Coolest Tips on Wedding Anniversary Milestones

Coolest tips on anniversary milestones

More often than not, people know which all elements represent the 25th, 50th, and 60th wedding anniversary, but about the rest of the anniversaries celebrated throughout their lives, most people hardly know. Well, here in this post I am sharing with you some coolest tips on anniversary milestone.

Your anniversary should be a celebration of the years you spend with your partner/spouse/loved one. Each anniversary you celebrate should be unique and full of love, laughter, fun, good times, and challenges. Traditionally anniversary gifts were given that used to represent a different stage of married life, from paper representing the first year or the beginning of diamond for the 60th anniversary. You may find it hard to keep up, but this post will guide you through the anniversary milestones from knowing the milestone to help you decide what to buy to commemorate each anniversary year.

Here we go…

1st Anniversary: Paper

1st Anniversary- Paper

The first wedding anniversary is one of the most important milestones you achieve as a married couple. Traditionally, paper is used to represent the first anniversary. Paper symbolizes a new beginning. You and your partner just a year back on the same day embarked on this new journey together making two stories one.

Paper is great as it presents a wide range of gift choices for one. For instance, if your partner loves reading books, then book can be a wonderful gift. Or a beautiful diary to start a journal together, otherwise you can make a collage of your wedding pictures for your first anniversary gift. Or “Happy Anniversary” card would be a great gift option for a paper anniversary or a gift voucher or tickets to some location. Or hand crafted art or jewelry made from paper, or a love letter to your loved one, or you can also make paper flowers or an origami artwork for your paper anniversary. Whatever gift you choose for your paper anniversary, make sure you celebrate your first anniversary together with full zeal and enthusiasm.

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

2nd Anniversary- Cotton

Traditionally, cotton is the gift for second anniversary. Cotton simply represents stronger bond, the way your two lives have been woven in to one. Traditional cotton anniversary gift options used to be: cotton bed linens or blankets and they can be used all your lives. Besides, clothing can be considered for the cotton year or have a customized bed linen or blanket or pillow covers, towels, stenciled with your names or wedding date to have that added personal touch. Or if you want you can splash out on a second honeymoon at some relaxing spa, complete it with fresh, personalized towels.

3rd Anniversary: Leather

3rd Anniversary- Leather

The third anniversary is represented by leather. Leather is a strong, long lasting material that is known for endurance and longevity, and is a perfect symbol to be used for a three years of marriage. The best part of leather anniversary when it comes to gift options is – it comes with a variety of gift choice. For instance, a leather handbag, purse or wallet. Besides, leather home décor items, or you can get leather embossed with your initials or your wedding date for the extra personalized touch. Then you have leather-bound photo album or photo frames.

For people who make vegan choices, they can go for products made of faux leather. However, leather makes for a traditional 3rd wedding anniversary theme, crystal or glass can also be used in modern theme.

4th Anniversary: Flowers

4th Anniversary- Flowers

Easy choice and a perfect gift to represent four years of togetherness that has blossomed into a beautiful partnership. Traditionally, fourth anniversary is symbolized by flowers or fruit. Because, flowers are nature’s beautiful way that shows growth and prosperity. So, on your fourth anniversary to make it memorable you can simply spoil your spouse with fresh blooms, or get her favorite flowers, or decorate your room with beautiful flowers, or make arrangements for edible to show your love and celebrate your four year of togetherness and partnership.

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5th Anniversary: Wood

5th Anniversary- Wood

The fifth anniversary is represented by wood. As, wood represents growth, strength and wisdom; things which are required to have a strong, lasting marriage. When it comes to gift options on wood anniversary you can consider an elaborately carved wooden ‘love spoons’. In Welsh tradition, the term ‘spooning’—means ‘romancing’. Alternative gift options can be: a romantic visit to a log cabin, or a bottle of wine in a wooden box. However, the modern 5th anniversary theme is silverware.

6th Anniversary: Iron

6th Anniversary- Iron

Iron is for 6th anniversary. Iron simply shows the strength and longevity. You can opt for iron ornaments or iron photo frames for your 6th anniversary. For that added personalized touch you can even get them engraved with initials of wedding dates. However, the modern 6th anniversary theme is sugar or wood.

7th Anniversary: Wool

7th Anniversary- Wool

Wool is for 7th anniversary. For your wool anniversary a cashmere sweaters or a chunky blanket, can make for a perfect gift option. Or if you love knitting, then you have an option to knit a sweater for your partner/loved on. The modern 7th anniversary theme can be something made of brass or a useful desk set.

8th Anniversary: Bronze

8th Anniversary- Bronze

Bronze is for 8th anniversary, as it represents the way two people sculpture their relation during all these years, the way material is used for making unusual jewelry and sculptures. For a bronze anniversary you can consider a modern piece of art or a distinctive ring made of bronze. However, 8th anniversary modern themes are pottery, salt, linen, and lace.

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9th Anniversary: Pottery

9th Anniversary- Pottery

Ninth anniversary is represented by Pottery. It shows how a delicate item can be turned into beautiful pottery and should be taken care of properly, similarly a relationship is also delicate and should be handled with love and care to have it for longer. For gift options you can consider stylish ceramics, or you can even create your own personalized masterpiece for your beloved. Alternatively 9th anniversary themes include willow.

10th Anniversary: Tin

10th Anniversary- Tin

10 years together means a decade. A decade of togetherness is represented by Tin. Tin simply showcases everything that has been learnt over 10 years of marriage. It shows the way two people have shaped their relationships over 10 years of time together. The time spent together shows the bond that is formed between the two as they forge through life, strengthening each other at every stage of life, learning to be flexible and bringing positive changes with circumstances. For tin there are myriads of gift options from a photo frame to a cute jewelry box, for that personalized touch you can get them engraved with your initials or wedding date.

11th Anniversary: Steel

11th Anniversary- Steel

Steel is for 11th anniversary. It simply represents strength and longevity. The best part is you have a variety of gifts to choose from, from watches to flasks, home décor to car accessories.

12th Anniversary: Silk

12th Anniversary- Silk

Silk is for 12th Anniversary. For silk anniversary you can invest in some beautiful silk clothing or lingerie.

13th Anniversary: Lace

13th Anniversary- Lace

Lace is for 13th anniversary, it simply represents romance and beauty in the relation. For a lace wedding anniversary consider buying a beautiful lace gown for her or a beautiful lace lingerie.

14th Anniversary: Ivory

14th Anniversary- Ivory

Traditionally, Ivory was given on 14th anniversary. But, ivory comes from elephants, so for following the tradition in cruelty-free style, go for modern themes of opal gifts instead.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

15th Anniversary- Crystal

Crystal represents 15th anniversary. In some cultures, 15th wedding anniversary is also called a ‘glass’ wedding. You can gift new crystal glasses or may be crystal home décor or watches.

16th Anniversary: Topaz

16th Anniversary- Topaz

To celebrate your 16th anniversary that is Topaz, consider buying a beautiful piece of topaz-inspired jewelry for your loved one.

17th Anniversary: Carnelian

17th Anniversary- Carnelian

Traditionally, Carnelian represented 17th anniversary. For the 17th anniversary you can buy a ring with this precious stone.

18th Anniversary: Garnet

18th Anniversary- Garnet

Beautiful gemstones for celebrating 18 beautiful years together. Garnet represents 18th anniversary, to represent the beautiful time spent together. Buy one for your loved one or you can also choose to get a jewelry piece.

19th Anniversary: Aquamarine

19th Anniversary- Aquamarine

Aquamarines are the color of the sea that represent 19th anniversary. To simply show the clarity in the relationship and the beautiful 19 years spent together. You can consider a beach vacation or a poolside picnic on your 19th anniversary.

20th Anniversary: Bone China

20th Anniversary- Bone China

20th anniversary is marked by bone china, no worries… there are a lot of options present for you from a beautiful looking cup set to a great dinner set.

21st Anniversary: Brass

21st Anniversary- Brass

Brass is to represent you 21st anniversary. Consider buying a brass sculpture or accessory. Brass represents boldness.

22nd Anniversary: Copper

22nd Anniversary- Copper

For your copper anniversary you can think of buying copper-bottomed saucepans or copper glasses (drinking water from a copper glass is good for health) or you can opt for a gorgeous copper cup.

23rd Anniversary: Silver Plate

23rd Anniversary- Silver Plate

Traditionally, silver plate were given on 23rd anniversary. There are plenty of things available.

24th Anniversary: Musical Instruments

24th Anniversary- Musical Instruments

Musical instruments represent 24th anniversary. If you or your partner is musically inclined then this is the perfect occasion to buy an instrument for your loved one. Or you can also consider buying tickets for a musical concert or may be a new CD.

25th Anniversary: Silver

25th Anniversary- Silver

The 25th anniversary is one of the most celebrated anniversaries. Silver wedding anniversaries have a long tradition. Couples want to celebrate their glorious quarter century milestone that marks 25 years together. Spending together 25 long years simply shows the strength and longevity.

In medieval Germany, husbands used to give their wives a wreath of silver when they had been married for 25 years. To commemorate this major milestone you can consider buying a lovely silver photo frame or a piece of silver jewelry for each of you. If you don’t like silver jewelry, then oxidized silver jewels are also available in the market.

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30th Anniversary: Pearl

30th Anniversary- Pearl

Pearl represents 30 beautiful years of married life spent together. Pearls are organic gems’, they simply represent peace, nobility and beauty. Like pearls are the hidden gem of the sea, a marriage that has lasted 30 years also possess the same traits. Pearl make for a perfect pearl anniversary gifts to celebrate 30 wonderful years. You can either buy a piece of jewelry or an embellishment.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

40th Anniversary- Ruby

The 40th wedding anniversary is represented by a beautiful ruby. After the 25th anniversary, the 40th anniversary is considered to be one of the most important. Rubies are said to be rarer than diamonds—they simply symbolize health, wealth, wisdom and passion. Just like rubies your marriage for 40 years shows how wisely you have maintained the relation that it still has the uniqueness and beauty in it. To commemorate endurance, love and strength a ruby can be the perfect fit for Ruby anniversary. If ruby is not in the cards then buy some vintage bottles and invite your friends and family to toast the future and the past with vintage ruby port or red wine.

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50th Anniversary: Gold

50th Anniversary- Gold

The Golden 50 years of togetherness are represented by Gold. The gold anniversary is for 50 years of marriage, the half century together. Gold is strong, precious, and unchanging and so it perfectly symbolizes wonderful 50 years spent together. A perfect way to show how you two grew stronger and more beautiful in the relationship.
In medieval Germany, men used to present their wives with a golden wreath on their 50th anniversary to symbolize harmony. You can consider buying a gold ring or a piece of gold jewelry for your loved one.

55th Anniversary: Emerald

55th Anniversary- Emerald

Emerald is for 55th anniversary. Emerald are precious stones that symbolize love and rebirth. Emerald make for beautiful jewelry. Though on your 55th anniversary the best gift choice would be emerald, but if it is not in the cards, then you can throw a party with green as a theme, or you can give your loved one a present with an ecological slant, or take a dream trip to the Emerald Isle, to celebrate your anniversary. 55 years of togetherness.

60th Anniversary: Diamond

60th Anniversary- Diamond

To celebrate wonderful 60 years together Diamond is the theme. The word ‘diamond’ is originated from the Greek adamas, which means ‘unconquerable’. If you’ve lasted 60 years, then it is the perfect occasion to celebrate the ever impressive 60th anniversary. A diamond is said to be a universal symbol of beauty, rarity, and everlasting love. A diamond is strong and gorgeous, and it encompasses all that is needed to build a marriage long lasting. And there is no better way to say I love you than giving a diamond to your loved one to commemorate your diamond wedding.

65th Anniversary: Blue Sapphire

65th Anniversary- Blue Sapphire

The 65th anniversary is represented by blue sapphire. The blue sapphire is a stunningly beautiful blue gemstone. You can buy this gorgeous stone jewelry for your loved one to celebrate your 65 years of togetherness. Or if you can, then take a trip to some island.

70th Anniversary: Platinum

70th Anniversary- Platinum

Platinum is for your 70th anniversary. That’s a pretty long time together and nothing could be better than a Platinum jewelry to mark this big day. After being together for 70 years, you’ve just earned your own platinum record. Platinum is strong, precious, and quite rare, and like the metal bond between you two is also strong, precious and yeah undoubtedly rare. You can buy a platinum ring for your loved one or a simple piece of jewelry to commemorate the day.

75th Anniversary: Diamond

75th Anniversary- Diamond

The 75th anniversary is said to be the second diamond wedding in the anniversary calendar. Earlier only 75th anniversary existed but in 1897, when Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee the 60th anniversary was added. Like diamonds are formed under extreme heat and pressure over a long, long time, similarly 75 years of your marriage must have gone through thick and thins for sure. To celebrate the journey so far diamond is the best option. If you can’t afford diamond on your 75th anniversary, then you can go for diamond motifs on a piece of wall art or as a part of an ornament, or even a pretty diamond shaped box will also do the needful.

To pan out…….

Your wedding is a great occasion to celebrate, live it to the fullest, and enjoy each moment that you have spent together as a couple. Gift can be of your choice and in your budget. The most important thing that matters the most in achieving these milestones is the love between you two.

Use this guide to milestone wedding anniversaries, to make sure you have a really special occasion to remember. You can be creative while planning an anniversary gift for your loved one. For instance, if ruby can’t be afforded on ruby anniversary, you can simply opt for a beautiful ruby-red pillow cover or a bottle of red wine. So, don’t hesitate to go creative!!

Stay Happy & Healthy!!

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