27 Wedding Transportation Ideas for Guests

Wedding Transportation Mini Bus

Congratulations, finally, you are set to get hitched. Once your wedding date is announced, you start preparing for your big day. There is so much to take care of, from your wedding venue to your wedding attire. And the most important of all is the transportation to get to the wedding ceremony. There are sundry options when it comes to wedding transportation ideas for guests and yourself.

However, the one that you finally choose depends on your budget and the number of wedding guests. Of course, you have to consider your guests’ comfort and convenience. But, you cannot just go extravagant while choosing wedding transportations for your guests. Here we share 27 wedding transportation ideas for guests to transport them to the wedding ceremony.

Choose The Best Wedding Transportation for Your Guest

Here we go…..

1. Limousine

These age-old wedding classic are the first to come in mind. And why not? They are simply timeless and elegant. A limousine is a traditional choice when it comes to wedding transportation. However, it should not be your only choice; otherwise, you may end up paying too much to your transport vendor.

2. Vintage Car

Another antique choice could be a vintage car. A classic vintage car will simply add to the overall experience. However, it could be the best choice if you are really planning an intimate wedding. Or else you can arrange a vintage car for your close family members like your parents, and for others, you may arrange for a bigger vehicle that can accommodate more people.

3. Charter Bus

If your wedding venue is in the downtown area, you can consider renting a deluxe motorcoach to transport your wedding guests from the ceremony site to the reception. This will be a perfect option if you have too many guests to transport to. Moreover, it won’t hurt your pocket at all. Also, renting a charter bus won’t be a problem as these buses are readily available.

4. Airplane

If you have planned a destination wedding in some other country, then the best option to transport all your guests is an airplane. Book your and your guests’ tickets well in advance so that you can get the best deals.

Pro tip: if you want to save money on your destination wedding, then book the same place for your wedding and accommodation. This way, you will save on your guests’ local transportation from the hotel to the ceremony site.

5. Trolley Bus

A trolleybus is an electric bus that draws power from dual overhead wires using spring-loaded trolley poles. If you’re hosting your wedding in a location where trolleybuses run, it would be a great option to consider transporting your wedding guests to the ceremony site. It will simply add to their experience. If all your wedding guests don’t fit into the trolley, you can consider renting a luxury vehicle for your close family members and the bridal party – A great way to treat them at your wedding!

6. Mini Bus

Minibusses are the best option for those who are hosting an intimate wedding ceremony with too few people. You can accommodate all of your wedding guests and yourself in a minibus, and trust it will be enormous fun. You can enjoy music, play games, etc. while moving to your wedding venue. It’s a great way to have a wonderful time together.

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7. Ropeways

Ropeways are common in Hills. So, if you have planned your wedding in a hill station, then consider using ropeways to transport your wedding guests. For instance, if you have planned your destination temple wedding in Haridwar, the ropeway is the best option to transport your guests to the temple. They will have immense fun! Don’t let your wedding go boring, be creative!

8. Vintage Truck

Another best option for transporting your wedding guests is – Vintage truck. Vintage trucks are the best choice for country weddings. They look fantastic when decorated with flowers and props.

9. Motor Bike

Add PIZZAZ to your wedding. Let all your wedding guests make a grand entry in motorbikes. Arrange for similar kinds of bikes, and let all your guests go by them. Males can ride the bike, and ladies can be pillion.

And if you have some elderly guests too, then consider renting another vehicle for them. You can rent a car or a traveler for them.

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10. Horse and Carriage

You can consider having horse-driven carriages for yourself and your guests for that elegant and classic entry to the wedding venue. And if it seems difficult to arrange carriages for all of your guests, then rent a bus for them and carriage for your close family members, girl party, and yourself. Give your entry a fairy tale look!

11. Taxi Cab

How about that traditional cabs for your guests. Take them back to memory lane with the taxi cabs; they will enjoy all the fun. Taxi cabs are perfect for your guests, especially for a classic wedding theme.

12. Scooty/Vespa

Scooty is another cool option for transporting your wedding guests. Scooty is something that anyone can ride; even your female wedding guests would have no problem with riding scooty. They will have immense fun riding scooty to the ceremony site. You may consider this option, but it would be feasible only when you have limited guests.

13. Bicycle

Bicycles can be the perfect option for an eco-friendly wedding. If most of your guests are young, then consider renting cycles for them. And for all your elderly wedding guests, you can book taxis or a shuttle. Moreover, for you and your partner, rent a Tandem Bicycle. You will love making an entry to the wedding venue on a tandem bicycle. Bicycles could be a better option if the distance between your wedding reception and ceremony site is less. Of course, you cannot expect your guests to ride cycling for 20 km to reach the destination. Instead of having fun, they will get tired. Any transport you rent it should be comfortable and convenient for all your guests.

14. Gondola

A gondola could be a better option if your wedding is planned on or near water. Your guests will enjoy the Gondola ride for sure.

15. Sailboat

Another beautiful transportation option is – sailboats. Again, it is only applicable when you are having your wedding on or near water.

16. Rowboats

Another cool option to transport your wedding guests is – rowboats. You can have all your guests transported in rowboats to the ceremony site if planned near water.

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17. Yacht

A yacht could be a wonderful choice for transporting your wedding guests. However, it is when you have planned your wedding in an area surrounded by water or some island. Your guests would never forget this trip ever!

18. Ferries

Ferries are very popular in Greece. If you have planned a destination wedding in Greece, then Ferry’s best option to transport your guests! They will love this ride for sure!

19. Golf Cart

Most wedding venues arrange for golf carts if the venue is too big to walk down. If you are having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue but at a distance, then a golf cart is the best option to transport your guests.

20. E-Rikshaw

E-Rikshaw could be another good option if there is not too much distance between your ceremony site and reception venue. You can rent too many rikshaws and have all your guests accommodated in each of them. But again, it is feasible only when you have a limited number of people. For too many people, it is not the best option. Also, it is a good idea if you want to add a fun element to your wedding.

21. Pedicab

Another entertaining way of transporting your wedding guests to the ceremony site or reception venue is Pedicab. They will love the ride for sure!

22. Helicopter

A helicopter is one of the best transportation options for your wedding guests. This will not just add fun to your wedding, but also a great way to make your wedding a grand event. All you have to see is – the venue you book for your wedding has helipad or helicopter landing facilities.

23. Party Bus

A Party bus for an intimate wedding ceremony is a great option. You can have all your guests in a party bus and have lots of fun. If the distance is a bit more, then arrange for some games to play on the way. So, none of your guests feel bored during travel.

24. Toy Train

This one is another excellent option for transporting your wedding guests to the wedding venue. For instance, if you are hosting your wedding in Matheran, a small town in Mumbai, Maharashtra. You can opt for this option to transport yourself and your guests to the wedding venue.

25. Repurposed School Bus

Another fantastic option is repurposed schoolie. Trust me; it is not something new; this option has always been in use a few decades back. If you want your guests to have a fun ride, transport them in a school bus.

26. Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuks or motorized rickshaws are a great option for an oriental-themed wedding or a Thailand wedding. Tuk-tuks are best for a wedding Thailand because the roads are narrower here, and tuk-tuks are quite common. Your guests will have an opportunity to add to their experience. It is a great idea to give your guests a local feel!

27. Walking

Lastly, let your guests walk down to the venue. If the distance between your wedding ceremony site and wedding reception is not too much, walking could be the best option. Nothing could be better than choosing the healthiest transportation option. It is especially significant if you’re trying to maximize your wedding budget, and if you’re hosting your wedding near to where you live or the hotel you and your guests are staying at!

Wedding Guest Transportation Tips

1. Choose vehicle matching to your wedding theme

Whether you choose a classic vintage car or a spacious shuttle or a bicycle for your wedding guests, make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs. It will help you express your style and give your wedding guests a lift too.

2. Rent vehicles that hold more guests

If you’re hosting a big fat wedding with too many people, you should consider renting vehicles that carry more guests. This way, you will limit the number of trips they have to make. It means all of your guests will be transported from the hotel to the ceremony site or the ceremony site to the reception venue in just one or a few rounds.

3. Rent vehicles in your budget

Of course, your wedding guests are an important part of your wedding, but you cannot hurt your pocket to make them happy. Rent vehicles that fit in your budget; otherwise, later, you will have to bear the consequences. Yeah, your wedding is not the end of everything; in fact, it is the beginning of your new life. And most people do not understand this very simple thing. In order to make their guests happy, the couple spends lavishly on their wedding, and later, they regret their decisions. It’s good to go with your budget!! After all, you need money for your honeymoon also!

4. Plan some activities for guests while they wait or travel

If your wedding venue is at much distance from your hotel or ceremony site, it is good to plan some guests’ activities. It will keep your guests engaged, and you will not have to bother to take care of everybody during that time.

Or if you have rented only one shuttle and it will have to take a few rounds to transport all of your guests, it is better to plan something for them while they wait for their turn. Yes, doing so will help you keep your guests engaged or busy while waiting for the shuttle. Otherwise, your guests may come to you along with lots of complaints. So, the best way to avoid complaints is – an activity that keeps them busy!

5. Arrange for water and snacks

If it is going to take time to reach your wedding reception venue, then better arrange for water and snacks for your guests. Yes, there will be kids and elderly guests who may feel thirsty or hungry during their travel. Keeping snacks and water handy will help you tackle such situations.

6. Schedule departures after the group photos with guests

Just after the ceremony, you would want to have your pictures with your guests. So, it is better to schedule your departure after your pictures with guests are done. Let your photographer organize a group picture with all of your guests before they aboard the wedding reception’s shuttle. After that, you can have photos with your close family members, including your parents, grandparents, siblings, and wedding party.

7. Take into account traffic and other things on the road

Of course, traffic is something that cannot be avoided and predicted in advance. So if your wedding is planned in the downtown, then it’s good to add at least 30 extra minutes to your timeline. Even when you are sure that it will take only 60 minutes to transport all your guests. You will need to add extra time to your timeline. For instance, your reception is to start at 5 PM, make sure you schedule your first shuttle at 3:30 PM. This way all your guests will reach the venue on time, and you will avoid having any complaints.

8. Let your elderly guests and kids be the first to reach

Older people become restless when they are kept waiting, and the same is the case with kids. So it is better to have your elderly guests and kids transported to the venue first. Otherwise, you will have problems in managing their transport. Or you may even end up searching for a kid. Yes, kids don’t stay in one place; they like to run here and there. It’s good to transport them to the site first. Don’t miss to arrange for some fun activity for them at the venue – the best way to keep them engaged!

9. Match your wedding transportation to your surroundings

The budget and costs associated with destination weddings can quickly add up, which is why it’s useful to think through your wedding transportation ideas well ahead of the big day. Furthermore, if you’re going to a place with unique/iconic transportation options, you might consider incorporating them into your big day.

10. Rent a bus if most of your guests are out-of-towners

If your reception venue is far from the ceremony site, or if most of your guests are from out of town, consider renting a shuttle or charter bus to transport them. It’s the perfect option to let your guests know that you care for them and keep them safe from the scorching summer heat or dry if it’s a rainy season. Also, navigating the wedding venue won’t be a problem for your guests, as the driver will take care of that. And your guests will reach the place on time!

11. Treat yourself and your loved ones special

It is your day; it should be unique for you and your loved ones by all means. Make sure you rent a vintage car or limo for yourself and your loved ones. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event; make it worth it! Your loved ones will also love the idea! Let them also feel special on your special day. It is a great way to show gratitude to all the people who have been there for you all the time!

The Bottom Line

These are the 27 wedding transportation ideas for guests; you can incorporate the one that best suits your needs. While choosing your transport option, don’t miss considering – vehicle rental, gratuity, the season of the wedding, location of the venue, and parking/valet. Don’t miss to investigate parking options and on-site coordination in advance. Know that most wedding transportation options are charged on an hourly basis – to save the money, choose for pickup, and drop off option. Moreover, do not just hire the first vendor you meet, do enough research before finalizing the right vendor. Hire only reliable transport vendors who have good drivers. After all, it is the matter of safety of all of you, including your guests!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺