How to Travel with Wedding Dress

How to travel with wedding dress

As soon as you get engaged, you start thinking of your wedding dress. Of course, you want to look your best on your wedding day. Unlike other dresses, wedding dress is not an ordinary dress, it in fact holds a significant place in anyone’s life. But do you know that only buying your favorite wedding gown is not sufficient, you need to take good care of it, whether you get married in your own home town or yours is a destination wedding.

You need to make sure that your wedding attire is properly taken care of, so that it stays clean and beautiful for the big day. However, it is a task, especially when you need to travel to other destinations for your wedding. Your wedding outfit will surely get wrinkled or spoiled if you do not take care of it properly.

Unlike your other dresses, your wedding gown needs special treatment and additional care. More often than not, wedding gowns are 60 inches or more in length and are heavier comparatively. Also, they are embellished with beautiful sequence etc. On top of it your emotions that are attached to your wedding gown, all that make your wedding gown extra special. So, to make sure your wedding gown do not get spoiled or wrinkled while traveling here is the guide on how to safely travel with it, regardless of your mode of transit.

1. Flying with your wedding dress – here is what you should do!

If you’re traveling by plane, then either you can talk to your airline and ask them if there is a provision of hanging your wedding gown somewhere, where it is safe and nobody will touch it there or you can get it packed properly from the store in a proper bag and keep the bag either on the overhead bin or book a spate seat for your wedding gown. However, the latter is an expensive option, but your wedding dress is also equally costly and needs special attention and care, undoubtedly.


Also, make sure you carry a portable steamer along with you, so as to do away with the wrinkles that wedding dress usually gets while traveling.

What Not to Do While Flying With Your Wedding Dress:

Do not check your wedding dress! Yeah, it is highly risky, you may even end up losing your wedding dress. So, it is crucial that you do not check it.

Do not pack your dress with other dresses. Your wedding dress should strictly be packed in a separate bag. The best would be to get a framed wheel bag for your gown. It will simply provide your wedding gown an added protection during the entire trip.

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2. Traveling by train with your wedding dress

Either you are traveling by train or flying with your wedding gown, the treatment should be the same. You have to extra careful about your wedding dress. Make sure you keep your wedding dress along with you throughout your train journey to the destination. The best would be to go with an additional seat, so that you can keep your wedding dress bag in that. Make sure you do not pack your dress in any trunk or carry-on bag.

3. Traveling by car with your wedding dress

And if you are planning to travel by car, then make sure you are traveling with only a few people. Traveling in a too packed car along with your wedding dress can really be risky for your wedding dress. Also, make sure you do not pack it in a trunk and put it, instead keep it on the back seat safely. But before you put your wedding gown on the back seat of your car, make sure you have de-cluttered it completely and there is no risk to your dress. Treat your gown like a small kid, who need extra attention. Like a kid your gown also need enough space for breathing, it should not be packed roughly or stuffed like other items. Besides, avoid putting anything on top of your wedding gown or putting food items near your wedding gown, it will be troublesome if something will spill on your dress. So, avoid any kind of carelessness!

Also, the moment you reach your destination make sure you immediately take out your dress from the bag and hang it in the wardrobe or wherever you have sufficient space to hang your dress.

What Not to Do While Traveling By Car With Your Wedding Dress:

Never ever pack your dress in a trunk.

Avoid taking your dress in a car that is already packed with people. Too tight space can crumble your dress badly, which is not wise at all.

Never keep your wedding attire nearby any food or drink. Once it get stained, it will be nearly impossible to get rid of it.

Never let kids sit on the seat where your dress is kept, it can be highly risky.

Additional Tips

Once you get your wedding dress packed at the store, make sure you open it at the destination only. As, it is not easy to pack the dress the way a professional does it. And packing it carelessly will simply ruin your dress, which is not wise. Yeah, repacking the gown is extremely tough so better to hold your temptation to try it, and open it only when you are at your destination.

Do not forget to pack a portable steamer with you. And if you do, make sure you buy one from the local market there.

Even after so much of safety, your dress get ruined accidentally or by mistake make sure you immediately talk to some professional locally, instead of fixing things on your own.

Moreover, stay positive!

The Day of Your Wedding

On the day of your wedding, get your wedding dress professionally steamed and ready for your wedding day. Also, it is recommended to get your make-up and hair before you finally don your wedding dress. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get dressed, so that you can wear all your undergarments, slip etc. without forgetting anything.


Once you are ready in your dream wedding dress, it is time to walk down to the aisle to say your wedding vows! Enjoy your day, have fun and live your day to the fullest, create a lot of wonderful memories that you can cherish all your life.

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺