A lockdown Wedding with Only 50 People

A lockdown Wedding with Only 50 People

According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for the lockdown 4.0, couples can now host their wedding 50 people. This is one of the nicest relaxation provided by the Government of India. Lockdown that was announced on March 25th, 2020 has already been extended for three time. Besides, the Government has given relaxation on many restrictions, like inter-state traveling under special circumstances.

This clearly means now you can have at least the ones who are really very close to you. Or the ones who you cannot think of your wedding without. Weddings with 50 guests is as good as an intimate wedding ceremony. However, according to the government’s directives couples will have to make sure that guests maintain social distancing. So, don’t wait much to start preparing for your wedding. Here is how you can plan a wedding with only 50 people during lockdown.

1. Send all your close people whatsapp/electronic invites

You don’t need to get your wedding invites printed. You can send electronic invites to your guests. Today, everybody uses whatsapp, so you won’t have any problem. Whatsapp is the quickest, easiest, and of course free of cost method to send your wedding invites. Also, designing a whatsapp wedding invite is very easy. There are many online apps that you can use to design your wedding invite.

2. Invite only the closest ones

If you have very limited people, meaning less than 50, then no problem just invite them only. Yes, you don’t need to fill in the gaps to make it an event of 50 guests. The idea is to have the closest people at your wedding to make your wedding memorable.

3. Personalize your wedding ceremony

Wedding with just 50 people means you have the opportunity to personalize your whole event. Give your wedding a personal touch. Create the event your way. For instance, if you have always loved to host a simple wedding, then this is the time to live your dream. You can choose to have a bohemian set up, or Zen themed wedding or vintage style wedding, etc.

4. Host your wedding at home

If you have a big house where you can easily accommodate 50 guests, then host it at your home only. Only when you don’t have a big house, you can consider renting a community hall in your locality. However, you will have to make sure that your area is in a green zone and there is no problem. Also, get the community hall or center cleaned and sanitized completely before making your wedding arrangement there.


5. Plan for a home cooked food at your wedding

Each family has great cooks and we all know that. You might also have your mother or aunt or sister who cook great food. You can ask them to take care of your wedding catering. So that outside people are restricted to the maximum. You don’t worry about your guests as they also know the situation well. And this is for their safety as well. So, there is no problem to arrange for home-cooked food at the wedding.

6. Coordinate with a local caterer in your area (in case home-cooking is not possible)

If there are too few people to manage cooking at weddings, then consider hiring a local caterer. With some relaxation, there are still many restrictions and you should not forget that. So, if you have dreamt of hiring the best caterer of your town or some other city, then chuck it. The idea is to keep the things simple yet elegant. Hire a local caterer and if that’s not possible then coordinate with a local restaurant. Because of the lock down even restaurateurs had to bear a huge loss, they will gladly agree to take care of your wedding food.

7. DIY décor

You can’t go heavy on décor because of lockdown and several other restrictions. So, it is better to keep it minimal and simple. Even a grand wedding is possible in simple venue decoration. Because the idea of a wedding is the union of two people and their extended families. If you also think this way and have no regrets about the situation, then you can also have a great wedding in a simple way. You can make decorative and creative table numbers, table runners, signage, etc. It will give your wedding a personal touch. For seating arrangements follow the government’s guidelines of maintaining 2 ft. distance.

8. Wedding attire

If by chance you couldn’t get your wedding attire before lockdown and you think it is not possible now, then consider wearing your mom’s wedding dress. Most brides prefer wearing their mom’s wedding dresses even when there is no lockdown. If you have always loved your wedding dress, then this is the opportunity to wear it. Get it fit according to your size and you are set to go.

9. Wedding makeup

Since parlors are not open, getting a professional will be difficult and is not feasible. Get your makeup done by your cousin who is passionate about different makeup products and has her hand on it. You don’t need to get loud makeup, simple and elegant makeup would do. It won’t be a problem because every girl has basic makeup items. And why not, after all makeup is a girls’ thing.

10. DIY Cocktail

Cocktails can be taken care of by your friend or brother who has basic knowledge of drinks and different cocktail recipes. Or you can simply arrange for some wine, beer, and vodka for your wedding, which will be enough.

11. Wedding music

For music you can use your or your friend’s music system. Make sure you get your playlist ready in advance. Yes, whether it is a big celebration or small, last minute arrangements are not good.

12. Wedding photography

For wedding photography, you can ask your friend who is a passionate photographer as well to capture. Don’t worry about the quality because these days cameras are way too advanced and photos can be edited later. So, you can always get them edited by a professional photographer later.

13. Keep it minimal

Keep things minimal and focus on your own self. It is your wedding and you ought to be happy and cheerful. Don’t forget that happy girls make for the most beautiful brides. Your focus should be on your safety and the safety of your guests. Keep it as minimal as possible. It will help you enjoy the function to the fullest.

14. Keep sanitizers and other essentials handy

Make sure you arrange for sanitizers and other essential items at your wedding venue. So that your guests can sanitize their hands. Also, don’t miss to remind your guests to use sanitizers and follow social distancing.

15. DIY wedding favors

You can always DIY wedding decors according to the theme of your wedding. There are many things that you can consider to give away as wedding favors like, homemade cookies, succulent or planters, decorative candles, etc. DIY something that is meaningful and that your guests would not leave on the table.

16. Stay positive

Finally, stay happy and cheerful. Don’t stress yourself about anything. It is okay if things are not exactly the way you wanted them to be. It is okay if you couldn’t invite too many people. Less people simply means less complaints, less people to take care, less tantrums to handle, think this way. So, this is the greatest opportunity to have a COMPLAINT FREE WEDDING. WOW!! Isn’t it great! Remember, staying positive will help you host a great event and look your best on your wedding. Stay Happy Stay Blessed!

Follow these steps to host a lockdown wedding with only 50 people and enjoy an intimate wedding ceremony!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺