Find out Unique Ways to Seat Your Guests at Your Wedding Ceremony

Find out unique ways to seat your guests at your wedding ceremony

Well, I would want to begin with Congratulations as you are getting married. Of course, it is one of the most precious dreams one sees in life!!

I am sure like every other couple you also want to make your wedding a unique experience for yourself and your guests. And why should you not do that, when you were already planning for your big day for so long. Well, definitely you would be able to create a great day. For that all you need is a bit of planning and execution.

Of course, couple today wants to have unique and extraordinary seating for guests at their wedding, unlike olden days, when there were only two choices round table and theatrical. Today, one can explore, can be creative, can think out of the box, and create great budget-friendly weddings. Seating of your guests plays an important role in your wedding, how you seat them will impact your overall experience. Because most guests tend to speak about their experiences, whether good or bad.

So, before you plan any seating for your guests, here are some pointers that you need to consider to have a great seating for your guests that they will surely like.

Here we go……

Pointers to consider before planning your guests’ seating at your wedding ceremony:

Like any other task in your wedding, how you will seat your guests is also very important. They are an important part of your wedding and they should be taken care of properly. When we talk about seating guests at weddings, it very much depends on the type of wedding a couple plans. Like whether it’s an indoor wedding or an outdoor, likewise seating for guests have to be decided.

Another important factor that matters for seating is the number of guests. Frankly speaking it’s very easy to make great seating for guests if it is an intimate celebration. But if it is going to be a huge gathering at your wedding, then surely you have less choices. Because primary will be to accommodate all your guests, rather to have some unique and creative seating. However, one can have unique seating with huge gathering also, but choices will be relatively lesser.

Then comes the location. Yeah, it also matters when you think of having a unique seating for your guests at your wedding ceremony. For instance, if it is an intimate ceremony in a restaurant, then your set will be different from the one in the garden.

How comfortable your seating will also matter. Of course, not all your guests will be young, some will surely be old like your grandparents. While you plan a great seating for your guests, do consider oldies, because for them it won’t be easy to sit on an uncomfortable wood log for a longer period.

So, these are the pointer that you will need to consider before planning seating for your wedding guests at your wedding. Now let’s talk about the wonderful and unique seating that you can have at your


Unique Guests Seating Ideas:

Here is a list of the 18 best and unique seating ideas for your guests at your wedding ceremony.

1. Banquet Style Seating:

Banquet Style Seating

For that traditional feel, you can opt for the banquet style seating for your guests. However, it is specifically for the celebrations which take place in the garden of wedding halls. More often than not, their gardens are bigger in size and to use the entire space such seating is created. It will have round tables with 8 or 10 guests to a table. It may look traditional, but it is one of the classic seating styles that will encourage your wedding guests to interact with one another. You can seat important guests, like VIPs, and the couple in the middle of the room so they’ll be the focal point. Make sure you choose center pieces carefully, the ones which do not block the flow of conversation at the table.

2. Classroom Style Seating:

This again traditional, but still holds a significant place in weddings, especially if you have huge gathering. Classroom style is a great way to make best use of the entire space and accommodate huge gathering. This seating style is most preferred in an indoor wedding.

3. Rajasthani Style Seating:

The most colorful and beautiful seating style is this. Just like the state, its seating is also colorful and vibrant. You can use numerous color combination to create a wonderful seating for your guests at your wedding ceremony. The best part is – it is going to be a budget friendly style. Rajasthani style seating can only be worked out in case of small intimate wedding ceremony with just a few guests. It looks cozy, colorful, and vibrant. All you have to do is arrange for some diwans, cane or wooden furniture and colorful cushions and bolsters.

4. Tree Stump Seating:

Tree Stump Seating

It is a great seating style if you are planning to get hitched in a forest. Of course, you don’t need to arrange for couch and other logistics. All you can do is make a great use of tree stumps and create a great ambience that will match with your wedding theme as well.

5. Family Style Seating:

It is a very popular seating styles, most often used in wedding receptions, banquets and other informal events. Believe you me, no matter how old the idea looks, it still feels classy and beautiful. Especially when you are working with huge space, long banquet-style tables look amazing. Also, this seating style makes for stunning wedding photos and helps to create an intimate atmosphere, a great idea for an intimate wedding celebration, where all your guests can be together at the same table and chit chat.

6. Club Style Seating:

Another unique seating style is club style where you will have round tables with your guests seated on one side so everyone has a view of you two. However, this kind of seating is popularly used for audience-type events, corporate events, award nights, gala dinners, comedy nights, and workshops. But for creating some unique seating, this can really go well. And if you have some live performances planned for your wedding reception, then this style is going to rock. Your guests will enjoy all three: wine, dine and live performance all at the same time.

7. Cocktail Style Seating

Cocktail Style Seating

Cocktail style seating has no chairs or tables – all you have is standing space only. However, this style makes the perfect use of floor space, with your wedding guests free to mingle as they please. This style is popular for Christmas parties, cocktail parties, business mixers and other social events, but for trying something classy at your wedding, it can do really great.

8. Vintage Style Seating:

To give your wedding that mood of rustic style, then vintage style seating will work perfectly fine at your wedding. All you need for creating rustic seating – chairs, love seats, tables, desks, etc. Believe you me, this style not only looks classy, but also it creates a great environment. A great way to celebrate an intimate wedding.

9. Driftwood Log Seating:

Another beautiful and less expensive seating will be driftwood log seating. This is going to be a perfect seating whether you get hitched in woods, or beachside, or garden. It will help you create a funky environment around your wedding and all your guests will surely love the idea.

10. Benches for Seating:

Benches for Seating

An amazing way to rekindle all the old memories, simply by having benches arranged at the wedding venue. It will create nostalgia at first, whether you agree or not, we all miss our school days. And having benches at your wedding to have your guests seated will be an amazing experience for one and all.

11. Bleachers for Seating:

Another unique idea is to have bleachers for your garden, park or cottage wedding. You will not need to do a lot and still you will be able to create a great environment at your wedding.

12. Patio Seating:

Patio seating for your outdoor wedding will be the most beautiful arrangement. Especially when you have just a few guests in attendance. Everybody will like the idea and the ambience. And with this great seating a live music performance will do a great job.

13. Restaurant style seating:

Restaurant style seating

A great seating style for an intimate restaurant wedding celebration of yours. Yeah, if yours is going to be an intimate celebration, then this style is going to rock. This is a great style to encourage all your guests to interact and participate in the conversation. All your guests will surely love this one!

14. HorseShoe or U-Shape Style Seating:

However, this style is popular for official meetings and other corporate meetings, but to create a great ambiance at your intimate wedding celebration you can use this one. Especially, when you have planned your celebration at the rooftop. Yeah, this style of seating will allow all your guests have a good view with chairs arranged around your chuppah or altar.

15. Lounge Style Seating:

Of course, we all enjoy such seating, especially when there is some party or other such occasions. And the same can be arranged at the wedding also for having all the wedding guests seated in the most comfortable way. A great seating style for an intimate wedding celebration. It not only looks classy, but it also makes for a cozy seating.

16. Ottoman Seating:

Ottoman Seating

Ottoman make for a perfect lounge area, the best part is they acquire less space. You can create a wonderful seating area with a lot of colorful or same colored ottomans at your wedding. This will simply add to your celebration. Simple yet beautiful.

17. Bales of Hay Seating:

For an outdoor wedding celebration in winters, it is going to be an amazing seating style for all your wedding guests. Make sure you cover them with cozy blankets so that your guests feel good and warm. Just imagine your wedding in winters arranged outdoors under the sun. Your guests will enjoy the sun as much as they will enjoy your wedding.

18. Floor seating:

Floor seating is often used in living rooms, and it looks really mesmerizing no matter what. If yours is going to be an intimate celebration, then nothing can be better than the floor seating. All you have to do is to arrange for a big round table, carpet, and beautiful cushions to create an amazing ambience for your wedding. Floor seating can be creating indoors and outdoors, depending on the season and time of your wedding. And if you arrange for some live performance at your wedding along with this type of wedding, you will surely create a great ambience that will lead to great experience.

Final Verdict……

I hope you enjoyed reading post and got some ideas to create your own style of seating for your wedding guests at your wedding. Besides these seating style, you can come up with your own style also. You can have mix and merge style in which you can have sofas and chairs, couch etc. It is your wedding and you can go creative to any extent to give your wedding an extraordinary look and feel.

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺

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