Got Engaged? Find out the list of DONT’s

Got Engaged? Find out the list of DONT's!

Congratulations for your engagement!!

Well, this is going to be a crucial period of your life, and the most memorable as well. After your engagement you have mixed emotions and feelings. As, after this the most awaited life of yours will be starting. Now you are not single any more, and there are a lot of things to look after. This period is going to be full of love and emotions, whether you know each other for just a few months or for many years. You’re about to start a brand-new chapter of your life with your partner.

After getting engaged, undoubtedly it’s important to celebrate this big event, but it is always good to go at a slow pace. Give each other time, there is no need to hurry things out. More often than not, couples after getting engaged just jump into their wedding planning, forgetting that they need to spend some time with each other and resolve if there is something, like some conflict, some insecurities, or some difference, give your relationship a little more time after your engagement, clear out all the doubts and disagreements.

It is seen that couples in excitement do everything, whatever they should avoid doing after their engagement. However, there are a few things that you should avoid doing after getting engaged. Here in this article I am sharing some of them, worth taking note of.

⇒ Leaping into wedding planning immediately after the engagement

Yeah, we understand you are excited, after all the moment that you have been waiting for has arrived. And you want to do everything right away… after all, it’s your wedding. But, to be frank, that’s not the way it should happen. It’s best not to leap straight into the wedding planning journey, for instance obligatory venue touring and wine tastings and pre-wedding photo shoots, right after getting engaged. Well, these things of course are nice and great fun, but currently you need to focus more on your relationship than wedding planning.

⇒ Telling your social media friends before your family

You would be really surprised to know how people in excitement, do things which are morally incorrect. It’s okay that we are in the era of technology, but our relations were always there even before the technology. Still, so many couples put their engagement news up on social media before they’ve even told their family and friends. Well, that is of course your call, whether you want to tell your family first or want to let your social media group know it first. But I am sure you would never want your granny to hear your engagement news from your distant relatives who just got to see your Facebook post. So, it is always good to hold yourself a little and call your family and friends before you make it official on your social media platforms.

⇒ Saying YES to everything

You know we tend to do blunder only in extreme excitement or when we are sad. Same thing happens when you are engaged. You don’t need to say yes to everything and everyone. All you have to do is to use your wit and then decide. Committing anything in excitement will give you pain later. Like, your granny want you to go for a church wedding… That’s okay she wants it… But are you seriously ready for that??? So, you have to think about things and then do what you want to do finally. Not what others wanted! It’s better not to commit to a single thing in the first few weeks of being engaged.

Discussing about important wedding things immediately after your engagement

You are engaged that is perfectly fine, but starting a discussion on wedding things immediately after your engagement is not a great idea so far. Families sometimes get opinionated about wedding choices, vendors, and venues, which ultimately can cause disputes. So, it’s good to put off serious topics, especially the ones which are related to the wedding, for at least a few weeks after getting engaged. Otherwise, you will miss the afterglow of engagement, which is amazing. And if your family and friends try to bring out the topic, which they will definitely do… politely tell them there is enough time for all that, but right now you are just focusing on enjoying the new status from single to being engaged.

⇒ Choosing your wedding party just after the engagement

That’s important, but not right now… You might already be sure on who you want for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, but you need to hold off a little before you ask them. Before finally asking your wedding party there are several other things need to be fixed, like the length of your engagement, the kind of wedding you are planning, the budget of your wedding, the number of attendees in the wedding etc. You may need to make changes to the wedding party line-up, which you currently have in mind. So, it’s good you fix other things first, before you tell your friends that will save any hard feelings.

Believe it or not, a wonderful friendship can even change over the course of an engagement. So many couples feel that some other friend or sibling of their could have made a more fitting best man or maid of honor by the time the wedding rolls around, so it’s better not to talk to your friends before fixing other things.

⇒ Wearing a ring that doesn’t fit well

It’s not wise to wear a ring which is too tight or too small. We understand your excitement to flaunt your diamond, but at the same time you need to understand that it’s better to save your butt than risking your precious stone. If your engagement ring is too big or too small get it resized immediately, before you start wearing it. Otherwise you will end up losing or damaging it, or maybe hurting your finger. It will take a day or two to have your ring resized.

⇒ Leaving the ring uninsured

Getting your ring insured will not cost you much, but not getting it can cost you a good amount. No matter how busy you are, it is crucial to get your engagement diamond insured. By doing so you will simply save your butt for tomorrow.

⇒ Taking all the advice offered by others

Just after your engagement you will start getting unsolicited advice and suggestions from everybody and anybody. But you need to learn to tackle them diplomatically. So, it’s good to develop the skill of taking nothing too seriously and diplomatically handling each advice coming your way. But be very polite while doing so, do listen to what people are saying (there’s always a likelihood of getting some gems of advice in there!) though you don’t have to agree to them. All you need to do is to say ‘thanks, I’ll definitely keep that in mind’, and just move on.

⇒ Focusing on material things rather to focus on real joy

Focusing on how much the ring costs or posting across social media platform how much your partner spent on you is not wise at all. Remember, money should never be the focal point of your engagement. You don’t need to be rude, jealous, angry or focused on material possessions. Instead, make sure that you love both yourself and your partner during these positive changes in your life.

⇒ Stressing over wedding planning

Stress is an inevitable part of wedding planning journey, there will definitely be so much to do for your wedding. But, newly engaged couples should not stress out on wedding planning immediately after their engagement. They should learn to slow down and take care of themselves and their relationship. Understand, that the time spent with your true love after your engagement is the most precious time of your life, which you will cherish throughout.

⇒ Booking vendors just after the engagement

Of course, you will start looking around at venues and vendors shortly after your engagement, it’s all part of the fun. But booking anything so very much in advance is not advisable. Understand that before making any bookings you need to have a clear picture of what you want for your special day. There are possibilities that tomorrow you may find something better than what you book today. So, decide practically, and narrow down all the possibilities first. Don’t do anything, simply sit with being engaged for a while before making any final decisions. And there is no harm in dreaming big for a few weeks, before indulging in it. In fact, you will enjoy the period like that only!

⇒ Sending invites to the guests immediately after the engagement

Understand that there is no hurry to send invites. We humans tend to get caught up by the excitement, and the same happens in case of engagement as well. You might find yourself getting hyped with the well wishes and sending invites to people along without thinking. Rather, it’s better to keep things vague, and avoid making any commitments, especially people at work, extended family or old school friends who you might not want to have while creating your guest list.

⇒ Buying your wedding outfit too early

Some brides to-be buy their wedding dress before they even get engaged. I don’t know what makes them do so, whether their excitement for the wedding or for a particular dress. Whatever it is, buying a dress too early is not wise. Yeah, we know booking a bridal boutique appointment and trying different wedding gowns the moment you get engaged is very tempting. But as with the vendors, it’s crucial to just stop for a while. Make sure you think about what you want on your special day and just as importantly, how much you can afford to buy, before you fall in love with any gorgeous looking wedding gown. Also, having a dress too early might assimilate a feeling of boredom, or later in the future you may come across a more attractive wedding gown than this. So, it’s better to avoid buying your wedding gown too early.

⇒ Starting a strict diet regime

Many brides to-be are very obsessed with their weight, and they immediately start dieting or go on a strict diet just after their engagement, in order to get into their gown. Well, let me tell you that your wedding does not mean you need to go on a diet. Follow a balanced diet and a regular exercise regime to stay fit and have a healthy body. You don’t have to be hard on yourself for any reason. Wedding planning already comes with too much of stress, and to fight that stress you need to be happy mentally and physically. So eat, love, pray, and enjoy every moment of this period!!

⇒ Going for makeovers

After getting engaged, some brides immediately start getting dramatic makeovers. They will get a boob job done. Or have their teeth done. Or have their skin lasered. Or go for any kind of makeovers that they feel like getting. That’s absolutely fine that you want to look and feel your best on your special day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop living your life normally, in order to look beautiful or drop a few dress sizes. Of course, your weight is not hidden from your partner, he proposed you because he loves you the way you are… So, what is point going so hard on yourself? Go slow!! Stay happy, that’s all matters the most!

⇒ Neglecting your relationship

Of course, your wedding planning is crucial and there is a lot to do. But, you cannot just neglect each other in the process. After all, you two decided to get hitched because you’ve reached a point in your relationship where you both found yourself ready to start the next chapter of your lives together. This time is very crucial, because the moment your wedding is over, the new chapter will begin, and it won’t have anything to do with your wedding attire, wine tasting, cake tasting, seating arrangements or whether or not you gave favors and gifts to your wedding guests. The new chapter of your life will only have two of you and nobody else. And it is crucial to have a strong bond before you start that chapter.

So don’t miss to nurture your relationship during your wedding planning stage. Go for weekly date nights, talk over phone, converse over drinks, or you can plan a small vacation to spend some time away to break the mundaneness of your routine life.

⇒ Forgetting to reciprocate

Well, the moment you will break your engagement news to your family, relatives, friends, and social media platforms, a lot of people will send you wishes, cards, and presents. Make sure you don’t ignore them simply in your excitement, instead keep a list of everyone who sends a gift to you. Send them a thank you card or note within a month or two. And for the cards and wishes you can send them Thank you message. It’s a nice gesture to help your well-wishers know that their wishes and gifts really matter to you. Also, it will help you have this good habit for future as well.

⇒ Missing to have all the fun!!

Being engaged is just the best feeling ever! And the period after the engagement is very, very precious and memorable. So, don’t let it go bland. In fact, enjoy every bit of it. Just throw a party. Or go away for a weekend. Or invite your friends and family for a celebratory drink. Whatever and however you want to enjoy your special event, do it… Just have lots and lots of fun, take a break from your routine life and just enjoy being engaged before you get into wedding planning stuff.

Wrapping up…

Of course, your wedding planning is important, but the most important at the moment is to have fun and enjoy being engaged to the fullest. Tomorrow, when your wedding will be over, all you will have will be the memories of this period. Make sure you create the best memories in this period so as to cherish them all your life. Everything in this life is secondary when it comes to your relationship, love, and bond.

So, spend time with each other, understand each other better. You will not be girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. In fact, you will be one unit, a family. Wedding comes with lots of responsibilities as well. Prepare yourself together to handle those responsibilities properly. Most important is the love and the relationship which you two share should stay stronger every day of your life. Rest everything will fall into place!!

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Happy Wedding… Enjoy Being Engaged!