What is The Importance of Wedding Video?

What is the importance of Wedding Video

Wedding is an important event of every couple’s life, one of the biggest day of their lives. The wedding couples can choose any type of wedding to get hitched. It can be from a destination wedding to simple wedding, from a temple wedding to a big fat church wedding. But the only thing that’s common for any wedding is the photographer and more often the videographer too.

Why we need wedding photography and videos?

The presence of wedding photographer and videographer is considered most important as wedding photographs are crucial part of any wedding. They are the memories of your D-day, which you can relive as and when you want through those pictures. Videos are created to keep those memories of special day. A wedding video helps you have a mini story of your wedding with the sound and movement, and is as important as wedding photographs. However, many couples these days consider videography an extravagance. Well, it is absolutely up to you whether you want to have a videographer or not.

Importance of wedding video

  • First thing first, a wedding video is a lifetime investment that you one can re-live and re-play even after a decade or two. As we age, memories start to fade away. But, the wedding videos give couples the opportunity to relive all the memories of their special day. Thus, hiring a videographer will allow you bring memories of your special to life as and when you would want.
  • Wedding videos are time-travel. You can go back in the time and re-live all those pretty moments of your life, with your wedding videos. Wedding videos can help couples can make time stand still.
  • With the help of those wedding videos, couples can memorize all those special moments of their big day, which might otherwise get faint or fade away with the passage of time. Besides, couples can also share those wonderful memories of their big day with their children and grandchildren in the future. They will also have the opportunity to feel the emotions, know the rituals, and hear all those words especially ‘I Do’ which were said at the wedding.
  • A great wedding film can take you down the memory lane, push all the emotional buttons, give you the adrenaline effect, and remind you of the small details you might have missed.
  • Your wedding video is the best way to document those emotional, funny and moments of excitement of your special day.
  • Videographers, with the help of editing tools, their creativity and expertise make your wedding video just as a movie, unlike old wedding videos. Today, videographers make videos in form of cinematic effect. Also, you can get your video in monochrome, or with candid effects.

Well, if the budget is not a constraint then for your wedding videography you can hire a professional videographer or cinematographer or you can ask your passionate photographer friend to do the needful and document all the special moments of your special day.

Tips to have best wedding videos

Here are top tips to get the best wedding video of your special day…

  • Choose a professional videographer

    Your wedding videos need to be perfectly documented. So, it is recommended that one should do a lot of research and choose the best wedding videographer for their wedding videography. Also, make sure you see his past work and just do not rely on his posts on his website. Besides, meet the videographer in person before booking him/her. Book only the one whose work you liked and who you find yourself comfortable with.

  • Get clarity on types of videography

    The next step after hiring the right videographer for your wedding videography is to talk all the details such as length of the video, time of the videography, number of functions to be documented, sound, footage etc., with him. Also, be clear with what type of videography you are looking for, a black & white or a video with vintage effects. Clarity is must, as it will help your videographer to give you the best results in your hand.

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  • Important moments are meant to be captured

    Your wedding is full of ceremonies and rituals. So, you will never want any ceremony or any important function should be missed. Whether it is best men’s speech and toast or the bride walking to the aisle. So, make sure your wedding video has all that. It is important to cover the details like wedding venue, décor, ceremonies & parties, food, bride & groom’s first dance etc in wedding video.

  • Your wedding theme

    If you have a dedicated wedding theme then make sure that your wedding video contains the same. As, the theme will set a perfect tone for your wedding video.

  • The right soundtracks

    The wedding video soundtracks play imperative role in how your wedding story looks and flows. So, while you pick soundtracks, make sure you consider the footage and not simply picking your favorite songs and thinking that the work is done. You need to discuss the same with your videographer also. Tell him your preferences well in advance so as to avoid any issue later.

  • Post-Production changes

    Once your wedding video is made, now the videographer will make certain changes. He/she will add some effects or remove undesired part to make your video look exactly how you have envisioned it. Well, the professionals use video editor tools to make a perfect wedding video. But, if your wedding is documented by some of your friend then a good video editor can help you make all your wishes come true. There are many online platforms which can help you with free video editors to refine the quality of your wedding video.

I hope you are convinced to have a videographer on your wedding to document your special day in a special way for you!