Best List of Innovative Ideas for The Bridal Shower in 2024

List of Innovative ideas for the Bridal shower in 2019

Wedding planning journey is a taxing job for any bride, a lot of effort and planning needs to be done to create the perfect wedding. Amidst all the wedding preparation, a bridal shower is a must-do to make things lighthearted and enjoyable for the bride to-be. However, you can throw a bridal shower traditionally, but now is the time to do a little more than traditions. A bridal shower that will be perpetually etched in the guests’ memories. Hosting the most fun and innovative bridal shower will make for the happiest bride-to-be on earth.

If you are also planning to host the most fun and creative bridal shower for your friend, then here is a list of Innovative ideas for the Bridal shower in 2024.

1. Host a Bridal Shower Outdoors

Host a Bridal Shower Outdoors

If your house is not too big to host a bridal shower for your friend, then there is nothing to worry about. In fact it is an opportunity to host a wonderful bridal shower outdoors. You can throw a bridal shower in a local park in your area and get picnic boxes packed for your guests. It is going to be in your budget and full of fun. Greatest would be if you arrange it in the park where you, bride and other friends used to play, like this you guys will be able to recall all those wonderful memories of your childhood.

2. Host a Destination Bridal Shower

Destination weddings have already gained popularity, but if you want to go a bit extravagant, then hosting a bridal shower in some other location other than your home town will be real fun. Bride will have an opportunity to take a break from wedding preparation. You need not to visit to really faraway lands, instead you can arrange bridal shower in the neighboring city, which is a holiday destination as well. Where you do not need to spend too many days. Something like that, it will help you make things light hearted for the bride.

3. Host a Makeup Tutorial

If outdoors is not the way of the bride, then arrange for some wonderful classes for the bride. There are numerous options when it comes to arranging classes, like you can host a make-tutorial or cake-making or pastry making class or cocktail class for the bride on her bridal shower. Depending on the choice of the bride you can host a class accordingly, possibilities are limitless, and even the bride and other guests will also admire all your efforts! It is going to be a great idea, especially when your guests don’t know each other that well, hosting a class can be a wonderful way to bring the group together. The bridal shower above decided to invite a bartender over for a cocktail class, but anything

4. Have Some Enchanting Games

Bridal shower in 2019

Games on the bridal shower can really add to the fun in the event. If you also want to host an unforgettable bridal shower and you have budget constraint to do it outdoors or on other locations, then add games to shower at home only. There are myriads of game ideas that you can incorporate in the bridal shower to make it more fun and classy, some of them are: card games, kitchen game, rapid fire round, scavengers etc. You can incorporate any game at the bridal shower to make it innovative and fun.

5. Host a Beachside Bridal Shower

Another outdoor bridal shower idea is to host a beach side bridal shower Venues. Celebrating bridal shower by the beach will keep the atmosphere laid-back and casual. And yeah, don’t miss to have some games arranged for the beach side bridal shower. Make sure your games surround the bride.

6. Backyard Barbeque

Another wonderful idea for throwing a bridal shower is – Backyard Barbeque. Believe you me, it is going to be in your budget and everybody is going to enjoy it to the fullest. All you have to do is set up a barbeque party either in your own backyard (if you own one) or in someone else’s backyard. Arrange for the campfire, food, and bottles of beer and cocktails. And having some enticing games in the party will simply add to the fun element, which even your bride will also like. Make is super fun and memorable for one and all. And yeah, take help from other girls as well to arrange for things required for the backyard party.

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7. Host a Theme Bridal Shower

Theme weddings are common these days, every couple goes for a theme wedding. If you want to go to more creative and innovative while throwing a bridal shower for your friend, you can host a themed bridal shower for your friend that she will always remember. There are many themes to choose from, like: Hollywood theme, Bollywood theme, Jungle theme etc. Depending on the choice of the bride you can choose any theme for her bridal shower. Accordingly you will need to arrange things. Like in Bollywood theme you can ask all your guests to come in Bollywood inspired attires, same in other theme parties as well. It will be an absolute fun for all! Try out!

8. Go White

Winter is a great season for going white, if your friend’s wedding is set for winters and you have to plan her bridal shower, then give it a wintery touch! Let everybody and everything go white on the bridal shower from décor to dress to food. This is going to be an absolute fun for all. Also, arrange for some fun game for your winter bridal shower that will not only energize your guests, but also add to the fun element in the celebration.

9. Strange Costumes

Strange Costumes

When we think of the most startling bridal shower ideas, nothing is funnier than bizarre costumes. It will make everybody crack up the entire night. Ask all your guests to go weird with their costumes, to get dolled up in their fanciest outfits, let them have freedom to wear anything to make the party outrageous and absolute fun. Decorate outfits with anything sparkly and glittery and even more. Believe you me, nothing would be more memorable than all the ladies on their weirdest attires. Nobody will ever forget this bridal shower! As it is going to make everybody laugh even after years!

10. Welcome your Guests with Favors

Welcome your Guests with Favors

Another creative way to make a bridal shower memorable is – welcome your guests with favors rather to give them while leaving. You can get creative with your favors, give something that will always remind them of your friend’s bridal shower. Something that they use as keepsake!

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11. Champagne Brunch

Champagne brunch is another wonderful idea to host a great bridal shower. Have all your guests lined up to enjoy waffle bar and sparkling mimosa station. Make sure you arrange for fresh fruit, pastries, and plenty of chilled champagne for all of them. And yeah, don’t miss to have games and music in the celebration, it will simply add to it!

12. Tea Party

For the brides who love everything around floral, delicious, and dainty, consider throwing a bridal tea party. You can either keep it classically British or you can even switch it up with a Mad Hatter theme. Any which way, make sure you serve tea and cake rather than cocktails and a meal. You can serve a refreshing assortment of artisanal tea, scrumptious scones, and tasty cucumber sandwiches at the party along with some wonderful games for all to enjoy. It is going to be a budget friendly bridal shower with downright fun!

13. Pajama Party

Pajama Party

It is going to take you all to the memory lane, when you used to have a lot of fun during slumber parties when you were a little girl. Throw a pajama party once more, it is going to be absolute fun and the perfect opportunity to relive all those childhood memories. Believe you me, it’ll be an awesome girls’ night in. All you have to do is arrange for some delicious pizza, drinks, pastries, candy, games, and a movie of course!

14. The Perfect Cowgirl

For a country-loving bride, ask guests to strap their best cowgirl boots and attire. And you will have to decorate your space with horses, hay bales, and horseshoes to give it that perfect cowgirl feel. Turn the venue into a full-scale ‘Wild West’ setting, arrange for some country music, and you can even host a mechanical bull-riding competition on the day.

15. Sweet Treat

Last but not least, give your guests a sweet treat on the bridal shower. And why not, love is sweet and so should be the bridal shower! A candy-centered bridal shower will simply be an unforgettable affair for all! All you have to do is to set up the dessert bar filled with candy and treats. You can have customized candies and desserts in the bride’s wedding colors along with her name, or with letters “I Do,” or with an image of the bride (to give it more personalized touch) etc. Also, don’t miss to arrange for some sugar-free candies, especially for any guests with food sensitivities. And some music and games for the occasion will just make it extra creative and fun!

Happy Partying… ☺ ☺