How Wedding Planners Charge?

How to wedding planners change

Hiring a professional wedding planner may seem an additional expense to you; however, it is the best step to have a smooth wedding celebration. We all know that a wedding is a stressful affair, as you need to take care of several things associated to your wedding. And doing everything alone is nearly impossible for a person, especially when a person is working and has a full time job as well.

More often than not, people think that wedding planners are expensive, or they are only for the people with huge wedding budget etc. But believe you me, they can be really very helpful for you in your wedding that you might not imagine. Investing on the right wedding planners, can help you have a great wedding ceremony. Moreover, they are skilled people who can create your wedding just like you have dreamt of it. Wedding planners are masters of wedding ceremonies, they can bring any imagination to reality. So, they are not an expense, they are investment instead!

Of course, you can manage everything related to your wedding, but having free hand at the wedding and enjoying each function thoroughly is what every couple wants to do in their wedding. Likewise, you can also choose to hire a wedding planner and let things happen in a flow, without you having to worry or deal with things that may distress you otherwise. Of course, managing vendors at a wedding is not easy that you might think. Let the professionals handle the task and you just enjoy your wedding, and create wonderful memories that you will cherish after your wedding.

Well, before moving to the topic, how wedding planners charge we would like to shed some light on the things they exactly do or undertake at a wedding.

Here we go…

Things that wedding planners undertake at a wedding:

First things first, wedding planners are not only professionals, but they are skilled people who plan a particular wedding in accordance with the imaginations and expectations of their clients. They provide 360 degree solutions to their clients at their wedding, which includes wedding venue, wedding décor, accommodation of wedding guests and family members, wedding food, hotel booking, wedding photography and even pick up and drop from the airport. This means they undertake almost everything be it small or large related to your wedding.

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They basically take care of everything related to your wedding from Pre wedding nuptials to setting up you wedding budgets, deciding a wedding theme to executing the décor designs, managing the vendors to logistics management, designing your wedding menu to finalizing your wedding caterer. Looking after the wedding entertainment to taking care of wedding guests list, seeing all the license and permissions to hiring professional wedding photographers and videographers, finalizing wedding gifts and favors to deciding the wedding insurance, etc., Basically, wedding planners do everything from mapping out all the details from wedding favors to organizing entertainment activities at the wedding reception.

Don’t you think that it’s quite a task altogether? And having a professional wedding planner can actually help you have a stress-free wedding and you would be able to enjoy everything in detail and be part of it completely, without having to take care of other responsibilities.

How wedding planner charge?

How wedding planner charge?

Well, the answer to this question varies based on several different aspects such as the location, popularity and expertise of the wedding planning company, budget of your wedding, services that you are taking in, the size of your wedding, and when do you hire a planner! Yes, all these things will matter when it comes to the wedding planner charges.

More often than not, there are three ways wedding planners can charge: a flat fee, consultation services, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the overall wedding bill. So, it absolutely depends on the type of wedding planner you choose to hire and the wedding budget that you have set for your wedding.

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In India; however, wedding planners charge a flat fee, which can cost you anywhere between INR 2 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs, which is like 10 to 14 % of your total wedding cost, depending on the type, size, and wedding budget. Remember that this is the fee that a wedding planner charges. This fee doesn’t include the cost of other overheads like wedding caterer, photographer, decorator etc. You simply have to pay separately for all those services. Your wedding planner will tie up with the wedding vendors and provide you ease and comfort to enjoy your wedding thoroughly.

In addition to this, If you are planning a destination wedding, then in that case the charges may go up as they will provide you services in the distant land. Also, it will include hotel bookings, air tickets, pick up and drop facility for you and your wedding guests, etc. And if you wedding planner along with his team is also traveling with you then you will have to take care of their travel and accommodation charges as well, which is again an additional cost.

A wedding planner may seem like a big investment—but it’s crucial to consider the time and stress you save by having them to take care of your wedding tasks. Also, professional planners have strong relationships with wedding vendors, so they can help you have the best prices for their services.

However, you don’t need to have huge budget for hiring a wedding planner, as they are available almost in every budget. But still if you have a budget constraint, then you can even choose to go for consultation services as most of the wedding planners do provide consultation services as well. And consultation from professionals can also help you create a wonderful wedding that you will cherish all your life.

When should you hire a wedding planner?

When should you hire a wedding planner?

Yes, this is crucial and it plays an important role when it comes to hiring a wedding planner. You really need to book your planner very well ahead of time, like at least 6 months prior to your wedding. Having your planner booked on time give you huge lot of benefits, such as: planning a great wedding without any chaos, getting the right professional wedding planner, creating a wonderful wedding just like you have imagined in your dreams etc. Yes, hiring a wedding planner on time get you lot of benefits, which you may lose otherwise. Moreover, delaying hiring procedure can either lead you to pay more for their services, or hire somebody with less experience or less popularity.

To conclude…..

So, now you know that hiring a wedding planner is not an expense, it is in fact an investment that you won’t regret ever in your life. In fact, hiring a professional help you enjoy your wedding fully and let your family and guests also have a lot of fun and enjoyment at your wedding. These wedding planners can actually help you design and curate any kind of wedding that you want, be it in your home town or a destination wedding in some other land away from your home!