can also add lush or neutral colors to your color palettes. If you’re not certain of the neutral color to add, choose ivory or cream.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the top 20 spring wedding color palette options for you to consider for your big day. You can choose any color combination of your choice for your special day. These color palettes will add more glamour to your nuptial celebration, especially when combined with the right color. Hence, it is crucial to choose the right color combination for your wedding to enhance the overall appeal of the day! You can also add your favourite color to any spring color you have chosen.

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