Marvelous Garden Wedding Ideas

Marvelous Garden Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for a romantic and magical wedding theme, then a garden wedding is a perfect idea. And spring can be the perfect time for a garden wedding because of the natural beauty and the freshness of the season. Besides, spring is the season of new beginnings and happiness. Here are some marvelous garden wedding ideas for you. These ideas will make your garden wedding perfect for you and your guests as well.

Here we go……


You can host your garden wedding in your backyard or in your garden. Decoration of your garden wedding depends absolutely on you – how do you want to keep it; elaborate or simple. But the best thing is most of the decorations are already in place in the garden. All you have to do is look around the area where you are planning to host your wedding. The area where you are going to hold the ceremony should have a good backdrop, which you can either rent or use a grove of trees that are already on the property.


Of course, most gardens are decorated automatically. If your garden is good enough to go with, then a minimal décor will be required. But if you are planning to have an elaborative one, then you can embellish the garden with fresh seasonal flowers or you can use everlasting silk flowers. You can create beautiful floral arrangements in a variety of containers from painted flower pots to tin watering cans. Fill them with rocks or sand matching with the theme. Or you can decorate the place with tulle fabric or paper lanterns or umbrellas etc. And if the ceremony is in the day time, make sure your guests are getting direct sun during the ceremony. In that case you can have a wooded area for your ceremony.

Also, don’t miss to decorate outbuildings with ribbons, streamers, lighting, and tulle or any other material. It will help you create the right environment for your garden wedding.


You can go as colorful as you want in your garden wedding. Vibrant colors simply add to the celebration and to the garden wedding theme as well. Choose a colorful theme for bridesmaid and attendant apparel, you can choose hues of pinks, yellows or purples. You can even have all women and men tucking pretty spring flowers into their hair or lapels. Also, you can use the same colors to decorate the wedding reception area, like get your tables covered with bright color fabric, use colored-glass candle displays and lots of flowers and greenery around.


If you are planning to host a garden wedding at night, then right lighting can simply add to the décor. Just entwine twinkle lights on the already existing trees and sting pastel colored lanterns or paper lanterns from tree to tree. Besides, you can even use votive candles to make the ambience look beautiful. You can even use wide mouth canning jars filled with colored sand and votive candles inside to line paths. The whole thing will look whimsical.


For your garden wedding favors you can consider giving flower pots with live plants to your guests. It will make for a perfectly matching wedding favor. All you have to do is just set up little flower pots on the tables for your guests to take home as wedding favors. Make sure you decorate the tables with pastel tulle and sparkly accessories.


Very important aspect to consider while planning your wedding in a garden. There will be several things that you will need to see before setting up everything, especially the electricity. Make sure you have arranged for the electricity for your garden wedding. You will need electricity for sure, even if it is your day wedding. Your musician will definitely need electricity, for their electric pianos, electric guitars etc. The DJ or the wedding band will certainly need electricity in fact a lot of it.


Whether you are planning to hire a caterer or getting ready-made food for your wedding, you will have to plan it way ahead. If you are getting a caterer for your wedding, then you will have to arrange a separate place for him and his team to take care of all your food requirements. Plan it carefully.


Choose the right season for your garden wedding, as not every season is meant for hosting a garden wedding. If you are hosting a garden wedding in a rainy season, then make sure you have few people to immediately move things inside. Of course, you cannot predict when it is going to rain, so it’s always better to have few people ready when it rains. They can move things like tables, chairs etc. indoors. However, the best would be to avoid garden weddings during the rainy season, especially if it rains heavy in your area.


The size of your garden wedding will depend on the size of your garden (of course!). If you have a small garden, you cannot choose to accommodate too many guests in the area, and the whole celebration will be messed up. Yes, garden weddings are a wonderful option for hosting an intimate wedding or having a minimalist wedding. For big fat weddings you have to have a big place where you can accommodate as many people as you want.

To conclude……

A garden wedding can be the most romantic and mesmerizing. A wonderful way to start a life together. Just enjoy and be as fun and whimsical as you want to be in your garden themed wedding! You are going to cherish all those wonderful moments of your life and so are your guests!

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