10 Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Your Best Man In 2024

Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for Best Man

What’s better than a wedding? It’s a time for family and friends from all over to come and enjoy a major celebration, share in the happiness and eat and drink the night away! There is a lot of focus put on ensuring the guests have a great time, planning the seating arrangements and of course the outfits. The bride will engage her bridesmaids, mother, aunt or trusted friends to help with her side of the arrangements. For the guys, it’s the best man that has to step up to the plate. And it is best practice to give him a token of your appreciation at the end.

Why give the best man a gift?

The best man is usually traditionally in charge of making sure the groomsmen behave themselves, organizing the bachelor party, making a speech or toast and – most importantly – ensuring the groom makes it to the altar on the day of the wedding – unharmed! Granted, the tasks of a best man may not be as numerous as some of the bridesmaids – which will include rehearsal makeup and hair appointments, numerous dress fittings and assisting with making favours for the tables. There still is however a good reason to show your best man you appreciate his efforts. On HappyWedding let’s check out today just how to pick the right gift.

Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Your Best Man

The bride has it a lot easier here – when picking thank you gifts for her bridesmaids it is usual to get jewellery – usually a piece that they will wear on the day. This is often a necklace or pair of earrings – sometimes both. Plus, the bridesmaids usually get to keep their shoes and dresses! Often there may be a voucher for something special too such as a nail or hair appointment. For the guys, however, there is no hard or fast tradition. So, we will help you in your selection with these 9 ideas.

1. Custom designed cufflinks

Custom designed cufflinks

This is a beautiful idea and something that can be kept forever. Personalised cufflinks, engraved with a special logo, initial or icon can be not only a stylish accessory, but also of sentimental value. If you are struggling to get over the thought of losing out on your guy time after the wedding, then this will at least ensure your best man will remember you later on! Use a specialist store to handle the engraving or design for you instead of getting something from the high-street. Such stores also offer other personalised gifts such as engraved key rings and jewellery.

2. Daredevil activities

If the best man is a bit of a wild child then a cool daredevil activity might be right up his street. From helicopter lessons to bungee jumping, there are many from which to pick. Has he always wanted to jump out of a plane? Give him the chance to do it! Even better – book yourself on to the experience too so you can continue the strong bond you have developed throughout the years.

3. Personalised box of golf balls

Personalised box of golf balls

Got a golf nut as a best man, then we have the perfect gift for you. Why not try a box of golf balls engraved with his initials or better still – with lots of funny phrases from all of your adventures. Look for high end golf stores that can provide the balls in a high quality wooden box for that extra special effect.

4. Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

This one goes beyond getting your best man his favourite bottle of whiskey! No, that would be too boring. Instead, think bigger. How about a year long subscription to a wine club (if that’s his thing) or booking him on a tour of a brewery.

5. The beardy best man gift

The beardy best man gift

Beards have been in for such a long time now, and with it had grown a wide range of beard care products. Why not get your best man a high end beard care kit so he can stop using that stuff from the local supermarket. Look for kits that come in stylish wooden boxes with not only the styling products but also trimmers and other tools. Not comfortable looking online? An upscale barber will be able to direct you to the right supplier.

6. Fancy cigars

Fancy cigars

What better way to mark a celebratory occasion than a cigar box – complete with cigars. You can get some very lovely high end boxes and contents either online or in a local tobacco store.

7. Barbeque Gifts for your best man

Barbeque Gifts for your best man

Got a best man that loves to grill and show off his cooking skills? Then think about getting him a high quality set of grill tools – complete with engraved handles. Personalise the kit with his initials on some of them, perhaps marking a few tools with “best man and the date”. What a nice way to have him continually think of your friendship as he cooks.

8. Gift for the techno best man

Best Gifts for the techno best man

If you’ve someone who is into electronics, you may need a big budget to get something of decent quality. A pair of ear pods or noise reducing headphones is a good idea. A new iPad or tablet too would most likely go down a storm.

9. The Gift Of Time

stylish watch

Your best man may be worried that things are going to change now you’ve tied the knot. You’re probably a bit concerned too! Make sure he knows you’ll still be there for him in the future. Perhaps you could look to get him a stylish watch which you could engrave on the back stating something to that effect.

Those are just 9 of the many awesome gift ideas that you can use for your best man. Oh, and one more last tip – don’t forget your groomsmen either! For them you can get something less substantial but no less meaningful. Personalized groomsman gifts such as keyrings can make a little thank you gesture seem well thought. It will let them know that you were thinking of them even in the lead up to your very busy big day!