Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Tents

Beautiful ideas for wedding tents

The moment we think of wedding tents, a colorful tent made up of thick material comes in our mind. It is because for several years we have seen the same tents used in weddings. Of course, couples today want to have an enticing venue for their weddings. They don’t mind spending lavishly on their wedding venue décor, as their venue is the first thing that their guests see.

If you are planning to host your wedding outdoors, then, you will need to have a tent to make your venue look beautiful. But the best thing is – you do not have to use those old patterned thick tents in your wedding. In fact, you are privileged to be in this era, where everything is possible. You can create your wedding in a splendid way, just like you have been dreaming it for years now.

However, you can host an outdoor wedding without a tent, but having a tent will simply add to your venue décor. Also, if it is just an outdoor you have got, then a tent is the best thing to make the entire place look heavenly. Here in this post we are sharing with you some very beautiful ideas for wedding tents, do read this post until the end.

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1. Draped Fabric Ceiling

Draped Fabric Ceiling

Draped fabric ceilings are a perfect option for an outdoor wedding setup. The best thing is you can go really colorful. With a draped fabric ceiling adding color becomes really easy, no matter what color scheme you have chosen, draped ceilings simply make it easier. You can go for your favorite color to have a beautiful set up at your wedding. This kind of tent set ups are best in light summers, as it will keep the entire area airy and your guests would be able to breathe and relax. There are several ways you can get your fabric arranged, choose the one that you like the most. This is one of the pocket friendly tent options.

2. String Light Tents

String light tent, a very beautiful and very budget-friendly tent option. If budget is a real constraint, then nothing could beat this option. You can get beautiful string lights easily from the local market. These string lights come in various different lengths, you can get them in bulk and decorate your ceiling. String light tents look mesmerizing and make the entire venue look gorgeous. If you’re planning to host your wedding at night in an outdoor set up, then a string light tent is the best choice for you! Go for it!

3. Draped Fabric With String Lights

Draped Fabric With String Lights

If you want to add to the overall décor of your wedding celebration, then you can combine both fabric and string lights. Combining string lights with draped fabric will simply make the whole ambience look stunning. You can either use a white fabric or any colorful one according to your wedding theme. Blending the right color light with the draped fabric will make your wedding celebration unique.

4. Garland Tents

If you are set to host an eco-friendly wedding, or if green is the theme of your wedding, then garlands can do the needful. Garland tents look simple yet beautiful. There are many couples who are opting for eco-friendly weddings today. Using a garland tent in your wedding is a great way to make your wedding a wonderful event. You will not need to spend too much money on your beautiful tent. As mostly these garlands are made up of green leaves. Even if you are hosting an intimate wedding, or a wedding in the temple, a garland tent will be simply amazing.

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5. Flower Ceiling Tent

Flower Ceiling Tent

If you love flowers more than anything, then do not hesitate to incorporate them in your wedding décor. Flower tents look beautiful and gorgeous. It will make your wedding a dream-like event for one and all. And the freshness that can be created with flowers can’t come with anything else. Your guests would love to enter the wedding venue under the flower ceiling tent. And yes the beautiful fragrance of flowers will be an add on feature.

6. Canopy Of Rose Tent

Roses look beautiful! They are in fact, one of the prettiest flowers and the best gift of nature to mankind. If you are planning to host an intimate wedding, then a canopy of rose tent would do the needful. A canopy of rose tents will be the perfect addition to your wonderful wedding. And the best part of your rose tent would be the wonderful wedding pictures that you will cherish all your life!

7. Frame Tent With Silver Chandeliers

Silver Chandeliers Wedding Tent

If you want to keep things simple and elegant at your wedding, then just get your frame tent with silver chandeliers. Silver chandeliers hanging on the frame tent will make the whole set up look mesmerizing. If yours is an intimate wedding, then this is the best option for you. It will make your wedding look like a picnic under the moonlight. And, all your guests would appreciate you for such a wonderful wedding décor. It is one of the best wedding tent options and it is budget-friendly as well.

8. Paper Lanterns Tent

If you want to make your wedding a bright and sparkling event, then the paper lanterns tent is the best option. Paper lantern tent will make your wedding look like a fairytale event. The best thing is you can get these lanterns in numerous colors. If you want to keep it simple, go with the white color paper lanterns only. And if you want to make your venue look colorful and vibrant, then opt for colorful paper lanterns. Paper lanterns will make your wedding venue look whimsical. Moreover, it is also a budget-friendly option.

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