A Complete Guide On Choosing Your Wedding Date

A complete guide on choosing your wedding date

Got engaged? Wow! Well, Congratulations for your engagement!

The moment you will break this news to all your close people, relatives or friends, the first question which will be asked would be “When’s the wedding?” And I am not kidding, if you have any doubt, you try telling about your engagement to people, and you will know it by yourself. This question may likely make you panic for a while. But it’ll be the first thing which will be asked by your family and friends, for sure.

However, this decision varies from couple to couple, and situation to situation. Choosing a wedding date sometimes can be a little bit taxing. Actually while finalizing your wedding date you’ve got to see whether that date fits in with your schedules and the schedules of your loved ones or not. Besides that you also have to consider the season, availability of venue, vendors and wedding guests, and the budget of the wedding.

Moreover, in many cultures like Indian, people even see the stars placement and the Muhuratam is found out accordingly. In Hindu weddings, the job is done by the astrologer or the Pandit who has complete knowledge. Basically they see the stars have to perfectly align in order to settle on a specific wedding date.

Though, there are 365 days in a given year to choose a wedding date from, and the average engagement is about 14 months long. With more than a year to plan, you have enough time to check everything off your list—from booking your wedding venue (which are usually booked a year in advance) to finding and selecting, and ordering your wedding dress (which can take around 9 to 11 months).

Check out some of the important pointers to consider while you choose your wedding date:


Well, this is crucial because different cultures have different patterns and systems to follow while choosing their wedding dates. If you see in Hindu wedding system, they go by what their officiant or the astrologer tell them. And they finalize the date which is astrologically best for both the groom and the bride. These dates however, are finalized based on the charts of the groom and bride seeing all the nakshatras etc.

While in some culture people get hitched on some holiday especially Sunday as their guests will be able to make for their wedding easily. While some fix their wedding date based on the dates their dream venue is available for them. Likewise, people choose their wedding dates.


Another very important point to consider while choosing your wedding date is the season. Well, choosing the best month to get hitched can be a time taking process, so better to consider factors, which make a wedding date easier, more affordable, and more appropriate for your wedding. That is why it is essential that you consider the season first, which season you want to get married in. Every individual has different liking, especially when it comes to wedding some people always like to get hitched in winters or if you think you like the beauty of spring flowers, or the warmth of summer sun, or the colors of autumn leaves, or a blanket of snow for your wedding backdrop?

For some couples, their wedding season might depend on their profession. For instance, if you are handling the finance of the company then surely you can only think of getting hitched in winters or summers, but spring is not in the list. However, for a school teacher, summer might be the best option so that no extra offs should be taken for the wedding and honeymoon. Likewise you can choose a wedding date which fits best in your schedule.

If season is the thing which you need to consider for your wedding date, then think about the seasons and which are convenient for both you and your fiancé and fits perfectly then go for that.


Now you must be thinking how come my budget is responsible for my wedding date? Yes, it is important to consider your budget before choosing your wedding date. Believe it or not, your wedding budget can affect your choice of date and season both. For instance, if you choose to marry in peak season then definitely you will end up having a costly affair all in all. Some months are very high on weddings such as May, June, October, and November and so the prices are relatively higher in these months.

But if, you plan your wedding in off season months like September, or March, the wedding cost will be relatively lesser because there aren’t other couples lined up behind you and offering to pay higher prices.


Days of the week also matter a lot: If you are set for a Saturday wedding then let me tell you that Saturday nights carry the heftiest price tag. But if you want to save on your wedding budget then getting hitched on a Sunday, Friday or even a weekday will be good enough.

However, some religions, like the Jewish or Christian Sabbaths don’t go for either Saturday or Sunday weddings. And if you belong to the same religion than there is no problem. All you have to consider to finalize the day of the week is your wedding guests, if they are all local and need not to travel for your nuptials, you can also consider having a weekday wedding. On a weekday wedding you will be able to save some dollars as they often offer good deals or discounts. Also, you may get a premium location for your wedding and even the vendors at less price. And you will be able to have your dream wedding that too in your budget.


This may sound bizarre but the truth is you will not want to spoil the wedding fun. We all know how painful it is to bear the pain of periods every month. If you will choose any date randomly considering every other point but not this. Then surely you will end up distressed and frustrated. Remember, during periods there are mood swings and automatically the facial charm goes away. You will never want to look a dull bride at your wedding even that will impact your wedding photo album. Also, it will impact your honeymoon time too. So, consider this point as well. It’s your wedding and you will never want to leave any stone unturned.


While you sit to choose your wedding date, it is crucial that you consider important holidays as well. It will be different religion to religion. For example if you are planning your wedding near some important Hindu festival, such as Diwali or Holi then it will be difficult for your wedding guests to make it for your wedding. As, all of them will be busy celebrating and enjoying the festivities.

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On the contrary if you follow Christianity and you always wanted a Christmas tree at your wedding, and a heart-covered wedding cake, to make your wedding a holiday wedding then it is perfect occasion for you. Or if you always wanted to celebrate your Irish heritage? Then March is the month, when everyone is already in the mood to celebrate. Also, some holidays fall on long weekends, which will make it easier for out-of-town guests to attend your wedding. However, some guests won’t be able to make it as they may not want their holiday weekends upended by a wedding, so consider that too.


There are some special days in everyone’s life. For instance many couples would love the idea of getting hitched on Valentine’s Day (i.e, February 14th), or they would consider getting hitched on the Sweetest Day (i.e, October 18th). Some may even want to get hitched on the anniversary of the day when they first met. Some may want to honor their parents or grandparents by choosing to get wed-locked on their wedding date. Or maybe you would want to get hitched on one of your birthdays, or on some special day from the history or maybe on the date when your favorite celebrity is getting hitched or had already got hitched. There are several such options available to choose from.


This is another very important point to consider while you choose your wedding date. It matters: you might have dreamt of some specific wedding venue for your wedding, then you need to see the dates on which that venue is available. See your wedding is once in a life time event and you cannot leave any stone unturned. If you have some specific choice of wedding venue then decide your wedding dates according to the availability of venue. So that you have no regret later after your wedding. Go for what you have always desired!!


While choosing the best date for your wedding, you may have to make some hard choices. For instance, if you want to get hitched on Valentine’s Day and the day this time falls on a Tuesday, and your significant other will not be able to take off on Tuesday because of some important meeting, and he or she wants a Saturday evening wedding, then you will have to compromise on your wedding date. Basically both of you need to understand what is more important for you two. Likewise, there will be several factors which you will need to consider before you finally decide a wedding date.


Usually, the gap between the wedding and the engagement is one year, as couples get good amount of time to make all the wedding related arrangements. But still there are couples who find one year an unnecessary gap, so they choose to get hitched before one year. So, it is crucial that you consider this point as well while you choose your wedding date. Just talk to your partner and your family members and see how long of an engagement you want to have. And if you are sure to get hitched on Valentine’s Day only and you got engaged in February only, then surely you will have to wait for next year to get hitched on Valentine’s Day.


Of course, it is your wedding, but the fact remains that the wedding is complete only when our loved ones stand beside us on our special day. So, you will also invite people, relatives, loved ones, and your close friends etc. to attend your wedding. What if your best friend who you always called your soul sister is in the midst of thesis submission or a project at office, or your father will be traveling for some office project or parents are on an international vacation on the day of your wedding date? Well, you will not like their absence for sue. So, it is essential to keep important events of your loved one’s life in mind while you choose your wedding date finally. You definitely want them to attend your wedding… Right?


Besides your favorite day and season, another most important thing which you need to consider while choosing your wedding date is the availability of wedding vendors. If you are planning to get hitched in peak season then definitely you have to check this point in initial stage of planning. Of course, if you really want to have your wedding ceremony at your favorite church or your wedding reception at your town’s most beautiful banquet hall or hotel, then for sure you’ll want to make sure they’re available before you start sending out Save the Dates to your guests’.

However, most couples won’t be able to change their wedding date just because their favorite photographer isn’t available. But if that’s important to you, or you always dreamt of getting your wedding photography done by the same photographer, then you’ll surely want to book him or her first before finalizing your wedding date. Though, it will not affect your wedding if the photographer you wanted is not available but then it is always better to avoid regrets later.


When it is about your wedding, wedding guests are important. If there is any conflict in decided the wedding date, then you can even ask your near and dear ones such as your parents, siblings, close friends etc. to help you out with the dates. They can surely tell you their preferences which you can consider for finalizing your wedding date. But make sure that there is no conflict later, after choosing your guests’ preferred dates. Because later you will have no choice to change the date.


This is another important point to consider while you choose your wedding date finally. If one or both of your grandparents are not keeping well, then surely they would want to see you getting hitched in front of them only. You may have to consider their health condition in such situation. See, this life is unpredictable and you can’t say anything however. But still if you know that your grandparent’s health is critical and they want to see your wedding before anything happens, then you will have to finalize your wedding date accordingly. May be you won’t be able to have a long gap between your wedding and engagement in such conditions. However, this is rarest of rare but if something is there, you will have to consider.


The last thing you would want to do is have your wedding on Super Bowl Sunday, or on an important religious holiday. There are definitely some dates on which you cannot schedule your wedding on. For example the weekend before the tax day is not the best time to get hitched—especially if one of you is working as an accountant or tax attorney. Or on any important religious holiday when everybody will be busy in his her life. Or on the financial year end of the company, of course you are working in the company as sales manager, you will never be able to get off for your wedding. And there is not point having a stressed out wedding or honeymoon. You would want yourself and your wedding guests to be happily present at your wedding and not whining about your wedding date.

Final thoughts,

I hope the steps mentioned above help you find your best wedding date which suits all you, your partner and your wedding guests.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and hence it becomes imperative to select a date which is right for everyone by all means. Having a right wedding date gives you and your guests an opportunity to have complete fun at the wedding, without getting worried of work, job, family etc.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺