Best Tips on Favor for Bridesmaid & Groomsmen

Best tips on Favour for Bridesmaid & Groomsmen

More often than not, we tend to overlook the fact that bridesmaid and groomsmen are a very important part of our wedding. And if they really make time for our wedding from their life and schedule it becomes kind of important that we honor them or express our gratitude to them for all the time and efforts they put in our wedding.

Appreciating your entourage with a favor on your wedding is trending, and is becoming an integral part of any wedding ceremony. It just add to the festivities of a wedding event be it in any culture or religion. Hence, it is crucial that you understand that your wedding escort needs some appreciation for all the efforts they will put in your wedding. You can always choose some personalized gifts for your groomsmen and bridesmaid. Bridesmaid and Groomsmen are the most important part of your wedding ceremony. No ceremony is complete without family and close friends. So, make sure you select gifts for bridesmaid and groomsmen that will please the wedding party. (Read more on: Perfect Bridesmaid – A checklist for your BFF’s (Best Friend Forever) Wedding)

There are a plethora of options available for groomsmen and bridesmaid as well. And the best part is that you can even personalize them according to the taste and preferences of your bridesmaid and groomsmen. There are myriads of options available which are not as dull and boring as we might assume them to be. In real, if you will try you can get host of interesting, offbeat, outlandish, and really cool favors to impress your bridesmaid and groomsmen. Also, besides their gifts, make sure you buy gifts for special best man and maid of honor as well!

Here in this article I am sharing with you some super-cool favors you can consider gifting your bridesmaid and groomsmen during your wedding ceremonies:

  • First thing first, while you purchase gifts for Bridesmaid and Groomsmen make sure you buy something, which suit their interest. The gift you buy for your bridesmaid and groomsmen are personalized, and tailored.Like a metallic flask with personalized message engraved with the name and title will make a wonderful wedding gift for the groomsmen. You can buy hip flask or a leather flask.
    Otherwise, set of beer glasses or a liquor bottle with a personalized message on it will be a nice choice. Other gift items which you can consider for them is cigar case of shot glasses. T-shirts with personalized messages on it can also be a nice gift for the. Or maybe monogrammed beer glasses or personalized branding irons for home barbeques, you can opt for.
  • If you think that your groomsmen are good sportsperson then consider gifting them set of their favorite game equipment. For an instance if a person is a great chess player then gifting him a nice personalized chess will be a great gift for him and it would suit his interest also. Or if he is a golfer then it will be good to gift the person a set of golf balls. You can also choose for some cuff links, socks and bobble heads, they may be pleased to get the gift.
  • Consider thanking them with a lovely personalized Stubby holders if you think they love alcohol. Gifting them metallic tumblers with their very own customized leather jacket will be a great option for your groomsmen. Gifting the guys their favorite candy flavor in a personalized superhero candy holder of their choice will have its own charm and the groomsmen will like it a lot. I am sure…
  • Another option is to go with heart-shaped cookies, for your guys, it will be super cool idea for them and they will surely like it a lot. Another option for guys is to gift them their favorite cuff links, bow ties, etc. to make their day very, very special one.
  • Well, besides groomsmen, bridesmaids should also be treated equally and it will be a great idea to appreciate them with some personalized gifts of their choice. Bridesmaid may also enjoy receiving metallic hip flasks and golf gifts, but it would be great if you gift them something girly which they would admire the most. To make a bridesmaid day, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can select from amazing perfumes to beautiful tulips, options are many to go for, when it is about honoring bridesmaid with some special gift.
  • Girls are most often delicate, soft, and stylish, so finding some special gift of their choice won’t be a problem at all. Like you can always shop for a spa baskets for them, they will be really happy to receive the gift, and why not after all it will take care of her from head to toe. Such gift come in different range and varieties, so you can always choose the one which fits your budget best. While purchasing spa basket, you can gift a deluxe spa basket to the maid of honor. Make sure you buy different aromas for all the girl party rather to go for the same aroma for all. Another gift option you can think of is a makeup kit for them, which will surely contain lipstick, eye makeup, and nail paints etc. Or just gifting a palette of eye shadows will make a perfect bridesmaid gift at your wedding.
  • Another very nice way to impress girls is to go with some beautiful flower, a bouquet will make them feel special. So, you can gift a bouquet of either assorted flowers from lilies to tulip or just roses especially the yellow ones, which symbolizes strong friendship bond. So, I am sure flowers will make a perfect gift for your bridesmaid on your special day.
  • Chocolates! Yes, chocolates are really girl things, you can always treat them with their favorite chocolates. These days in fact it is easy to go for personalized chocolates. So, you can get personalized chocolates for your bridesmaid and send those chocolates to them, they will surely love the gift. Or you can simply buy them gift boxes of truffles, or brownie pops. Or you can go with heart shape cookies for your girls too, or hand-dipped berries, or a fun bouquet of iced sugar cookies, they will also like the idea all in all. All these gifts are thoughtful especially when your bridesmaids went on a diet before the big day to make sure that they look perfect on your wedding. It becomes kind of crucial to make them know that they have really done a great task and they deserve a sweet treat for the same.
  • If you didn’t like these gift ideas for your girl party, then you can also choose to gift them some trendy jewelry set, they will probably like them. Jewelry is for any girl is an important accessory to add on to the beauty all in all. Likewise, you can choose any gift item for your girls’ parties, and options are too many.

To pan out…

Wedding favors for your bridesmaid and groomsmen are crucial and most important element of your marriage ceremony. It is a way to tell them all the girl party and the guy party that they mean a lot to you. Hence, it is crucial that you choose best gifts for them, so that they feel good and appreciated. It is always a great deal to begin your new journey as a couple with happy friends and family who appreciate their wedding party gifts!