Duties of The Best Man to Remember for Groom’s Wedding Day

Duties of the Best Man to remember for Groom’s Wedding day

As a guest, you must have attended several marriages by now. But now you have been chosen as the best man for your best friend’s wedding and that is really great. To be a best man on your best friend’s wedding is a great honor.

Who should be chosen as best man for groom’s wedding?

Well, you can even choose your brother, if you two have a great bonding or maybe the best friend of yours. But, only choosing someone will not solve the purpose. As, the best man has to do a lot of things. So, it is crucial that the person you choose to be the best man at your wedding is capable, sociable, polite, responsible, and not a drunkard of course etc.

Choosing the best man for the wedding is no rocket science, but choosing the right person for the position is. So you have to see all the required qualities in the person before you choose him to be the best man at your wedding. Because there are myriads of responsibilities he will have to take care on, before and after your wedding.

Duties of best man

The best man will be involved in almost all the wedding planning process, such as, he will plan the bachelor party, will see the arrangements, will act as chief adviser to the groom, will take care of the guests at the wedding, will take care of the groomsmen party, he will be the point of contact on the main event and otherwise, he will give a speech at the reception, sending RSVPs, taking care of accommodation of wedding guests, hotel booking, blocking rooms, everything from groom’s side and so on so forth.

If it is your first time to be a best man then you definitely need to know what all your duties will be prior, during, and post wedding. And this article is very much meant for you. Just read all the pointers and you know what all you need to do in your friend’s or brother’s wedding as the best man at the wedding.

Keep reading! Enjoy…

Best Man’s Duties Before the Wedding

1. Helping groom in the wedding planning process

Remember that your friend’s or brother’s wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event, and he has chosen you so that you can help him in his wedding preparations. Your friend may want to have you in almost everything from choosing his wedding outfit to helping him sending wedding invitations. Or maybe your friend or brother is capable enough to take care of all those things, but as a best man you should be available for the groom, he may not say but he may need you. And that is the reason he chosen you for such a big task. So, be available for the groom during all his wedding preparations and assist him (if asked) or just listen to his ideas and give advice or suggestions (wherever required). That is all!

2. Act as chief adviser

As the best man, you will be responsible to almost everything. Hence, it becomes your duty to act as the groom’s adviser. Wedding planning is a stressful task for most couples since there are so many things to take care and so many activities to plan for a wedding. As the best man, you can always help the groom with some of the choices that he has to make. Choices such as, wedding outfit, honeymoon destinations, wedding photographer, so basically you may be his reference guide. Hence, it becomes crucial that brush up on such information. If you think you don’t have no clue, no worries, do online research, there you will find plenty of information on everything related to wedding and honeymoon.

3. Lead the groomsmen

As, you will be the point of contact for anything related to groomsmen, they will surely come to you for anything. So, you will have to take care of the groom’s party or groomsmen. If you want or if it works for you, you can even start with an email and leading the mail trail where all the discussions related to wedding happen.

4. Point of contact for guests

Besides groomsmen, you will also be the point of contact for the wedding guests. Wedding guests will have so many questions related to the wedding venue, wedding registration, about the post wedding brunch, reception etc., etc. However, almost all the information will be given on the couple’s wedding website, but not necessarily all the guests are tech savvy. You being the best man, it will be your duty to help all the guests with answers and other information related to wedding.

5. Assist in arranging accommodations for the guests

If the groom as many guests who are visiting from other locations, then they will need a place to stay. So, make sure you have blocked and reserved hotel rooms or guests’ accommodation even before the invitations are sent out. If you will miss on this there will be a great problem later. So, make these arrangements well in advance.

6. Minimize groom’s stress

Wedding is a task, and it requires a lot of effort, planning, detailing, shopping etc., which may cause a level of stress for the groom. Stress is of course not good for anybody. Hence, make sure you minimize the stress on the groom as much as you can — and it will surely lead to a happy wedding ceremony for one and all.

7. Be in touch with the groom

You might be needed by the groom at any point, so make sure you stay connected with him. You can schedule regular meetings with the groom, or you can keep up communications via texts or phone calls on a regular basis. Well, it is needed to stay abreast with the wedding preparations and the progress so far.

8. Collaborate with the maid of honor

The bride has the main say in everything related to the wedding-and more often she lets her maid of honor know of any decision, or change, or random thoughts that she might have related to the wedding. Not necessarily the bride would confer with the groom for some such decisions. So you need to talk and maintain constant communication with the maid of honor to keep the groom updated about the things.

9. Let the groom be aware of wedding preparations

It is the duty of the best man to keep the groom aware of whatever is happening when it comes to the wedding preparations. Dong things on your own and not making the groom aware will be chaotic later. It’s better to make the groom aware of all the wedding preparation as and when required.

10. Assist the groom in choosing his wedding outfit

As the best man, it will be your duty to assist the groom in finalizing his wedding outfit. Possibly he may do it alone, but if you are making the right choice for the groom will be easier. Also, help him select the accessories.

11. Assist the groom in finalizing the groomsmen looks

It is very, really very important, both you and the groom will be responsible for how the groomsmen will look as a team. Help the groom get the material, color and other fittings that go with the suits of the groomsmen. And, if the groom is not available, then you need to take responsibility and make sure that all the groomsmen have their suits correctly fitted. The best you can do is – check with the wedding planner and the bride for the pattern and color scheme beforehand, for sure.

12. Get groomsmen outfits are ordered and delivered on time

As the best man, it will be your responsibility to order the outfits and other accessories for the groomsmen well in advance and get them delivered on time.

13. Get a gift for the groom

Getting your groom a small gift on his special day will be remarkable, especially if it is with some personal meaning. You can gift him something as a sign of congratulations and goodwill on his engagement, and also to extend thanks for considering you capable enough to be the best man at his wedding.

14. Be present in all the pre-wedding events

Your presence will be needed in almost all the pre-wedding events also. It doesn’t matter if you plan them or not. Just be present and enjoy all the pre-wedding functions or events.

15. Plan a bachelor party

The typical best man responsibility involves planning the bachelor party. Planning a bachelor party is your duty, hence, make sure you reserve the dates, pick an appropriate place (may be some outdoor location or in town), and send invites to all the groomsmen. Make all the arrangements considering the choice and preferences of the groom, as you know the groom and his interests and preferences very well. Help the groom celebrate this major life milestone.

Make sure the bachelor party is planned in a sophisticated place, if you are not sure of how to do or where to plan, you can also ask for help from the other groomsmen..

16. Wedding rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner requirements

More often than not, a wedding rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner are scheduled the day before the wedding so that each one knows their place and what to do in the actual wedding. Be available at the wedding rehearsal or at the rehearsal dinner, for the other groomsmen, and of course, for the groom himself, he may probably need you to deal with something, you never know.

Moreover, the rehearsal dinner is the time when people will be giving speeches or toasts, you can listen to them carefully. So that you know how to make the best man speech, which you’ve prepared for the wedding.

The Best Man’s Duties on the Wedding Day: Before the Ceremony

17. Get ready on time

Since, the day has come for which you all were planning, it is the time to put all the hard work into a successful ceremony. As the best man your duty will be to get ready on time. Also, you may need to help the groom or the groomsmen to get ready for the wedding.

18. Manage between the couple

This is also very important duty of the best man, you may have to manage between the couples. Maybe couple would want to exchange some love notes or gifts to each other. It is the duty of the best man to hand the notes/gifts over to the bride, and then reporting back the details. All that you will do along with the maid of honor.

19. Check everything is fine

While others are getting ready for the wedding ceremony, meanwhile you can just check with the wedding planner or wedding coordinator that everything is perfect, and ready for the event. Usually the wedding planners are able to take care of everything, but still it’s your friend’s wedding there is no harm in double checking everything.

20. Handle cumbersome situations

In a wedding, anything can happen without letting you know in advance. So, as the best man it is your responsibility to handle any such situation which is a bit stressful. Make sure you do not disturb the groom for small things, if it is really important then only talk to the groom, till then you handle it.

21. Make sure groomsmen are ready on time

Again it is your responsibility to make sure the groomsmen are ready. See if they are all dressed perfectly for the day or if there is something they needed. Check their outfits thoroughly, and see that nothing is missed out!

22. Be the point of contact

You will be the point of contact for the wedding guests at the event, so make sure you provide your guests with all the information. Also, make sure the groom reaches the chapel on time.

The Best Man’s Duties on the Wedding Day: During the Ceremony

23. Attend the wedding procession

Be there at the ceremony on time and enjoy the wedding procession.

24. Keep track of the wedding rings

It is the duty of the best man to keep the track of the wedding ring, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a diamond or a simple wedding bands. As the best man you must know where they are at all times until the ceremony calls for them.

25. Sign the marriage license

Once the wedding ceremony is over, the officiant and the newlyweds will have to sign the marriage license. You know that two witnesses are required. More often than not, the best man and maid of honor sign the wedding license as witnesses. So, make sure you have a pen ready!!

26. Engage with wedding guests

While the groom and the bride will be getting ready for their reception, many people will be coming to get information on wedding reception, sitting arrangement, reception venue or location, just help them all with required information. Also, if the reception is in some other location provide for their transportation.

The Best Man’s Duties on the Wedding Reception

27. Enter the reception hall with the maid of honor

If the emcee is introducing the wedding party members while they enter the reception, as the best man you will make the entry at the reception hall with the maid of honor. Make your entry unique…. ☺ ☺

28. Be a good host

If your guests have any query related to guest book, sitting arrangement, etc. help them with the answers they need.

29. Give a toast and the best man speech

You will give the toast and the best man speech before the maid of honor. Remember, best man speech is a huge honor and with it comes huge responsibility as well. Make sure you devote enough time to write a best man speech. Also, start writing the speech early as the best man’s speech is one of the highlights of the wedding. Make sure you write a short speech, which includes a summary of the couple’s journey and end it with a sincere message or best wishes. Also, it should come from the hearth!!

30. Take care of wedding gifts

While the couple will be busy enjoying the party and at the same time they will be receiving gifts from their guests. You have to make sure that all the gifts are secured or placed on a secure place.

32. Transport the wedding gifts to right location

Together with the maid of honor it will be your duty to transport all the gifts to the place where the couple want them to be. Well, for this you will need to know before the wedding, where exactly the couple want their gifts to be transported after the reception. You will have to make sure that the couple’s gifts are transported to the correct location after the reception is over.

32. Perform dance with the maid of honor

Your duty as the best man is to enjoy the party also. You need to have a great time at the wedding reception of your friend. Just hit the dance floor with the maid of honor (if she dances with you). Just enjoy the dance, and encourage others also to dance and enjoy the party to the fullest.

33. Make sure the bride and groom are stress-free

In any crisis situation during the reception, make sure that doesn’t let on to the bride and groom. Your primary job is to make sure that the bride and groom enjoy their reception to the fullest. If you and the other groomsmen are able to sort them out, take control of the situation, and do not let the couple get disturbed.

34. Check the getaway car

Make sure that the getaway car which you helped decorate for the newlyweds is ready before the reception gets over. As, the couple will head to the hotel in the same car.

35. Make sure hotel room is ready for the couple

As the best man, you will need to check with the hotel staff that the room is ready before the couple reaches there.

The Best Man’s Duties Post wedding

36. Help the groom settle vendor bills

Well, if you really feel a strong connect with the friend who just got hitched, then be available for him even after the wedding. Post wedding you will need to settle all the vendor payments, because you were majorly dealing with all of them. And, of course it will be a support to the groom.

37. Help the couple during and post-honeymoon

Couple may need your help even when they will head off on their honeymoon. And, if you live nearby, you can check in on their house in a while, take care of their dog when they are out for their honeymoon, fill in the stuff like groceries, or to pick them from the airport once they head back home or any other duty which they ask for. Likewise you can ask them what all the help they need from you when they are away. This gesture of yours will help them know how important they are to you and you are there for them always.

To pan out,

Whether you are family or an outsider, as the best man you are an important part of their inner circle. Be there for them even after their wedding … ☺ ☺, that’s crucial, it will signify your connect with them. And yeah, don’t miss to enjoy your friend’s wedding!!

I am sure now you are aware of your duties as the best man, we’d recommend that you make a checklist of your duties, it will be easy to execute them then!! Enjoy …!!

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Enjoy both, your duties and the wedding… ☺ ☺

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