20+ Best Ideas To Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

Wedding couple kissing pet

The relationship between humans and their pets is one of camaraderie. The majority of individuals have integrated these animals into their lives and families in some way. It could be a lot of fun to include your pets in your wedding, especially if you bring them with you to the ceremony location so they can see how beautiful the day is.

Get more ideas from the articles if you want your dogs to be a part of your big day and celebrate it with you.

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Pets At The Wedding

It is only normal to have your pets present at your wedding celebration if you and your partner both have a strong affection for animals. But, having your pets there during your special day may cause them to get anxious, especially if they are exposed to large crowds.

Pets At The Wedding

You can make them the focus of attention on that day just like you are. There are a number of cool things you can do to include your pet in your wedding. Bear in mind that the decision of whether or not your pets will attend your wedding will be based on a number of different considerations. Some of these considerations include the location of your wedding as well as the animals that will be present.

Dogs are the most manageable of all the pets at a wedding, making them a popular choice for the occasion. So, if you really want to have your animals there with you on your big day, there are a few things you need to consider before you can include your pets in your wedding.

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Pointers To Keep In Mind While Including Your Pet In Your Wedding

We understand the significance of your animals in your life and the fact that you are determined to have them present at your wedding. As a result, it is absolutely necessary for you to get everything ready in advance.

We are aware of the depth of your affection for these animals. Before you proceed with this stage, there are a few very crucial things to think about, which are as follows:

  • You must confirm that the location of your wedding is pet-friendly.
  • Take extra precautions to ensure that your animals are well-behaved while they are around other people.
  • Keep in mind that there will be a large number of unfamiliar faces that they will not recognize there.
  • Make sure your pet is people-friendly. They should not be hostile toward other people.
  • You need to make sure that you have someone who can take care of your pets while you are at the event.
  • Also, find out if there are any other animals at the venue that could attract the attention of your dogs.Once you have these points in place, involving your pet at the wedding will become a breeze. Overlooking these pointers can create a problem for you. And it won’t be easy for you to pay full attention to your wedding; we are sure you don’t want that to happen at all.

So, it’s imperative that you pay attention to these pointers and enjoy your wedding to the fullest with your pet alongside.

Top 20+ Ideas To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding

We have selected some of the cutest ideas for weddings that involve pets so that you can include your cherished four-legged best friend in the festivities of your wedding. There are a lot of different ways that you may have your pet play an essential part in the big day. Whether you own a cat or a dog, a rabbit, or any other animal, the ideas below will inspire you to have your pets at your wedding without much effort. Take a look…

1. Walking Down The Aisle Together

At your wedding ceremony, in addition to your partner, you may also choose to bring your pet down the aisle with you. You’ll surely love the idea of walking down the aisle with your pet. If your pet is too small, then you can carry it in your arms or make him walk alongside for a greater impact.

Dog at wedding ceremony

2. Use Flower Collars to Adorn Your Dogs

This is yet another idea for you to think about when it comes to including your pets in your wedding. You may make them look more attractive by giving them a flora collar created from artificial flowers. Artificial flower collars will not wither away even after being exposed to your pets for an entire day.

3. Make Them Your Ring Bearer

This is yet another incredible idea to include your pets in your wedding day celebration. If you have well-trained pets, you can have them hold your ring in anticipation of the moment you will give it to your partner. You’re sure to cherish these moments all your life, even after you r wedding is over.

4. Make Them Part Of Your Wedding Photos

After dressing up your animals, include them in your photographs as subjects. Photographs preserve our memories so that we can look back on them for the rest of our lives. Shooting a variety of images with your pets both before and after the wedding is a great way to show them how much you care about them.

Make Them Part Of Your Wedding Photos

5. Embroider Your Pet’s Image On Your Outfit.

Well, that’s another wonderful idea to include your pet in your wedding. The best part is that it will make your wedding attire look really unique. You can give your wedding attire a creative spin with your pet’s image on it. You can have an image of your pet embroidered on your wedding attire, regardless of whether you are the bride or the groom. If you’ve just lost a pet and would like to honor it during the wedding, this is a lovely gesture.

6. Make A Grand Entrance With Your Pet

If you own a horse, you can make a spectacular entrance into the location of your wedding by riding it in. This can be your take on the cowboy approach of entering the location of your reception with your pet. Be sure to choose a floral collar for your horse that is fashioned with silk flowers so that it can look its best.

Include horse on your wedding

7. Get A Customized Bandana For Your Pet

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind idea to include your pet in your wedding, then this is the one. You can buy a bandana that is tailored just for your pet. You can get it personalized by adding a few words, such as “I loved my pet” or “Best Dog.” Whatever you write on the bandana, it ought to be something other people would admire.

8. Get A Pet Shaped Cake Topper

If you’re planning to have a unique wedding cake, then having a pet-shaped cake topper is a great way. Tell your baker the kind of decoration you’d want to have atop your cake. Aside from that, you can even try some phrases, such as “you, me, and the dog,” written on the cake topper. It might be your dog, your cat, or any other kind of creature that you own.

Get A Pet Shaped Cake Topper

9. Customized Pet Signature Cocktail

This is one of the more common practices for incorporating your dogs into your wedding celebrations. You can personalize your signature drinks by giving them the name of your preferred animal companion.

Making your beloved animals a part of your special day is a sweet gesture that you should definitely consider.

10. Cat Cookies

This is going to be a show-stealer step for sure! The cat-shaped cookies are guaranteed to be a hit with everybody at the party. Your baker should put some effort into decorating these cookies. So, if you have a cat and you want it to be an integral part of your wedding, this is of the best ways to do so. Be creative and use your imagination!

Cat Cookies

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11. Pet Shaped Wedding Cake

If you want your beloved animal to share in the joy and excitement of this momentous occasion with you, then a pet-shaped cake is your best option. You can ask your baker to design a pet-shaped cake for your wedding. This will give your wedding cake a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Some of your guests may even be moved to emulate your wedding theme or traditions in their own special day.

Pet Shaped Wedding Cake

12. Dress Your Pet In Tux

If you truly want your pet to be a part of your wedding, you should get them ready for the occasion. Buy a tuxedo for them to make them look their best on your special occasion. Ask your designer to adhere to the attire requirements of your wedding ceremony while designing your pet’s tux.

13. Gift With Pets Illustration

Another wonderful idea to include your pet in your wedding is this. You can have the gift tags made with an illustration of your preferred animal companion. You can fasten a tag from either of your pets to any of the favors that you have prepared for your guests to take home with them.

Gift With Pets Illustration

14. Doggie Bag Wedding Favors

Of course, wedding favors are an essential part of any wedding celebration. Nonetheless, you always have the choice to make your wedding favor as unique as you want. And what else could be better than giving your guests doggie bags as wedding favors? They would be able to use these bags for their own pets, and they would surely love this unique idea!

15. Frenchie- Themed Sugar Cookies

Your baker may create cookies in the shape of dog bones and then decorate them uniquely. Of course, this is one of the unique ways you can include your pet in your wedding. You will absolutely adore the concept of including your pets in your wedding this way. Give this a shot!

Frenchie- Themed Sugar Cookies

16. Use Pet Props in a Photo Booth

Using your pet props in a photo booth is yet another wonderful way you can include your pet in your wedding. All you need to do is to have a large cutout of your pet’s visage for your photo booth props. They will be able to appear in the photographs of all of your guests in this way.

17. Picture Of Your Pet On Your Wedding Invite

Invitations are a great way to express one’s individuality. You can have your pet’s picture on your wedding invitation to make a unique impression on your guests.

Picture Of Your Pet On Your Wedding Invite

18. Pet Stickers On Wedding Favor

Embellish the take-home bags with personalized stickers that feature the face of your pet. Your guests would love the idea for sure. Try it out!

19. Puppy Pocket Square

Puppy pocket square is yet another wonderful way you can have your pet at your wedding, especially if you have lost your dog or is unable to attend your big day. This is a wonderful way you can have them walking down the aisle with you. So, if you’re a groom and love your pet a lot, then puppy pocket square is a great way to include your pet in your wedding.

Puppy Pocket Square

20. Seating Chart

You’ll surely need to have a seating chart. Why not give your seating chart a unique twist with your pets’ image on it? It is one of the best ways to include your pets in your wedding. All you have to do is to mention seat numbers under each pet’s image. You may inspire your soon-to-be-married guests to try this at their weddings as well.

21. Pet Ring Holder

This is the way to go if you’re a cat owner who wants to flaunt your affection for your pet. A fanciful holder in the shape of a cat is the perfect place to store and protect your rings before the big day.

Pet Ring Holder

22. Let Them Co-ordinate

Give your dog a bowtie that coordinates with the ones the groomsmen will be wearing, or put your pet in a frock so that she can act as an honorary flower girl.

Let Them Co-ordinate

Putting it all together…

Including your dogs in your wedding celebration is a lovely idea.
Despite everything you’ve been through, they’ve stayed by your side. Keep in mind that most of these pets are quite delicate creatures. If your pet is well-trained, it will be thrilled to attend your wedding alongside you.

So, follow the ideas mentioned above to include your pets in your wedding. Having your four-legged companion by your side will make a unique impact on your guests. Also, you are going to cherish these moments all your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will it be easy to manage pets at the wedding?

Yes! It is feasible to take care of your pets throughout the ceremony and reception for your wedding. You can arrange for someone to take care of your pets for just that one day.

2. How to feed at the wedding?

Well, to feed your pet, you will need to make arrangements in advance. Remember that just as your visitors are important to you, so are your pets. You ought to make preparations in advance for the food that your animals will consume during the wedding.

3. Can I hire a professional to handle my pet at the wedding?

As for whether you want to bring a trained pet sitter to the ceremony with you or not totally depends on you. Check to see that your animal companion is comfortable with the expert that you choose to hire for your big day. The best would be to invite your dog trainer to be part of your wedding.