10+ Best Black and White Wedding Plan In The American Way

Black and white wedding the American way

Dreamy Black and white wedding “Wedding is a ceremony that brings together two people and unites them forever.”

Wedding ceremonies are celebrated with different styles in different cultures. When it comes to the world-famous wedding traditions, mainly two come to mind: A Big Fat Indian Wedding and A Ravishing Black and White American Wedding.

We have all seen those dreamy Black & White weddings in American movies or TV shows. If you are in love with the American wedding culture and want to know all about it then you are at the right spot!

Black and White wedding is a beautiful American culture wedding that seems surreal to the eyes because of its soothing themes and decors, delightful activities and its ancient and fun traditions. Any couple desires to have such a wedding ceremony because of the overall simplicity.

In addition to being fun American wedding traditions also have years old cultural values attached to them. Such weddings are not just limited to the American people now, people over the world are attracted by it and choose to get married in the American way.

Are you intrigued to know what happens in a Black and White wedding and what are the cultural values behind them? Then read on:

The American wedding Culture is a fusion of traditions from various cultures like European and Irish. Some of the traditions don’t even exist anymore in other cultures but are still followed in a Black and White wedding; some for the value that they serve and some merely because they are fun. Here are some traditions that you didn’t know had traditional value..

Traditional Elements of a Black and White Wedding

1. The Best Man

When a wedding’s close, one of the important decisions to be made by the Bride and Groom is of the Bridesmaid and Best Man respectively. But do we really require the Best Man to be there to witness the wedding? No, right? The tradition of having a Best Man comes from an ancient practice.

Marriages in the ancient period were more of an arrangement for business. This required the Groom a man’s swordsmanship to deal with all the transactions and take care of any disputes arising during the course of the wedding. However, today the Best Man is chosen out of the close ones of the groom based on their relationship.

2. The Ring and the Ringbearers

One of the most beautiful traditions is the ring engagement. This started as a tradition to symbolize love for each other. The Ring-bearers bring the ring along with a ring bearer’s pillow. We’ve seen the ring bearers to be children.

Apart from the cuteness that lies in this whole tradition, there lies a reason behind it. Did you know the children bringing down the ring with the pillow symbolizes the innocence and beginning of a new journey together?

3. The Wedding Gown

The Bride’s gown in a Black and White wedding is usually the center of attraction and the Bride can’t seem to stop obsessing over their white wedding gown.

This tradition comes flowing down from the Victorian era when Queen Victoria first wore a wedding gown and since then, everybody followed!

4. The Bridal Shower

Nowadays, a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette party is like a last hurrah for bachelor life. It is meant to celebrate the Bride-to-be and spoil her in every way possible before her big day. But people didn’t always have this luxury, so they would organize a Bridal Shower to raise money for dowry or so to afford the wedding itself.

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5. The Wedding Cake

The traditional value behind a Black and White wedding cake might come as a surprise to many. The wedding cake came into the American wedding scenario to mean fertility.

A piece of cake would be kept on the bride’s head to bless her. However, this tradition ended many decades back when the Victorian era began and the cake toppers were introduced. Since then a wedding cake has become a huge part of the celebration.

6. The Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are common in many cultures; they are believed to keep evil away and joy close. In ancient times, the bride would carry bells in her bouquet or hand to do so but today the bells are rung to mark the entrance of the couple.

A wedding ceremony has so many elements that symbolize the values of the culture and bind two people in an unbreakable knot.

7. But is it just that? NO!

A wedding is a ceremony to celebrate love and create a ceremony that feels like a fairytale. A lot goes into a wedding to make it a perfect one, something that not just the wedded couple but everyone can remember forever. Black and White weddings are known for the beauty they serve to the eyes. This beauty is created by the themes, concepts, decor and the overall visual of the whole wedding.

If your idea is to make your ceremony look as beautiful as the American wedding ceremonies, here are some ideas to incorporate a Black and White wedding theme and decor into your wedding.

8. The Classic Black & White Wedding Theme

It is a big task to select a theme for the wedding. The color palette needs to be such that it can suit every element in the wedding. Usually, the right way to select the color palette is by taking into consideration the favorite colors of the Bride and Groom and creating a theme.

But when that is uncertain, one can blindly choose a theme that is elegant and classic, The Black & white theme.

This is a classic Black and White Wedding Theme that is used widely and is a dream of many. It can easily go well with all the decor and elements of the ceremony. The cherry on top is that it is also well-coordinated with the Bride and Groom’s attire.

If you adore the Classic Black and White Wedding then you can curate a wedding by incorporating black and white in many elements.

Easiest ways to achieve a perfect Black and White wedding theme.

9. Black and White wedding decor

The decor can be made two-toned by keeping the seating in such a way and using unique seating charts (e.g. “Phases of Moon” theme). Apart from this the decor can include a centerpiece, bold black bouquet and even the wedding invitations and signs can be made according to the theme.

Tip: If you are looking to make your wedding ceremony look royal, then the golden color can be included in the color palette as well.

10. Black and White wedding gown

As American weddings are known as white weddings due to the classic white gown, the Bride’s gown can serve well to the whole theme. The bridesmaid dresses can be of contrasting color like black to complete the theme.

11. Black and White wedding cake

The wedding cake can be a tiered cake. The cake is mostly preferred white but it can be made unique with a black topper or even just with a splash of black.

12. Black and white wedding party and reception

The wedding party or reception is one of the most awaited parts of the wedding. The joy and vibe of the event are just unmatched. The happiness of people drives the whole event but the beautiful theme can make it even more memorable.

The Black and White wedding party and reception can be the best closing statement of one’s special day.

PRO TIP: To move a little away from all the “Black and White” monotony, you can add some pop colors to the decor or use bright centerpieces to highlight them. Moreover, flowers are a gorgeous addition to the whole ceremony and make it look lovely.

Well, The Black and White weddings are not just limited to the colors as their name serves, but also extend to various other themes which can make your wedding ceremony stand out from others. The wedding can be made more beautiful with the use of some aesthetic themes like Vintage, Rustic, Floral, Glamorous and many more.

With all that being said..

The weddings that are well thought and executed are always remembered. This is why American Weddings are loved all over the world. They have the best of traditions and the themes and decors are just over the top.

While there’s so much more to weddings than just this, the happiness of the people in it is paramount. What makes the wedding perfect are the people getting together and the people witnessing it.

Stay tuned for more insights into the world of Weddings!