How to Maintain Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding

The simplest is over, and now the hard part begins—the wedding planning part. On top of that, unsolicited advice, strong family opinions, options that make your head spin, and expenses that make your mouth drop follow closely behind heartfelt congratulations. Not to mention, the pressure to plan a perfect wedding is also there, which can make any couple insane.

We know it’s not easy to handle all this. One can quickly lose a temper, but you don’t have to do that. And that’s why we have rounded up a list of the best tips on How to Maintain Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding.

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17 Best Tips To Stay Sane While Planning Your Wedding


1. Be organized.

Yes, being organized is the most important thing you can do to keep yourself sane. To plan a wedding, you’ll need a proper strategy and a natural flow to follow. You cannot just pick up any date and get married, or you cannot expect your wedding to happen all by itself. The best is to create a strategy that works for you. For that, you can create timelines and utilize checklists available on the internet (You can even use our comprehensive wedding).

2. Set up your wedding budget.

If you really want to have a peaceful time during and after your wedding, the best to set your wedding budget. Starting your wedding planning without preparing a budget is not wise. It’s much simpler to get carried away and disappointed without a budget. Before buying the perfect dress, deciding on the venue, choosing the flowers, or even trying on makeup, you must first create a wedding budget. Setting a wedding budget ensures that you don’t miss out on the wedding of your dreams and prevents you from falling in love with something that costs more than you want to spend.

3. Say yes to unitasking.

Yes, you read it right, unitasking, which means to do one thing at a time. People often boast about their multitasking abilities, but it’s actually a disadvantage. When you attempt to complete too many activities at once, you become distracted and produce poor results.

Doing one thing at a time is the best and easiest way to stay sane while organizing your wedding. The quality of your actions improves when you concentrate totally on one task at a time.

4. Spend time with your loved ones.

Research indicates that spending time with people you love can enhance your moods and help you stay happy. You can also consider spending time with your loved ones. You’ll have dual benefits of doing so 1) you will feel good, and 2) this is the only time you have before your wedding that you will spend with your family.

5. Practice mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness not only helps you stay sane but also helps you prepare for your wedding peacefully.

6. Incorporate a balanced and nutritious diet.

Eating healthy is indispensable, especially when you have too much to take care of. It’s easy to overindulge in chocolates and sweets when you’re stressed about something. But that’s not wise; it can lead to being overweight, adding to your stress. So, better to indulge in good eating habits. So, incorporate a balanced and nutritious diet in your routine to have a healthy body and happy mind. Food does, in fact, play an essential part in promoting mental health. Not only will eating a healthy diet help you look better in your wedding gown, but it will also give you more stamina to deal with your worries.

7. Exercise often.

Another best way to stay sane while preparing for your wedding is by incorporating exercise into your regime. Exercise lowers stress hormone levels like adrenaline and cortisol in the body. It also increases the production of endorphins, which are natural relievers and mood enhancers produced by the brain. Doing exercise five days a week can help you tremendously.

8. Go on a date.

Spending quality time with your fiancé will also help you stay calm and sane. Do things that you had always liked doing with your partner before you two got engaged. You can go out for a dinner, movie, a bike trip, or a short trip to some other location. Doing so will enhance your relationship and help you stay sane.

Pro tip: Avoid discussing wedding-related things while you’re on a date with your fiance.

9. Meditate.

There are many meditation techniques that you can practice to stay sane while you prepare for your wedding. Take out some moments from your routine to sit quietly. Meditating ten minutes daily can help you stay calm and deal with the anxieties that come with wedding planning.

10. Allow yourself to relax.

You’re mistaken if you think that rushing around will help you arrange your wedding. This will just add to your stress and make things more complicated and confusing. To reduce the stress of wedding planning, take a break from your routine and go for a stroll, relax in a warm bath, arrange a massage, or spend a morning doing meditation or reading your favorite book or watching your favorite TV show.

11. Hire professionals.

If arranging a wedding appears to be a difficult undertaking, it is best to enlist the help of pros. They are skilled individuals who can assist you in planning your wedding the way you want it to be. The best part is that these pros will handle all of the pressure without letting you get affected.

12. Use professional tools.

There are numerous wedding apps that you can use to create your wedding. These tools are professionally designed, keeping all your wedding-related aspects in mind. You can also see our list of top wedding applications for a wonderful wedding experience.

13. Do something that you like.

Take some time off to spend on things that you like doing. It could be cooking, reading, watching movies, or doing anything that brings you happiness; it will help you stay calm and happy.

14. Don’t run after perfection.

A wedding is a human-created event; thus, it is unrealistic to expect it to be flawless (i.e., free of faults). You may have to make compromises on some items, such as your preferred venue or a wedding photographer who you’ve always wanted but who doesn’t have availability on your dates.

Leave some room for such occurrences. High expectations can lead to disappointment and pain, both of which are undesirable outcomes.

15. Ask for assistance.

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Consider delegating responsibilities. There is no harm in asking for assistance. Most of your friends and family will be happy to assist you in creating your life’s biggest event. Ask for assistance from the ones who’re responsible and reliable, trust them to help you, and avoid overburdening any one person with too many tasks.

16. Go for girl night outs.

Spending time with your closest friends is the best way to vent out stress, and nothing beats a girls’ night out. Go to your favorite spot, spend time with your friends, and make the most of your life, for these days will not be repeated.

17. Don’t stress yourself.

Lastly, this is very important – Don’t stress about decisions that aren’t necessary right now. Yes, there is no point in worrying about things that aren’t in your control. Just relax and take it easy!

Wrapping it up…

So there you have it: 17 tips to maintain your sanity while planning your wedding. These pointers will assist you in keeping your sanity while planning your wedding. Keep in mind that maintaining your sanity is a difficult endeavor because wedding planning is stressful. You can attain it, however, if you are committed to doing so.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺